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Another NCCC Mall outlet in Lanang

Info about the Ayala Center in Davao called Abreeza was first posted here in NeoDavao even before the local media knew and heard about it. Posts about the up and coming SM in Lanang was also posted first here in NeoDavao before the rumor started to revolve around the city. And Robinsons Cybergate Davao was first announced here in NeoDavao and the rendering was first posted here even before other bloggers blogged about it. So what’s new? well, here we go……

Another NCCC Mall outlet in Lanang!

Well, there’s no official press release yet from the company but an insider has informed us that NCCC will build another mall in the northern part of the city. The new mall will be a mixed of a hypermart and a lifestyle enclave. It will be located in a vacant lot near Guadalupe Village in Lanang.

The new mall will be minutes away from the up and coming Abreeza – the Ayala Center Davao, Robinsons Cybergate Davao, and SM Lanang.


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28 Responses

  1. osh says:

    ei ask lang po, kasali p bah ung hyundai na part??kung kasali mejo laki rin nu.hehe..sana sana

  2. Conservatism says:

    If you’re a fervent believer of the law of supply and demand…do you think there is already too much building of malls in davao? The construction of these malls are great because they have a strong impact to the city economy, they add jobs, they offer opportunities for retail businesses, contribution to the city gov’t coffers (taxes), etc.

    But the negative impact would be higher inflation, significant increase in land values (it’s going to be very difficult to buy affordable land and homes in the next few years in davao), the usual congestion, traffic, pollution. But most important negative impact, is overbuilding.

    If you remember what triggered the ’97 Asian financial crisis was the overbuilding in Bangkok in Thailand. So many condo and office towers were built but the demand didn’t catch up. Collapse.

    Businesses have to be very cautious in building. What davao needs to do is to focus on inviting businesses that will drive income generation with low outlays. The biggest area would be outsourcing/offshoring. The city should do more to invite call centers, bpos, kpos, etc. The city should also build on their strengths namely the agriculture sector. Expand into areas for further plantation (bananas, fruits, etc) and look at other produce that can be planted and exported. But the city also needs to enter and build in service oriented businesses like financial intermediation and management, outsourcing, and others. A proper mix of all these, Davao will see incredible growth in the next two or three decades. This was how HongKong grew from a manufacturing center to a service center, then to a financial center.

    But all these should be done conservatively. Strong but steady growth. Somewhere along the way, malls should stop rising in davao for a period of time until demand can catch up.

  3. Graham says:

    Have to agree with you Adolf

    Its nice to see Davao progressing and hope it will go from strength to strength. Like to add i hope along with all these new malls they can put in place a decent transportation system, I think this is one thing that would really lift Davao and for the locals easier, cleaner, healthier and a safer way of getting around the city. All Aboard is a great improvement and the sooner they get the road the jeepneys off the roads the better the polution from the desiel is criminal and damaging everyones helath.

  4. DavaoBase says:

    Speaking of improving the transportation system in Davao, I hope the city can afford putting up MRTs now that we are having so many new malls and new establishments. Davao is a big and beautiful place. To attract tourists, the city needs to provide a more convenient transport system.

  5. I just hope na maraming 24 hour establishment here sa Davao. My God, the city at nite is soo booring… its kinda provincial!

    im not against davao, its my most beloved city

  6. yah, davao is quite progressing. Hope we can keep up with it.

    As far as I know and what I have observed, Davaoeños are soo excited sa mga new things pero pinagsasawaan din.hahaha

    most davaoeños are also kuripot, though in a good way or mayby not…

    brand-conscious too na meron namang local superb quality brand.. too bad we don’t appreciate local brands. tsk tsk tsk

    daming malls, takot naman gumastos.hahaha

    wag tayo matakot gumastos and lets support local brands… wag maging brand conscious, nasa tao ang pagdadala.

    lets support davao

  7. pinoysatimog says:

    To blueblooded davao: That’s one of the “come ons” of Davao, pal. The city offers both world, urban and rural setting or you call it the misnomer word “provincial”. It is relax. Kaya nga madaming nag migrate eh.

  8. well, it’s a good thing that this city is really competing far enough in terms of businesses. But i think over building would ruin the place. I can’t imagine how davao would look after few years. I don’t want this city to be looked like manila. Duhhh… Heavy traffic and so much polution that’s insane.

    Well, Mayor duterte won’t be leading this city anymore after few years, i hope we could get a good leader that will elad us to success. ^^,

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  10. pulubi says:

    couldn’t agree more to conservatism’s comment.

  11. Veridian28 says:

    Well, I heard from a friend who works in NCCC that they will be busy preparing for the next NCCC Mall in Lanang… so everything is going smoothly… and J.P. Laurel will truly be the Shopping Center Belt of Davao (aside from being the Car Dealers belt…)

  12. alvin says says:

    ohh!!! god news!!yan…dagahn nata ug laaganan!! hehhehe go Davao!! sana mag lagay din cla ng mall sa ibang lugar..ang dami na sa lanang eh! how about matina?maa?hehhee

  13. Gabriel says:

    I agree with what conservatism said that the city should be careful from overdevelopment.. But considering that Davao has been kind of stagnant in pulling large scale business for a few years. And I believe that’s what the city planners have tried to design towards, strong but steady growth. As seen through the improvements of communication networks, the international airport, international port, roads and traffic systems ie traffic lights. Which is why Davao is considered one of the most if not the most competitive cities in the Philippines. As seen by the rise of these malls, Davao is beginning to move towards service oriented jobs. Retail centers are service oriented businesses. While I also believe that there are many problems associated with development, most are simply the price of development and instead of trying to avoid such problems by letting the city stagnate, these problems should be dealt with head one therefore allowing the city a higher standard of living.. An increased demand on power supply will force the government to look for cheap alternatives of power. An increased demand on water supply will force DCWD to look for a source of water while keeping it clean and be responsible to keeping the natural elements of the city untainted by chemicals as the clean water and natural attractions are what draw so many travelers and migrants.

    To show the international community and national businessmen that Davao is a good place to live, work and set up shop transcends improving the infrastructure. It must increase the standard of living of the poor and generate a strong middle-class one that is not constantly emasculated by the more affluent, in other words equity in standard of living. It would also do the city well to eliminate excessive red tape.. It must become an extremely good place to do business.

    Davao must aim for the future while having an eye for the present and ensuring that all of Davao does not get left behind.

  14. CEO says:

    I agree with wat conservatism commented..We should balance the progress in davao city because there will always be negative effects that will occur when progress comes. I’m happy for the big developments that Davao is getting not only our economy will improve but also the lives of our fellow davaoenos, the people will benefitted because progress means jobs for all of us. It will make Davao City as “The Commercial center hub in Mindanao” / a primiere metro. It will open the gateway to modern cyber city in Mindanao that will reach out to our neighboring cities and provincial towns. It will provide modern facilities and urban commercial centers like Cebu and Manila. Now people in Mindanao can now enjoy themselves without leaving the island.

    We should support the developments but we should also be cautious of the effects of it.Let us also support the protection of our environment and sustain a greener cleaner davao city. Yes, Progress plus Environment protection will make davao one of the best cities in Asia.

    We should also thank our LGU, headed by our Father, Mayor Duterte for
    keeping Davao City safe and secure from threats of terrorism. One the best asset that davao has is its Peace and order Programs that impressed most of the investors like Ayala and SM.

    Our government should also look in to developing Conservation areas, Like Forest parks, Water reservoirs, Greenhouse facilitities so that our environment will not be jepordize with progress. We should support A green progress davao city. Lessen the effects of pollution and global warming experience worldwide. Lets maintain the natural beauty of our Davao City.

    Davao is truly the land of promise.

    Long Live Davao. Go for progress! I LOVE DAVAO CITY. the best way lain!

  15. […] Another NCCC Mall outlet in Lanang « A New Davao Arises! […]

  16. Karpol says:

    Super inggit na naman ang Cagayan de Oro sa Davao with all these developments. I just hate these people who, ever since, had nothing good to say about Davao. But if you look at their city, naku, their city is the personification of the word basura. Eeew!

  17. Hirono-kun(Polonaise) says:

    Kailangan talaga na Agricuture ang main investment ng davao. Kasi ang Agriculture ang mismong “cause” kung bakit ang davao ay hindi naapektuhan sa GFC(Global Financial Crisis).

    Pangalawa lang ang industries at pinakakaunti langa ang malls and contruction of buildings(because of high inflation and it will damage the face of our city >>>> being a green city).

    Preserve the “rural effect” of the city(kahit nasa urban, rural pa rin ang feeling…. hindi pareho sa ibang siyudad na puro buildings lang lahat walang mga puno o kagubatan).

    So in short, preserve the nature in Davao City(it will be our way to become the most livable city in Asia or perhaps in the whole world)!!!

  18. hirman says:

    GOOD news!!! FOR DABAWENYO!!!!


  19. clifford says:

    itatayo rin dyan ang ali mall at rustan, ive heard kasi d2 ako ngaun sa manila at alam ko mga projects from manila to davao. lahat daw ng malls d2 ay pupunta sa davao lahat sa davao take note ha? goodluck davao!

  20. rnel77 says:

    ieConfirmed ko yumg sinabi nya, HINDI POH YUN TOTOO, TSISMIS lang poh yun

  21. peterdanh says:

    naku tama kayo “Conservatism”…

  22. 05dodong says:

    so nice na jud kayo ba..dako bani nga nccc nga bag o? d magpa ulahi ang nccc..so f mag proposed..dapat dako na dretso sa..bsan mga 100,000 ang gross floor area din butangan ug int’l convention din mga 25f na building sa kilid sa mall… pra sad dle mahuli ang tga davao nga mall…god bless..hope…boom davao gud luck

  23. brent says:

    hahaii .. ano na update nito ?
    sana may al fresco din ..
    tnx sa info..

  24. tjbrewed says:

    Nasa planning stage pa rin till now brent. Projects such as this would require months or even years to plan kc.

  25. Daniel Pansacala says:

    wow Davao

  26. mondz says:

    I’d love to hear from the Company itself because NCCC mall was quite convenient store than other establishment.
    I am looking forward that the said new shopping mall will definitely the same design with Verranza mall in GSC.

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