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Davao City top competitive surveys!

Davao City ranked as the country’s most competitive metro city in a recent survey conducted by the Asian Institute of Management’s Philippine Cities Competitive Ranking Project. The AIM Policy Center conducted the benchmark survey under its City Competitive Program, which seeks to identify the best cities in which to live, work and operate a business.

The survey covered 90 cities, which fell under different categories such as metro, mid-sized and small cities.

The study considered six factors: the cost of doing business, the dynamism of the local economy, the human resources and training, the available infrastructure, the city’s responsiveness to business needs and the city’s quality of life.

At least 40 respondents in each city were asked to answer questionnaires pertaining to the criteria with 10 being the highest score and 1 as the lowest.

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3 Responses

  1. yah, davao is quite progressing. Hope we can keep up with it.

    As far as I know and what I have observed, Davaoeños are soo excited sa mga new things pero pinagsasawaan din.hahaha

    most davaoeños are also kuripot, though in a good way or mayby not…

    brand-conscious too na meron namang local superb quality brand.. too bad we don’t appreciate local brands. tsk tsk tsk

    daming malls, takot naman gumastos.hahaha

    wag tayo matakot gumastos and lets support local brands… wag maging brand conscious, nasa tao ang pagdadala.

    lets support davao

  2. pulubi says:

    brand conscious.. tinuod. tinuod. naa tay mentality nga we expect na makisabay ta sa trend sa manila ug cebu (mao lang ako i mention kay sila man ang karaan ug dagko). ug social climber kaau ta, kataw-an hinuon ta nila, mao lang. ngano man diay ug probinsyano lang, unsa may problema ana? maulaw siguro ta sa atong culture kay kung kadayawan or araw ng davao, manggawas lang ug gabii kay street party, kiat2x. dili mutanaw anang cultural street dancing. sa cebu hardcore kaau ang mga tao kay sayo sa buntag pa lang, nagdasok na sa downtown (and i mean kanang siksikan jud!). palangga nako ang davao, unta nga ma proud pud ang mga tao sa mindanawon culture. in time, mawala na jud tawon ni. mapareha nata ug manila ug cebu… gubot, hugaw, ug daghang kriminal.

  3. barry owens says:

    Buy a hectre of land

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