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A 5 billion-peso health and wellness destination to rise in the south

Hi guys! Here’s the latest buzz. Well, we all know that the city is being promoted as an eco and cultural destination for years now and to this very date, it is one of the best destinations for eco and cultural tourism in the country. With the rise of sports facilities and activities in the city, it is also being groomed as the next sports destination in the country – no wonder why local sports tv shows have been featuring us often. 🙂

An addition to what our city already is – we are also gearing to be one of the health and wellness destinations in the country. And to strengthen our goal to be one, a 5 billion peso project or more than $115 Million-dollar investment for a wellness complex will rise in the southern part of Davao City.

Last month,  stakeholders (mostly from Metro Manila) met up in the city to discuss the said project. Group of hospital owners, Davao Investment and Promotions Center (DIPC), Philippine Medical Association and the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), held a meeting and positively agreed on the project.

The exact location of the complex is yet to be identified. The plan is to build up a 10 hectare health and wellness complex with the following features and amenities:

  • hospital
  • condominium units for retirees
  • green development with pocket of gardens and parks
  • resort pool

It will take 5 years to complete the entire project. Initially they will start with the hospital which will cost around 350 million pesos. Once there would be a hospital, the added structures will follow. The hospital will serve as a catalyst of the whole complex

In line with this development, PRA or Philippine Retirement Authority already opened up a satellite office in the city two years ago and is working with local government and business partners to make Davao City as the focal retirement destination in the BIMP EAGA region (Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines – East ASEAN Growth Area).

Hopefully, this project will push through. Today, we have seen how progressive Davao City is. New condos and shopping malls are rising up, new business complexes and districts are being developed – having a wellness hub would be a positive add on! 🙂


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8 Responses

  1. dory says:

    glad davao is moving forward

  2. Zans says:

    Im coming home to stay!

  3. Lito says:

    That is a good move because one of the purposes of the PRA is to attract foreign retirees to live in the Philippines so their dollar pentions can get into the country. But, one of the concerns of the retirees, especially here from the States, is the modern health care availability. Maybe they can arrange it that insurance companies here in the States will pay for their health care their in the Philippines if the medical service is superb.

  4. carlos vargas says:

    That’s exactly what we want to address the accreditation of the hospital facility so that we can accept health cards insurance from the US

  5. That’s good news for everyone, so start investing in Davao na 🙂

  6. delfincaburatan says:


  7. mongsky says:

    ikaw na delfin…ikaw na ang magaling…hehehe….notice nyo guyz si delfin lang ang nag inusara na nag claim nga CDO is the best city in mindanao…naulaw cguro ang ubang cagaynon sa iyaha…wala intawon nagpatotoo sa iyang gipangyaw2..hehe

  8. caloy says:

    hahahaha delfin that is the funniest I heard. I am from Cebu and constantly travels the Mindanao areas as part of my job as a territory manager, Cagayan is like 20 years behind Davao.. so primitive.. i wonder why they even call it a city

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