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Davao City is the country’s hub in Asean Connectivity Project

Davao City will be the  main hub in a  project that would link the Philippines to major ports in the 11-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations.  Teresita Sy-Coson, one of the country’s three representatives to the Asean Business Council (ABAC) revealed this plan to the local business chamber during her visit last week.

Sy-Coson said that it is Davao, not Manila or Cebu, which will serve as the Philippine’s main hub in the Asean connectivity project, which will link up the country’s seaports and airports to those in countries such as Brunei,  Indonesia,  Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, just to name a few.

This will make Davao City as the main and main entry point in the Philippines. Other ports in Mindanao will soon be opened but it will prioritize Davao City since it will be the core of the project.

The Asean-wide connectivity is among the top priority projects ABAC has in the next three to five years. The first project will be a roll-on, roll-off port from Davao City and its success will pave wayto the opening of other ports in Mindanao to key cities of the ASEAN nations.


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