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In Focus – Pinnacle Place: First Green Highrise Hotel in the island.

photos by rodincouch of SSC Davao

What’s interesting with Pinnacle Place? Aside from its design and the towering spire, it is also the first green hotel in the island.

To those who haven’t read the previous posts about Pinnacle, it is a 12-storey structure which is currently underconstruction and is located within Davao’s Chinatown.  It has a green architectural design that allows cross ventilation on each floor. It’s structure allows the entry of natural light.  LED will be used as its lighting system and energy efficient ACs will also be installed. The hotel will also house elevators that make use of lesser energy.

The hotel utilizes locally sourced products from its construction materials to furnishings – as part of their aim to have a smaller carbon footprint.

The hotel was designed  by Architect Mark Maximo Chan while interiors were made by Don Cabaog and his team Design Lab.

To those who want to know the rates and date of its opening, unfortunately, I don’t have the info yet. However, the local tourism office announced that this boutique hotel would be operational this 2010. Hopefully, they’d be open by Kadayawan 2010. Pinnacle Place will be another hotel worth visiting and staying. Not as grand as Marco Polo  – but definitely a cut above the rest.


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6 Responses

  1. samantha says:

    when is the target opening of this hotel?

  2. samantha says:

    i think its been year since this hotel was posted but til now no date yet of when to open. hoping before kadayawan the management would push trough the opening date.

  3. mona liza omandac says:

    can I have your complete address pls.

  4. Wiensir says:

    may I know your complete address please.

  5. Anna27 says:

    May I know where to pass the application for this hotel?
    Hope to hear from you..

    Thank You

  6. franz says:

    my stay there had been very wonderful…try, so that u’l understand why

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