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An upscale Northpoint mall to rival Abreeza?

While Ayala Land is currently constructing its first Ayala Mall in the island, another property developer is planning to put up a new and unique shopping destination that may rival Abreeza in terms of its target market and probably – beauty.

This upscale mall will be located within Camella Northpoint. To those who arent familiar with Camella Northpoint, this is a mixed use / condominium community situated in a 2.8  hectare property with residential towers influenced by British Colonial architecture. Initially, the company plans to build seven condo buildings within the community/complex. It is also  situated few meters away from Ayala Land’s upcoming mall and business park, Abreeza.

The planned one hectare shopping mall within Camella Northpoint will be home to popular Manila based and high end brands. It will also highlight specialty stores, spas and other “wellness and character stores”. Initially, the company plans to spend another 500 million pesos for the mall alone.

Site plan of Camella Northpoint in Davao City. Upcoming mall will be located within this complex.

Currently, the developer is also spending 2 million pesos in planting Caribbean Pine Trees in the area. This is being envisioned as the first and only pine tree estate and condo community in Davao City. The developer is also aiming to make this project as a real green development. So are we expecting to see the first green mall in the island then? Anyway, just  imagine this; dining in a resto or shopping while enjoying the cool breeze and appreciating the greenery within the complex. A new project in Davao City which is worth waiting for.


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6 Responses

  1. richard says:

    wow! really sounds great!

  2. adRian says:

    saan location n2??.. sa bajada??

  3. krzystoff says:

    that looks mostly like a condo development. didn’t see any shopping mall part of the video, but perhaps that’s because the image quality is eye-tearingly blurred and shaky.
    hopefully there are many more high-quality developments for Davao on the horizon.

  4. joshua mabunga says:

    really nice to have a mall in camella northpoint, i saw these nice pine trees there. go go go

  5. marpi alba says:

    i thought camella is almost done marami pa palang itatayo na building doon. so nice to know about it!!

  6. jojo olarte says:

    hello! planning to put up business on that project soon. Any idea for space rentals? assuming food cart store. tnx

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