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Something New: D’Leonor Hotel

So for those who have been away for like a year or two, D Leonor Hotel would be something new. Here’s a cozy and homey small businessman hotel (with first class service) along JP Laurel near Pryce Business Park and Victoria Plaza Compound.

Thanks to Il Tenore of SSC for this picture.

I personally love its facade – simple with neat lines. Unfortunately, I dont know how to categorize the design. Probably anyone knows?

For me, having a balcony in some hotel rooms is a “come on” for hotel guests. Some other small hotels in the city do not offer such feature.  The rooms are also spacious and unlike typical small hotel or inns, the hotel units have a living room, a dining room and a pantry.

D Leonor Hotel is just one of the new hotels in the city. This is one good indication of a good business climate in our area. For decades now, Davao City is being considered and still is the de facto capital of the island. People go to Davao City for business, education, or pleasure. Big local businesses in the island made Davao as their headquarters too.

And this is really good for our local economy. We are now starting to see the positive effects. New hotels are being constructed and inaugurated, new subdivisions are being constructed, more condominiums are being built – it means more jobs and ofcourse the domino effect to our  economy.


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58 Responses

  1. seijidan says:

    nice one jech.. its a good indication of the business and tourism in our beloved city.

  2. olan214 says:

    i have long wanted to check on this hotel… i want to stay here say overnyt. wud u know how much?

  3. marvz says:

    This is a condotel.. It will soon have an expansion.

    TJbrewed: do you want more info on this 10 storey expansion prospect of this condotel? just tell me where to contact you.. i just wanna help in this nice blogsite of yours

  4. 15_girl says:

    how much???per day..

  5. Lito says:

    Thanks for posting the developments of Davao. I was born in Digos but spent most of my adult life in Davao City. I graduated electrical eng’g from UM and now I am here in Chicagoland, Illinois. Your blog about Davao helps quench my thirst for information about what’s new in Davao. I have never visited Davao yet since I left in 2007 and based on what I heard, a lot of construction are going on there right now. I did not even know that the PTA is now a beautiful people’s park. Please keep posting about Davao and thank you so much.

  6. Venus says:

    Just want to know how much per night…

  7. Mrs. Barreda says:

    Just want to know how much is the rate per night. 2 adults and 2 child.

  8. sol r. godinez says:

    good day! i would just like to know if you have an available room for an overnight stay for a couple on April 3-4, 2010, how much would it be?is it inclusive of breakfast? do you accept credit card for payments? what is your check in and check out time?

    hope to hear a reply from you. thanks…

  9. krzystoff says:

    @tjbrewed, I believe the architectural style of the D’Leonor ‘Condotel’ is ‘ang pinakapangit’.

    are they giving Ateneo Architecture Licenses away with every Jollibee Kids Meal now ??

    it seems every man and his dog thinks they can design—this echoes the tasteless, blandness of thity-forty years ago.
    where are the inspired designers like that of San Pedro Cathedral or the Francisco Bangoy International Airport ??

    no city can hope to move forward when its only products are noncreative and noninnovative , this ‘new’ building exemplifies what is wrong here with backward, conservative thinking.

  10. richard miguel says:

    can we have room pictures? because we have visitors from new york…… they want to check out the pictures.. preferably the suite rooms. thank you very much.

  11. charlee says:

    can you please send me pictures of the rooms we will be staying there in july 2010, and will i be able to charge my lg phone? i am coming there from florida…

  12. wilma revil says:

    how much is the rate per day per room

  13. dRei says:

    TO ALL

    Here’s the contact no. of D’Leonor Hotel, JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City.
    Tel Nos: (082) 221-1160 | 222-3685 | 222-3691 | 222-3992

    For Pictures: Please visit this link:

    Just copy it in your browser.


  14. dRei says:

    Hi, i just want to post the contacts of D’Leonor.

    TO ALL

    Here’s the contact no. of D’Leonor Hotel, JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City.
    Tel Nos: (082) 221-1160 | 222-3685 | 222-3691 | 222-3992

    For Pictures: Please visit this link:

    Just copy it in your browser.


  15. Butch Pura says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Greetings from Focus E. Inc.

    First of all, we would like to thank you for accommodating the Sexbomb Girls during their stay in Davao for the taping of Danz Showdown.

    In connection with this, I am writing you to request a copy of your hotel’s logo so we could include it in the show’s Closing Billboard (CBB).

    Thanks and more power.

    Butch Pura

  16. Ohh yeahh i’ve been there! i like that place. its very clean and its very affordable.

  17. Long says:

    Hi, i would like to ask if you are hiring? I am a college graduate and seeking for job. I want to apply of any position available D’ Leonor Hotel have. Thank you

  18. rowena says:

    hello..just want to ask how much the rate? one room good for 2 person i mean couple …..


  19. marilou says:

    Hi! can you please send me pictures of all rooms and the room rate…thanks

  20. Lynn Jamero-schmetz says:

    Could u send me plz,how much the room rates? thanks

  21. james buyco says:

    ask ko lang po if how much you rate for a room for 2pax????thank you text or call me anytime 09081321902

  22. kristal says:

    good noon!just asking,how much per night?…..is there a free meal?is there a free van to pick up in the airport?….i will wait your reply!God bless

  23. kristal says:

    just text in my mobile+639398427446

  24. kristan says:

    hi.. i am a college graduate of BSN course and i would like to apply for any vacant position in your hotel..u may contact me on this #09093986416.tnx

  25. Kat says:

    I am expecting a visitor from Sweden this December. She’ll be staying for 2-3 weeks here in Davao. I found the location of your convenient as it’s very near to our office in Mabini Street.
    I’d like to know the room rates for 1 and 2 pax. Any special rate for a long stay? thanks in advance.. 🙂

  26. Lianelyn says:

    I am expecting a visitor from UK this September 5,2010. He will be staying for 17 days here in Davao. I’d like to know the room rates for 1 and 2 pax. Any special rate for a long stay? thanks in advance..

  27. Janellah macarambon says:

    Good morning,

    i am expecting a missionary visitor from europe, though he’s already in zamboanga, and he will arrive here in dc tomorow morning (August 13, 2010). so i’d like to inquire hotel’s rate per night? ty

  28. SHOBE says:


  29. JERMEY says:

    Hello my name is jermey and i am coming up to be with my fiance and its my first time being in the philippines so she told me about this hotel or motel and i looking at it and i just need to know if your the cheapest out of the other motels or hotels in davao city

  30. joyce says:

    kindly send me a brochure of your room rate? thanks……

  31. Irene L. Campit says:

    kindly email me your room rates.. we (4 adults and 1 child) plan to visit davao on Dec23 to 26.. and some pix of the rooms too if possible… thanks.

  32. vilma delos santos says:

    magkano b ang room ninyo doble,,,,, 2weeks in,,,, how much reservation pay? thanks

  33. vilma delos santos says:

    how much ur room rates,,,,,and reservation pay

  34. vilma delos santos says:

    i plan to visit on nov 10 &22

  35. Nice says:


    Were planning to get married june next year, can we ask for your wedding package,room rates,and your aminities so that we can get into our budget.

    Hoping Your Fervent Response.

    ThankYou Very Much

  36. dioscoro says:

    how much the room rate? or per day?

  37. lj says:

    good day.

    we are planning to get married next years i just want to ask for your wedding package, thank you

  38. Ryan says:

    how much your room rate good for two person?..thanks…

  39. samuel says:

    i want to ask how much per night in your hotel because in December 26 where going in Davao with my wife we plan to check inn in you’re hotel my i know the rate.

  40. joyce says:

    hi, ask ko lng po kung ngcater po kau ngwedding?if yes?magkano po?

  41. chloe says:

    hi to all, i already been stay long period in that Hotel, i can say very good.

  42. ven says:

    hi good day i just want to ask how much the room rates for one person only,pls let me know,kasi yung friend ko mag punta dito sa davao ngayong jan 01 at ang hotel ninyo ang napili ko..ask ko lang po kung mag kano per night ….thanks…

  43. chloe says:

    hello to all D’ Leonorian workers and management, again and again keep up the good work!!! you will safe & comfortable when you’l stay in d leonor hotel thanks!!

  44. Zans says:

    After 6 yrs living in uk, now its time to go back to davao.

  45. This is if you go to Davao, while visiting you might want to go to Tacloban too.. it’s now a highly urbanized city offering lots of attractions for tourists

  46. Mabel says:

    Good evening.

    Do you have special rate for a month stay? A room which can accommodate 2 pax.

    Kindly email me the rate the soonest. We will be staying on the 24th of this month. Thank you.

  47. tjbrewed says:

    Hi Mabel, kindly call them at (082)221-1160 / 304-463

  48. Please inform me of nett price for 1 single room overnight arriving on the 21st of May and leaving on the 22nd.

  49. janice says:

    wedding packages po..tnx..

  50. Dr. Ferry Anolin says:

    We stayed at D Leonor Hotel during the PMA Convention. Everybody is nice From the front desk staff, the security guards, waiters, housekeeping.They made you feel at home. The site is near the other hotel venues. I will certainly come back to the hotel. Also looking forward to the other branch of D Leonor. More power.

  51. mary ann f. malaluan says:

    helo, inyo din ba ang d’leonor hotel inland resort?? may i know f how much doon and ang accomodations??? tnx..

  52. Stalla A. says:

    thumbs up for this hotel. ganda ng mga rooms nila. Im very particular kac when it comes to cleanliness and I got no negative comment for D’Leonor…their staff and crew- very accommodating. perfect location I can go easily shop, fast food chains are just around across the street. One thing I like about this hotel is the way they treat you as a valued guest and its worth staying. Next time I go to Davao I’ll definitely book my reservation here.

  53. Eana says:

    ….we went to Davao to attend a Cosplay event…very nice and comfortable rooms buti nalang nag research kami before coming into Davao. that’s an advantage actually…

  54. Radyo Plexus says:

    hope there’s still a vacant for housekeeping work. i’m gonna apply tomorrow.. thanx for blogging this! 🙂

  55. phoeby says:

    hi, i would like to ask if you are hiring for front desk officer?i would love to apply if there is a chance

  56. jamice puray says:

    How much ur room in 1night stay?.
    In how much ur reservation?

  57. jamice puray says:

    How much in 1night stay?
    How much ur reservation?

  58. Hi there, I want to subscribe for this blog to get hottest updates, thus where can i do
    it please help.

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