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Development plan of SM Lanang in Davao City

Kadayawan 2010 celebration’s over, but the financial blessings and development plans for Davao keep on pouring in.

This blog had been silent during Kadayawan Festival in spite the fact that we just marked our 2nd year anniversary. There were initial plans to upgrade the site and its design but this blog is not about us in Neo Davao but it’s all about you..and Davao City and what’s up and coming. Upto this very day, our goal is still to bring what’s up and coming in Davao City before it hits the local broad sheets and local blogs in the city. Might not be probably the first to bring the good news but one of the firsts.

Therefore, I am very proud to showcase the development plan of the new and upcoming lifestyle hub in the city….SM Lanang.

SM Prime Holdings plans to convert the old Lanang Golf and Country Club into a posh and high end real estate development: a new shopping destination in Southern Philippines, residential condominiums, high end real estate properties, a sports club, and BPO or IT buildings. Truly a place where one can live, work, and play.

With my prior post, I have displayed the initial draft of the mall’s rendering. I’m hoping to find a better rendering and would post it asap on our blog. In the meantime, I am honored and proud to be one of the first few blogs (if not the first) to showcase the complete site development plan of SM Lanang:

Complete Site Development Plan of SM Lanang

The development comprises a total area of 44 hectares. Big that it wont even fit my blog (hahahah kidding). So kindly click the photo to view the larger version.

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18 Responses

  1. gwapoko says:

    wooo!!… Big Up 4 davao…ayoS!!

  2. taga calinan says:

    sus ka nindot na sa davao oi

  3. taga calinan says:

    sus unsa kaha nang imax..bisan naa ko dire sa america wla pa ko ka try ana bah..hehehhe maayo ng mo sulay ko ana dire para.. dili nako ma ignoy kung mahimo nana hehehe..lami na kaayo i ui ani oi..padayon sa pag uswag davao…

  4. taga calinan says:

    hope nga ma mapalig-on pa ang peace in order sa davao kay ang lugar nga peaceful mao jud ang mo improve..peace…

  5. gwapoko says:

    d pa pildi ang taga davao… hahaha… Uswag pa davao… hehe

  6. Mango says:

    Hala ka ui! Excited na kaayo ko anang SM Lanang. Dili nami mogasto ug dako nga pamasahe, kaming mga taga Sasa. Weeee!

  7. joshua mabunga says:

    im happy that sm lanang will start construction this october, now i can enjoy to see sm lanang in the future….Soar high Davao

  8. Ed bravo (maa) says:

    Wow…So excited!

  9. jun says:

    davao is the most livable city in the philippines… amazing davao the stunning city in the south formerly known as the murder city…go davao

  10. Dr Mike says:

    I’m leaving Phoenix & moving to Lanang 🙂

  11. Zans says:

    Kaulion nko kaau sa davao pro sa cdo man ko ma assign sa work oi. Ok lng basta makauli na sa pinas mingaw nako dri sa uk.

  12. jM says:

    Nice na jud kaayo ang davao.. peaceful na prgressive na now..kala ng mga taga cebu sila lng ang progressive.. Watch out for the 2nd S.m of davao.. hehehe..

  13. jM says:

    ako nakauli na jud ko gikan ko cebu… last na lng jud akong hangyo sa davao.. tapatan nila ang I.T park sa cebu sa LAHUG hehehe..gamay ra man gud ang LANDCO heahahaha… Naa na uta convergys oi

  14. dapat ang gawin nilang IT park yung riverfront corporate city sa maa,sayang hanggang ngayon wla pang masyadong mga building mga 60hec yata yung land area.kaya doon magtayo nang mga 50 highrise building.

  15. davaopride says:

    ang riverfront corporate city sa maa,parang naging white elephant,peru my mga stablishment doon, kunti lang.?….

  16. tjbrewed says:

    With regard to Riverfront Corp City, its a land development project only – structures or buildings are not included. That’s how Sta Lucia Land develop or sell their other projects too in Metro Manila, they will just develop the land, put some road networks, electricity, clubhouse, etc – but in terms of construction of the buildings, it will be dependent on the lot owners already and not Sta Lucia Land (the developer).

  17. davaopride says:

    ”sayang bai tj,dili ang AYALA,SM,MEGAWORLD ang nag develop sa maong yuta ni dizon…

  18. davaopride says:

    maayo unta og masugdan nanang ayala sa may alcantara,para daghan nakong mga silingan sa jerome brgy,. lapu lapu ang maka trabaho puhon.

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