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Up and coming – Korean Wakeboarding School

To compliment the up and coming wake boarding park in Mintal, a group Korean investors are planning to put up a wake boarding school in our city. This is in preparation of the expected influx of Korean tourists in the city who will try the sport.  Today, the first wakeboarding park outside of Luzon is undergoing finishing touches and will open its gates soon to the public. Hmmm this is something worth watching out for. I sure do hope that this facility will translate to new jobs and more tourists in the city.

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4 Responses

  1. richard says:

    how to be a scholar? 🙂

  2. tjbrewed says:

    I will post the details as soon as i get hold of ’em. 🙂

  3. richard says:

    okay. thanks . hehe

  4. lae says:

    when it will be here in davao? and how many months or years of training or study it requires?

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