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Next Phase of Neo Davao

Happy Kadayawan everyone! I’d like to thank everyone who’s been following this blog since 2007.  It’s about time that we have our own place online, from neodavao.wordpress.com to http://www.neodavao.com as it’s official domain name.

Neo Davao’s been posting upcoming projects and plans before these were released to the public through the local media. It’s here where we first announced the plan to build the first Ayala Mall in the island which is now Abreeza, this is where we posted the plan for the second SM in Davao (now it’s underconstruction), we first featured the first IT park in Davao which is now DAMOSA, the first condos such as ECO4000, Magallanes Residence, One Oasis, and more.  Years went by and these projects came to pass….And today, we will stay true to this objective in bringing what’s new and upcoming in the city.

And on top of that, NEODAVAO aims to be the city’s online mag for business news, events, and ongoing/upcoming development projects – information that you need or you may use as an entrepreneur, someone looking for opportunities in the city, an investor, a tourist, or a resident who wants to be updated in what’s happening in the city beyond politics and typical evening news.

Welcome back to NEODAVAO.com   *business News|Events|Ongoing and upcoming development projects*

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