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UPDATED as of March 2011: 12 storey hotel in Lanang in Davao City

From rumored to confirmed, here’s the rendering of the confirmed 12 storey hotel near Carmelite in Lanang. Initially dubbed as Sheraton Hotel by the contractors on site but not its official name yet. Below is the tarp’s photo taken by JC aka Liquid Crew of SSC. I’m hoping that we would be able to get a soft copy of the rendering for a cleaner and nicer pic.

Updates as of March 3, 2011 – This blog was originally posted in July 6, 2010. Now here’s the update, official name is not Sheraton. It is a local hotel project called JTC Skeptron. Construction halted for few months now due to some issues between the contractor and owner.

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3 Responses

  1. Lito says:

    That is nice.

  2. amplify says:

    so cool! amazing! if that would be a Sheraton, Davao will surely become one of the most fascinating cities in the Philippines.. and definitely the most fascinating city in Mindanao.

  3. poy says:

    well, i visited the website of sheraton and look for their future hotel and resort expansion but i could not find the davao hotel plan.
    i doubt if it is true.

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