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Tj Brewed and Richard Diongson = The New Gets Newer!

Hi Everyone. I’d like to thank you all for continuously visiting Neo Davao. As promised, 2010 will be a year of newer things for Neo Davao. I have started this blog alone in 2007 and for 3 years Neo Davao stayed focus with its commitment to bring what’s new and coming in our city (even before these news hit the local spreadsheets).

The plan to construct an Ayala Mall in the city had been first announced in this blog and after few months, local newspapers and blogs also featured it.  Also, we have first featured other projects such as Damosa IT Park, Microtel Inn, Robinsons Cybergate, Magallaness Residences, and even SM Lanang or unofficially called as SM North of Davao.

There were several projects that were also featured but their plans didnt come to pass. Such as the planned commercial and shopping hub cum condo across Davao Doctors Hospital, several convention centers, the planned korean condo called as Noblesse Heights, the Samal Bridge, the planned local MRT and the like.

Well, it’s been two years and I dont want this blog to be complacent. Time for some changes, time for upgrades. And I myself is very much excited with the upcoming changes. Through these, I would be able to update you guys more with whats new and also feature what we already have in the city.

What sets Davao apart? Why Davao? Where is Davao? What’s with Davao? Who are the Dabawenyos? What’s the future of Davao? Few of the questions that Neo Davao will try to cover in the next 12 months.

What’s new in my city? Why should I visit my city? Why should I invest in my city? Why should I retire in Davao City? I, being one of the Dabawenyos working away from home, would also want to know the answer to some of these queries. And Neo Davao will do its best to share what the city has to the world that may hopefully feed the questions of some Dabawenyos away from home.

A pretty exciting 2010! This 2010, Neo Davao aims to go bigger and better and that can only be done through partnering with another blogger. As how it goes – two heads are better than one.

And with that, I’d like to officially announce my partnership with a well respected blogger – welcome Richard Diongson to the Neo Davao family. From here on, he will be my blog partner as we bring you the latest and newest in the city.

Tj_Brewed and Richard D (Neo Davao Team)

Richard Diongson, who manages www.richarddiongson.com, is also member of ICT Davao. He is also one of the bloggers who aggressively promote the city online. His presence in the city locally and his experience in blogging for years will best benefit Neo Davao and you guys – the readers. I am really honored to have a seasoned blogger as my partner and co owner of Neo Davao…..

Thanks alot for the support! And this 2010 I would like to thank you still for the faithfulness and constant support from Neo Davao readers! Guys, stay tune for some improvements in the first quarter of 2010!


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5 Responses

  1. Migs says:

    Neo Davao is one of my best sources for new things in Davao!

  2. richard says:

    waaaaa! we-ll respected?? nakakahiya naman.. hehe

  3. tjbrewed says:

    Hi Migs. Thanks a lot. It’s an honor to be chosen as one of your resources for what’s new in Davao. I am a fan of your blogsites. Tc

  4. alro32 says:

    thanks Neo Davao updated talaga yung news development in the city. Mabuhay Davao City….

  5. sana update nyo palagi ang construction dev. sa davao city,specially mga gov. projects kac plagi akong bumibisita this site.kung my access kau sa lgu,lalu na sa ct planning pokpokin nyu, ipadali na nila yung mga projects sa davao, 4 me kac da most awated projects sa davao kailangan na mai push thru yung coastal road,reclamation projects frm agdao dist.to talomo dist.davao river kailangan nng irelocate ang mga illegal settlers doon,isa yan sa mga nka pollute sa river natin.eto lng coastal road malaking impact ito sa ating economiya,bcoz ol da prperty na madaanan nito mas lalakipa ang appraised value sa lupa jan.pwede cla mkig tieup sa private sector thru BOT.TNX…bro?more progress davao ct.

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