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20 storey Ateneo de Davao University Tower

—-UPDATE as of January 20—–  : Instead of a 20 storey building, ADDU changed its plan to 12 storey building once it will be approved by the Society of Jesus in Rome. Original proposal is 20 storey but reduced to 12 floors for the main reason that they would want to use the extra funding for the improvement of the sports facility as well. 

Here is the rendering of the proposed 20 storey Ateneo de Davao University Tower (Community Center)

Rendering courtesy of halfmasked posted on SSC Davao (halfmasked.blogspot.com)

Availability of the rendering is not possible if not shared publicly by Paolo Villanueva. http://www.facebook.com/macster7

Availability of the rendering is not possible if not shared publicly by Paolo Villanueva on October 1st, 2011. http://www.facebook.com/macster7

Proposed 20 storey Ateneo De Davao University Tower. Proposed 20 storey Ateneo De Davao University Tower. Photo Credit: This photo is courtesy of one of the forumers from SSC Davao.

Proposed 20 storey Ateneo De Davao University Tower

According to Arch. Christopher Ong who presented the concept and overall design, the tower which will serve as a community center will house the student plaza (for student offices), faculty lounge, wellness gym, jog track, and a fitness center. It will have a 3 level convention hall that can accommodate upto 5000 people. Skybridges will connect the tower to Finster and Jubilee.

Proposed 20 storey Ateneo De Davao University Tower

Proposed 20 storey Ateneo De Davao University Tower

With a budget of around 1.2 billion pesos,the community tower will occupy a 6,000 sqm area. Once everything will be agreed upon by the proponents, construction will start in January 2012.

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27 Responses

  1. alexis says:

    wheewwww… A city on the rise indeed…

  2. tim says:

    Whoa.. it’s going to be a woot woot woot!

  3. Cleo says:

    in your dreams!!!…how in the hell are you going to get that cost back??…oh yeah!! increase tuition fees again!

  4. jack says:

    @Cleo: bakit bawal bang mangarap? 🙂 Don’t be pessimistic. FYI, 1st, Ateneo has lots of sponsors who can help fund the project. 2nd, it is a private school so it can increase its tuition fee as long as it’s within the range monitored by CHED. No one is forcing you stay in Ateneo, sorry to say this, but there are other schools with lower tuition fees you can choose from. Good luck! :p

  5. jer says:

    @cleo don’t be narrow minded

  6. MSU says:

    @CLEO – you’re obviously jealous… crab mentality? tell me about it!

  7. monsoul5 says:

    where is the site??

  8. raymundfree says:

    kudos ateneo de davao university for making this project. as part of the thousands of alumni who are remained in davao or currently around the globe, i can only be proud of this worldclass tower! more and more students will benefit from a better and excellent academic institution like ADDU 🙂

  9. nikko says:

    mga taga ateneo hilas, joke lng 😀

  10. krjarabelo says:

    The question is, can the alumni use it as well? or exclusive for the students and faculty only?

  11. nini says:

    Is this exclusive for the College students, alumni and faculty only? How ’bout AdDu high school alumni? 😀

  12. madforelmo says:

    They’re cost cutting now. Provincial Father didn’t approve the 1.25B. I think they will make it 700M…about 15 stories.
    -source: sekreto

  13. ukinsoy says:

    its good to see how much davao and ateneo wants to be up there… this is good but i hope the quality of graduates you produce will not be compromised… before student are well screened and standards were high… now… ill let you be the judge of that… but if this will push thru then. kudos!

  14. rj says:

    fr. joel tabora assured the community that there is no need to collect additional fee for this, since the university has money saved over years for such undertakings……the income of the convention center that is within this building will help maintain this building…see for the new ateneo project that is on going… indoor swimming pool and top of the line oval in matina campus…. a retreat facility in samal island….and soon a new landmark in davao city….this will be constructed within the jacinto campus, along jacinto and roxas….within the vacant lot fronting DFA.. the loyola and chapel will be demolished and will be incorporated within the new building.

  15. alexis says:

    this is basically ateneo’s way of coping up with all the developments in the city…nice!

  16. rj says:

    this is not a classroom building, but a community center that will cater to the needs of students, admin, faculty and staff. indoor basketball volleyball gym, spa,, jogging lane,,parking, etc…. i’m so excited…..i hope to enjoy it…. accordingly, it will be finished in 2 years time… unta maka tilaw ko sa mga ammenities ani….mahuman jud on time.

  17. b'jik says:


  18. dennis says:

    nice one ADDU… unta ang uban universities magtukod ug modern facilities like sports complex ^^,…… proud to be dabawenyo….. congrats again…. Umian d i ko…. ^^,

  19. taetok says:

    panguarta napud.

  20. bing says:

    no question why ADDU is one of the leading university here in davao city…though having all these amendments,the facilitators should not forget the purpose of having all these , to have much competitive and can be proud off products…
    now this new project of ADDU is not just enhancing the structure of the university,it also building/boosting the confident of each dabaueneo’s to say that this city is really developing city in the world…

  21. pao says:

    The owner of those photos is Mr. Paolo Villanueva. Please fix the necessary information.

  22. tjbrewed says:

    Hi pao..The photo was shared to us by halfmasked through SSC. This photo posted above was from his blog, now if you are halfmasked, then i apologize if it was not credited under your “real name”.

  23. vheyn says:

    if it will start this January, kelan yan magagamit ? and i heard, babawasan daw and gagawing 14 storey nalang ?

  24. otep says:

    humok ang yuta sa davao. dli strong ang bedrock sa maski asa. kya bitaw 18 floors lng ang marco polo. ug ang davao kay ngalubog every year.

  25. amaynew says:

    you have no idea how much money fr. ting left fr. tabora to play with. :p

  26. frankikoy says:

    Go Ateneo! Aim High and Soar High!
    @Cleo: Napakakitid ng pag-iisip mo. Hindi ka atenista for sure. ahaha! I hope this project will pursue!

  27. Peter says:

    nice, project another landmark in Davao, my only comment why not hire a Davao base architect why need to hire a manila base which the arhitects here knows exactly the traffic, environment etc. at least we can really call it a pride of Davao…

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