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Project Watch – Dialysis Center FTC Building [9Floors|mixed use |underconstruction]

It’s a 9 storey building which will house a dialysis center, doctor’s clinic, nursing review center, dormitory, and a space for call center operations. This will be located along Mt Apo Street. Based on some friends based locally, its floor area (based on the construction) is as big as the current Metrobank building located in Uyanguren part of Davao Chinatown.

Here’s a photo courtesy of Abskess


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2 Responses

  1. antony1698 says:

    i am a registered nurse. who and where can i inquire for the dialysis center? thank you.

  2. RosieI says:

    I am a registered nurse currently working as hemodialysis nurse in acute kidney unit in a government hospital in Saudi for 1 year and two months already. I am very much interested to apply. I wanted to know to whom and where can I address my application letter. I want to know your email address so I can send through it.

    I highly appreciate your time with my letter. Thanks a lot!

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