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Abreeza merchants invited and opening of Starbucks in Davao

Abreeza – being developed as Davao City’s version of Makati’s Greenbelt, had a pre launch on February 18, 2010 for its future merchants.

Robinsons Retail Group and Starbucks execs were also present. These are two of the future giant merchants of Abreeza. The main department store will be operated by Robinsons while the world renowned Starbucks will make Abreeza as its very first home in the island.

This is the very first partnership (merchant store) between Robinsons and Ayala which are known to be top competitors in the real estate scene in the country (especially condominium projects).

Starbucks Abreeza, on the other hand, is the very first SB franchise in Mindanao. SB execs claimed that they waited for the local market to be matured before they cash in their investments. SB is a bit late in the Davao coffee culture scene and I hope they can compete with their local counterparts. The coffee culture in Davao is comparable to Manila or Cebu. When you visit Davao, you can see local coffee shops on almost each city’s blocks.

Abreeza is being positioned to be the best mall in Davao City.


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6 Responses

  1. samantha says:

    bloggers,,pls post some latest photos of abreeza davao for us to see how far is the construction of this mall push tru.

  2. tjbrewed says:

    Kindly see the previous posts. Latest mall construction update had already been posted. Thanks

  3. Toni Lo says:

    Starbucks is really way too late! I wonder if Davaoenos will still have the excitement about Starbucks when some of the people here(including me) have been to how many Starbucks branch all over the country and abroad.

  4. Mel says:

    Unfortunately for Davao, the first Starbucks in Mindanao will not be in Abreeza but in Cagayan de Oro very soon. So disappointing.

    Building is almost finished and the sign is already up. Its location is within the Lim Ket Kai Center.

  5. salad oh! says:

    yes that’s true opening of the starbucks on october 30,2010 cagayan de oro city..

  6. bloody says:

    ahmm… mukhang wrong ata yun… 1st Starbucks is in cagayan de oro… 2010 nag Open ang STARBUCKS CAGAYN DE ORO… and its the first STARBUKCS IN MINDANAO

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