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Branding system to change way Dabawenyos do business

 Sunstar Davao Online / September 14, 2007

AS A pioneering project, the newly-established Davao Branding System will introduce sophistication into the way local businessmen do business.

This is the hope of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (DCCCII), specifically Propel, short for Promotion Regional Opportunities for Enterprise and Livelihood Development, a project the chamber pursues in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with funding from Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan.

DCCCII executive vice president Leny V. Castillo, Propel project director, said the Davao branding system recognizes and promotes local products and services through the “seal of excellence” included in their packaging and/or marketing collaterals after passing the accreditation criteria formulated by the accreditation body.

The Davao City government is fully supporting the branding system.

Sponsored by Councilor Peter T. Laviña, the City Council enacted Ordinance 0355-07 creating the Davao Branding System. The ordinance also created the accreditation body composed of LGU, DCCCII, DTI, Department of Science and Technology and Department of Agriculture.

Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte heads the accreditation committee.

To promote deserving local products, the branding system encourages producers, who are micro, small and medium Entrepreneurs, to perform good manufacturing or agricultural practices in order to turn out as excellent and of premium quality products.

Since the seal of excellence shall be awarded to the accredited products, the system shall bring about strong identity and high market presence to the accredited products.

With the privilege as a titled product of premium quality, it shall be introduced not only in the local business environ, but also in the national scene.

Not only from the partner agencies may the accredited products acquire benefits but also from the Local Government.

As mandated, the LGU may, as far as practicable, make use of these accredited products in the basket of goods as official gifts, token or souvenirs of the government for official missions abroad, for visiting dignitaries, and for participants in meetings, conventions, events or contests sponsored or co-sponsored by the local government.

The seal of excellence or the logo of the Davao Branding System is in a shape of a sun topped with a full grown leaf. The aim is to depict a pioneering program which aims to develop not only the system itself but also the accredited products and services as these are introduced to different levels of markets and business environments.

The logo, as the visible face of the Davao Branding System, shall heighten the aspiration of the local producers for product quality and excellence, and instill a sense of pride and identity among the local Davao population on the quality of their products. It shall be the symbol of pride of the Dabawenyos that their products are of premium quality.


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Hotel Mario Is Back? A Hospital Cum Hotel!

Remember that charming six-storey boutique hotel along Magallanes St called Hotel Mario? Well, it’s back! After years of closure, this charming hotel is now undergoing a facelift and will be under a new management. But here’s a thing, once the renovation is completed, this facility will become more than a hotel. It will be an addition to Davao’s blossoming medical tourism industry. It will be a hospital cum hotel. It would operate like a 3 star hotel with operating rooms and patients as its guests. Beside it will be another dining enclave.

Here are some photos courtesy of a good friend – Darrel.

Hotel Mario is Back

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Callwell Teleservices International Corporation

Callwell Teleservices International Corporation

Callwell Teleservices is an international callcenter which is based in Davao City. It is owned and being operated by Dabawenyo entrepreneurs with Mr Brian Dexter M. Medija as the company’s president. They deliver cost effective enterprise solutions to their clients through their Davao contact center facility. The company’s goal is to become the premier call center and IT services provider and vendor networking organization in the country, providing quality and highly reliable service to global corporations.

Callwell Teleservices International Corporation is an addition to the growing number of contact centers and BPOs in Davao City. It is also one of the growing and promising IT companies in Davao. Currently, they are looking for qualified individuals to be part of their team. This is definitely a good news as this would provide employment opportunities to our fellow Dabawenyos.

Having Davao as Callwell’s choice for their contact center facility strengthens Davao’s dominance as the IT Hub of Southern Philippines. Callwell’s presence in Davao would definitely boost our IT and BPO industries and the Silicon Gulf’s IT capabilities. 

Kudos to Callwell…a global company in a global city!

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Entrepreneurship: Building an extra source of income in Davao series.

I am relaunching one of my blog’s categories to provide info about Davao’s entrepreneurship and some business ideas. Starting today, I’ll be posting business ideas that are fit for Davao’s market and the city’s current economic status. Ideas that we (as employees) can use to build an extra source of income or who knows, be the future source of our wealth. So lemme give my best shot and I hope this would help us all:

Be a realtor

Want to have an extra source of income in Davao? Then be a realtor. No need for huge moolah to start this business. No need for an office space and employees. All you gotta do is to get accredited to some of the real estate development firms in the city. Normally, they would let you attend an accreditation seminar, take some exams, and when you pass – you’ll get your accreditation certificate, id, and a go signal to start selling their properties.

Now how much will you earn…you ask? Normally, an inhouse real estate agent would be provided 2 to 4 percent commission of the property’s total contract price minus the taxes. So, if you would be able to close a deal of around 2 million pesos provided that the offered commission incentive is , let’s say 3%, then your commission would be around 60,000 pesos….Not bad for an extra income?

How will I start? Visit the real estate companies in the city such as Orchard Properties Marketing Corp, Uraya Land, DMCI, CrownAsia, Filinvest, and others. Join their accreditation seminar and get certified. If you wish to build your own company focusing on this, then you also have the option to take the broker licensure exam.

Then attend their marketing caravans, open house events, mall exhibits or other expos being provided by the company. You may also market these properties online through building your own website, blog, or simply posting it on online forums or even online social networking portals.

Why am I suggesting this business? Today, Davao’s real estate industry is experiencing a robust growth. Residential and commercial estates are being constructed around Davao with OFWs and foreign retirees as the market.

As an average Dabawenyo, you have two choices:

First, observe and appreciate this development in our lovely city or

Second, awaken your entrepreneurial spirit and join the bandwagon of the new real estate agents in Davao and in the country building their wealth through charisma, salesmanship, and hardwork minus the huge financial investment.

To be continued…

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Want to start an IT Business in Davao?

Incubation VansSmall to midsize entrepreneurs or technopreneurs who want to build an IT biz in Davao is simply blessed. If you do not have the moolah but you got the idea, then Davao City is simply the best place for you.

Before Silicon Valley became what it is today, the area was once filled with small time IT business players who started their research, software development, and their businesses inside their garages. Today, it is home of the world’s major IT players such as Intel, Sun Microsystem, and Google. Davao folks are more lucky than those from Silicon Valley before because of the presence of an ICT Incubation Center. So, are you thinking out of the box? Do you have IT business idea? Then Davao IT Incubation Center is there willing to assist you along the way.

The Davao ICT Incubation Center is the only ICT Incubation to date in the island and the second in the entire country. It is a joint venture of 3G Communinacations International and Brokenshire Learning Systems Inc. Its aim is to support the local technopreneurs and provide assistance such as access to financing and business networks, facilities,  and technology among others.

The center incubates start up IT businesses for a year and are provided free space for research and development and other services in exchange for a share in the equity of the newly-formed organization. 

The center is consist of 14 colorful container vans with the secific purpose of assisting and developing technology-oriented SMEs until they become full-fledged businesses. The vans are air-conditioned and contain computers and IT equipment that are needed by the start-ups.

Fore more info or if interested to be part of the ICT Incubation Center, you may visit www.ebrokenshire.com.

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Davao awards “Most Outstanding SME”

by Prix d Banzon

Davao City — Porky Best Products won this year title as the Most Outstanding SME Award after passing a set criteria that focuses on market development, production and technology, financial management personnel development, social responsibility and future plans.

The business establishment was conferred the award during the 7th Davao City Business Conference (DCBC) at the Davao Convention Center.

The annual award initiated by the Small Medium Enterprises Development (SMED) Council was made to recognize SMEs that excel on their respective fields and have initiated various activities to improve their competitiveness.

Also awarded was Kanegien Food as Most Outstanding Enterprise, Alicia del Mundo as Most Outstanding Lady Entrepreneur and Planters Development Bank as Most Outstanding SME Friendly Bank.

The awardees were chosen from among 100 percent Filipino-owned, small and medium enterprises duly registered and located in Davao City with the following total assets: Micro Enterprise – P300,000 or less, small enterprise, P300,000 to 15,000 and medium enterprise, P15,000 to 100,000. (PIA XI)

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For the entrepreneurs – Davao Branding System

THE Davao Branding System of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) is set to be launched on Monday during the opening ceremony of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development (Smed) Week 2007 at the Activity Center of the NCCC Mall in Matina, Davao City. Smed Week will end on July 21. Leny V. Castillo, member of DCCCII board of trustees, said the Davao Branding System is under the Propel (Promoting Regional Opportunities for Enterprise and Livelihood) Development Program of the government wherein small and medium enterprises in the region, once accredited with the system, will be given benefits.

“The benefits that SMEs will get are the marketing assistance, training, and the priority assistance from our partners,” Castillo said in a television interview, Thursday.

Castillo said that DCCCII is encouraging the SMEs in the region to join the system. She said at present, there are already eight enterprises accredited under the processed food sector.

“After the launching that will be on the 16th, we look forward to sustain this. Tutulungan natin na makakuha ng accreditation ang mga enterprises at hopefully, with the help of our big brothers (products which already had established brands in the market), makarating at ma-recognize ang mga products natin not only here in the Philippines, but also ma-associate ang mga products na ito abroad,” Castillo said.

Meanwhile, Sofronio Jucutan, chair of SMED Week, said the activity will not only be done in Davao, but also nationwide.

“Cebu, Manila, and Davao will have their respective activities during the SMED Week,” Jucutan said.

Jucutan said during the event, they will award the most outstanding SME and the most friendly SME.

“Para sa mga SMEs na nagsisimula pa lang, we can also help them because we have a fund-sourcing activity wherein the DTI and the Masikap will assist them to source out funds,” Jucutan said, adding that among the highlights of the Smed Week include the free business and technical clinic, trainings, market linkages, exhibit, and business conference.

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