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Davao’s bidding for MICE in 2012

We have read several write ups about MICE but does everybody know what MICE is and why Davao is so eager to host the next MICE conference in 2012?

Organized by the Department of Tourism and its marketing arm, the Philippine Convention and Visitors Corp., – The Philippine MICE Conference is a gathering of tourism leaders worldwide. They’ll be discussing about the current tourism market and different opportunities for the $300 billion global MICE industry. MICE stands for (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions). Davao City is already the island’s convention capital and one of the Philippine’s key convention destinations but this is just in a local and nationwide level. What Davao is aiming for is to tap the global market and this billion dollar industry.

Philippine MICE 2010 will be held in Subic and in Cebu this 2011. As early as now, Davao City is already preparing and bidding to host MICE 2012.

Is Davao ready for it?

Definitely. We have been host to other international events including the successful Asian Tourism Forum in 2006.

Davao City’s tourism players are consolidating their efforts to create affordable and unique tour packages.

In terms of hotel rooms, we have about 2,700 hotel rooms for the around 500 to 600 MICE attendees. We have more than enough.

In terms of the venue, we have the city’s Central Bank, Davao Convention & Trade Center,  several hotel function rooms, and others.

We will also be launching the “Make It Davao” campaign as the city debuts at the Philippine MICE Conference in Subic, Pampanga this year.

Davao City is definitely ready for MICE 2012 and hopefully we will win the bid.  The attendees will definitely have an awesome experience from islands to highlands. Davao offers tourist destinations and experiences which can only be found in the city from eco tourism to cultural tourism, from urban destinations to highlands and islands. From sumptuous dishes and exotic fruits. From a laid back and stress free city life to heart pumping eco adventures.


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5 Responses

  1. samantha says:

    we heard davao..gogogo!

  2. samantha says:

    but I guess one thing davao city should pay attention..ROAD CONSTRUCTION! If anyone noticed wherever you go all main roads of davao city were luck of development. uncemented, only two lanes although intended for four lanes, in short poor road development.

  3. ^_^ says:

    right, we really need road improvements. It’s a shame considering we have billions of pesos of income yearly while road constructions does only spend probably for around 200-300 million. Also, we only leave road constructions to a corrupt politician like nograles (he just posting his face on billboards with gloria)

    I mean, we can handle road constructions for ourselves, we cant simply wait for miracles to come, i mean, our LGU’s can do better than the whole corrupt national government. Remember that road constructions, by means of slow process, takes a toll above 200 million…… BUT, we in davao, have a yearly income of 3 billion(3.8 B – 2009), far more numerous than the “nograles” road projects being implemented.

    income: 3 billion
    people’s park = 75 million (i think)
    well, look at the distance.

    one more, our LGU’s must not “under the pocket” (but unlike manila government, our LGU’s are far less severe…. but overall, is also very bad) the money, since the source of that huge income is the people’s taxes(the people of davao).


    (one stupid personality of nograles is that yes, although he “really is” the one that implements the widening of the main roads of davao, but he really didn’t place asphalt at the top of the cemented roads, which adds more problems in davao. Such shame to him, i don’t know if i can, nowadays, call him as a dabawenyo.)

  4. MICE? Hahaha. My friends laugh about it when they first saw it because they taught the you were relating about mouses. What is MICE about and where is Davao?

  5. nesta says:

    better check who is in the goverment of dvao now…
    all budget is indeed in the peace and development, where is the budget of roads constructions widening road, bridge to connect samal, even sprots facilities of davao they cannot
    give…… look in and proper way to see davao now…..

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