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Construction Update: Davao Doctors Hospital Expansion

Davao Doctors Hospital had been reported to expand its facilities. There were some initial reports stating that it will be a mid-rise hotel tower/facility of around 14 levels. However, as per the latest update, the on going construction is for a low rise facility with 4 levels only.

According to Andres M Licaros Jr., hospital president and chief executive, reassessment of the hospitals operation has become a priority following the entry of Metro Pacific Investment Corp around 2 years ago which now holds a 34% stake. The hospital drafted a 10 year expansion plan. By the way, St Lukes Medical Center and Makati Medical Center along with Davao Doctors Hospital are part of MPI’s network.

Below are photos of the on going construction. Photos courtesy of Il Tenore. Unfortunately, we dont have information if this is just an initial expansion or if they have already shelved the planned new hospital tower.


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2 Responses

  1. Legionnaire says:

    Correction Please: ST. LUKE’S MEDICAL CENTER is NOT a part of MPIC’s network of hospitals. St. Luke’s is a non stock, non-profit, non-sectarian organization. MPI is now managing Cardinal Santos Medical Center, MAkati Medical Center and Davao Doctor’s Hospital, but not St. Luke’s.

  2. karen rhea torcende says:

    Gud pm po ask lng po ako f need nyo yung agency na mrong mag Epoxy, panting of wall and celing, waterproofing use rubber ling in roof deck.

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