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The Newest and 5th Festival in Davao City – Davao Summer Fest 2011

With various island to highland attractions, Davao City is the perfect venue not just for eco-tourism but as well as for eco-sports and musical events in the region.

In line with City Mayor Sara Duterte’s program for the youth, the festival – a series of popular sports, such as soccer, beach volleyball, kayaking, and martial arts, and musical activities – will get the young citizens active and involved during the summer break while inviting summer visitors to the city to take part in these exciting events.

The music component of the festival will be handled by Samahan ng mga Musikeros sa Davao, Incorporated, or SAMADhI, an association of musical artists, composers and performers. The group will be holding various music competitions and provide entertainment in the street parties that will run during the summer season.

Popular sports personalities and celebrities from Manila will also participate to enliven selected events of the festival.

With the expected success of this year’s 1st Davao Summerfest, the city hopes to include more eco-adventure activities that will highlight other tourist attractions in next year’s celebration.

By the way, other festivals in the city are Araw ng Dabaw every March, Kadayawan Festival every August, Pasko Fiesta every December, and Chinatown Festival every January.

from http://www.davaotourism.com


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2 Responses

  1. dory says:

    glad to be a resident of davao

  2. Gina Fuentes says:

    good there’s something for the youth to enjoy this summer.

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