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What made Abreeza unique from the other Ayala Centers in the country?

What made Abreeza – the upcoming Ayala Center of Davao different from other existing Ayala malls in the country?

Unlike Greenbelt, Glorietta, Trinoma, Bonifacio Highstreet, and Ayala Center Cebu – based on the developer’s plan, Abreeza will have two BPO buildings and a mall. And based on the existing developments of Ayala Land, this will be the first mall cum bpo complex development of Ayala Land Inc. in the country. With the case of Market Market, the developer only converted its 4th and 5th levels to house several BPOs. This is similar to one of its new projects which is Glorietta 5. Glorietta 5 will have 3 levels for retail and the next 5 levels for BPO.

But what sets Abreeza apart? The mall will have two individual midrise BPO buildings attached to it. The BPO component will have a total area of 18,000 square meters. The first BPO building will have atleast 5 levels. It will be a complex like development with three projects merged into one – two separate BPO buildings plus the lifestyle mall. The mall itself will have a total gross leasable area of 61,000 sqm once completed.

Jaime Ayala, president of Ayala Land Inc, said the city’s stable peace and order situation and the positive performance of retail sales pushed the group to finalize the joint venture, which he called “a gargantuan project.” “The project’s total cost is estimated at P4 billion to P5 billion,” he said.

Ayala Land Inc. has a number of BPO buildings in the country. However, these are stand alone BPO buildings with some retail spaces in its ground or second levels. Abreeza will be the first of its kind – a single development with BPO buildings and a mall merged into one.

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  1. frankiejay says:

    ayala center cebu has a bpo building with it…(the ayala fgu building)

  2. tjbrewed says:

    Ayala FGU is not a BPO building and not within Ayala Center Cebu. Although, it is within Cebu Business Park and is few walks away from the mall – FGU is an entire separate building and is not dedicated for BPO operations.

    With Abreeza – the two BPO buildings are attached to the mall itself. Im pretty sure that you are from Cebu. So just imagine, i1, i2, or Skyrise Building in Asiatown IT park in Cebu City. Imagine these BPO buildings attached physically to Ayala Center Cebu. That’s how Abreeza will be.

    It is something new. If you’ve been to all Ayala malls in the country such as:

    1. Greenbelt
    2. Trinoma
    3. Glorietta
    4. Market Market
    5. Bonifacio Highstreet
    6. Ayala Center Cebu

    you’ll see that the Abreeza development plan is new. Market Market may have a bpo facility within the mall but its not similar with Abreeza. With Market Market’s case, Ayala just converted some areas within the mall into a space for BPO operations. Glorietta 5 will have a space for BPO operations but unlike Abreeza, G5 will be a building with first few floors for retail and the upper levels for BPO.

  3. hebb says:

    dont think davao city has enough high end market, like cebu and manila. if ayala mall would open by the end of 2010, the mall would still be bare until its 2016, shops will be occupied by middle rate store, opposite of what its counterpart ayala malls in manila and cebu, c’mon guys, its a fact. people who had stayd/work in manila and cebu who is frm davao could see the logic. Reality Bites. Davao is bustling but not as cebu, Davao is much more like other visayan cities like iloilo and bacolod. by the way I think Iloilo is even more charming than davao.

  4. hebb says:

    i dont think davao city has enough high end market, like cebu and manila. if ayala mall would open by the end of 2010, the mall would still be bare until its 2016, shops will be occupied by middle rate store, opposite of what its counterpart ayala malls in manila and cebu, c’mon guys, its a fact. people who had stayd/work in manila and cebu who is frm davao could see the logic. Reality Bites. Davao is bustling but not as cebu, Davao is much more like other visayan cities like iloilo and bacolod. by the way I think Iloilo is even more charming than davao.

  5. tjbrewed says:

    That’s a nice opinion. However, it could have been better if it’s supported by further studies and research.

    Ayala Land Inc., is a major and credible investor. With that in mind, a company as humongous as this will not right away invest in a city without further market research. For the Ayalas to spend around 5 billion pesos for such project is no joke, especially amidst the global financial crisis. Watchathink?

    Anyway, a study was conducted by Ayala Land Inc. As per Ms. Añonuevo, senior vice-president and group head of the Ayala Malls Group, their studies claimed that Davao City has a substantive A, B and C markets that make up a fifth of its population, higher than Cebu’s 16%.

    For more info, you may reach ALI through the contact details posted on their website: http://www.ayalaland.com.ph

  6. Yre says:


    Well, it seems you’re more knowledgeable than the people of Ayala who made the feasibility study with regards to the market in Davao City. Since you’re declaring it’s “a fact”, can you present any credible study made by you on how you came up with this conclusion?

    I’ve been to Iloilo and Bacolod and it’s nowhere near Davao’s and being a charming place is subjective on the person who held its views.

    If you’ve said girls in Iloilo were more charming than Davao girls, i might have joined you on that….

  7. datu bago says:

    I hate ‘to burst your bubble’ hebb but SM will not put another mall if they will agree with your VISION not only that NCCC will put another mall and ALL will open in BARE 2010 and that’s a FACT.

  8. maurizio says:

    foremost, abreeza is not for davao city alone but for the davao region as well as its’ neighbours.

    i respect opinions @hebb but with yours declaring it as a fact, i beg to disagree. the ayala group is a sound investor. it will not waste billions of resources if their market research and study proved otherwise. hope you got the drift..

  9. CutiePie says:

    Maybe hebb has a crystal ball that reaches as far as 2016. Lol! But maybe his crystal ball needs a change of batteries because it begins to dim his vision that makes him really look like a sour-graping idiot.

  10. kikoph says:

    i have to burst you bubble hebb, but Iloilo is no way near Davao. Hell, I’m from Iloilo and I should know how Iloilo looks like compared to Davao. I’ve also been to Davao since me dad is from there. Iloilo is a small city, traffic congestion is a daily hazard, the cost of electricity is one of the highest in the country, and politicians here are as big as “pangil”. So I don’t think ALI would dare build a project such as Abreeza in Iloilo, maybe in Bacolod. And I hate to admit it but Ilonggos are somewhat kuripot and high end malls would have a hard time prospering in Iloilo.

  11. chi says:

    i think this guy, hebb, is from cebu. maybe he is just threathened. u know how some of us can be very regionalistic. i have worked in davao, cebu, manila, and japan. I also have visited Iloilo but only for a week though.
    My mom is also from cebu.

    If i were to rank all these places though (my opinion only), it would be
    1.Japan (Shinyokohama) 2. davao 3. cebu. 4 manila 5. iloilo.

    this is just my opinion though having visited and lived these places for quite some time. this is NOT A FACT 😀

  12. chi says:

    sory for the typos on the comment above..

    i think this guy, hebb, is from cebu. maybe he is just threatened. u know how some of us can be very regionalistic. i have worked in davao, cebu, manila, and japan. I also have visited Iloilo but only for a week though.
    My mom is also from cebu.

    If i were to rank all these places based on quality of life (my opinion only), it would be
    1.Japan (Shinyokohama) 2. davao 3/4. cebu. 3/4 manila 5. iloilo.

    this is just my opinion though having visited and lived in these places for quite some time. this is NOT A FACT

  13. loi castillo says:

    I guess hebb is from another planet who is insecure of what’s happening with Davao Region. Maybe, he is from Imperial Manila or Imperial Cebu. Too bad kasi , for the last five years, the tradionally leading cities of this country like Manila and Cebu are now far bottom of the top ten cities. No wonder why we get such negative comments for Davao.

  14. Karpol says:

    I think hebb is from Cagayan de Oro. We all know that people from this city are very envious of the achievements of Davao. They want to be like Cebu but just could not get there because Davao is standing in their way. Oh well, sorry na lang sa mga insecure!

  15. loi castillo says:

    Nag ambisyon pud diay ang mga taga CDO, Hehehehe. Cagayan is virtually out the picture when talking about the big cities in the country. Manila, Cebu and Davao are the only cities in the investors map. “Others” na yung iba kung baga. Most first timers in Davao, after they have been to CDO, says they prefer Davao for investments, leisure and living kasi mas marami daw mapapasyalan dito. Well, I wish CDO can make it to the list. Kaya niyo yan mga taga CDO.

  16. Karpol says:

    Nag ambisyon molang. To the point of claiming that they have already dislodged Davao as the premier city in Mindanao. Funny because if you look at the development of Davao vis-a-vis CDO, wala sila sa kalingkingan ng Davao. Otherwise, Ayala, SM, and Robinsons would have invested there instead. Their claims just do not make sense at all.

  17. pinoysatimog says:

    I am not aware that CDO is using Davao as their benchmark of success.. Hmmm. Mataas pala talaga ang tingin ng taga CDO sa siyudad natin. Hehehehe. They can have CDO as the premier city of Mindanao pero with Davao, nakuha na ng Davao ang “as one of the three important cities in country”, so to speak…cheers Dabawenyos

  18. adolf says:

    cebu city was established on 1565 the oldest city followed by manila city on 1574,.. davao became a city on 1937.. for only more than 90 yrs this is davao now. it took 4 centuries for manila and cebu to improve and all their resources are consumed,..wala na silang i-uunlad pa,matanda na kasi.
    davao is the new kid, vast land to be develop a lot of natural resources,.
    90 yrs lang halos ka-level na ng davao ang cebu. for 4 centuries yan lang ang naabot ng cebu at manila

  19. sugbuanon says:

    c.d.o is bragging dahil cla na ngaun ang fastest economy sa mindanao. bt that doesnt mean na mas progressive cla sa davao or cebu..

  20. francis says:

    cebu is proud kung anong narating niya kahit hindi tinutulungan ng national government.. u cannot say na yan lng ang narating ng cebu at manila dahil wala pa nga sa kalingkingan ng manila at cebu ang davao.. davao is the new kid dahil nga mahina ang pag unlad…

  21. cagayanon gwapa says:

    the two sm davao together with the abreeza equals sm city cebu or ayala center cebu… just like the other davao malls(maliliit at di nkakaenjoy)… pero atlest may ayala na rin.. congrats davao.. hope na mangalahati man lng an abreeza sa ganda ng ayala center cebu…

  22. pinoysatimog says:

    It’s really surprising for Davao to be consistently part of the ten most competitive cities in the country even outdoing the usually big cities of Manila and Cebu. Just this year, Davao even outranked Quezon City and Makati. What made Abreeza unique from the other Ayala malls is that it is in Davao. May Abreeza ba sa Cebu? Wala naman di ba? Hehehe.

  23. Karpol says:

    cagayanon gwapa, kung di nakakaenjoy ang malls sa Davao, ano na lang kaya ang sa CDO? not only maliit, wala pang highend brands. yan ang problema sa inyong mga taga CDO, kung manaway mo as if dili worse ang sa CDO. and you always use cebu to compare to davao. Atai, kung mu compare mo, ayaw ug tago sa sayal sa cebu. i-compare ninyo ang inyong kaugalingon na syudad. premier city man kaha mo sa Mindanao, nganong gamiton pa man ninyo ang cebu?

    Atai na lang.

  24. yah, davao is quite progressing. Hope we can keep up with it.

    As far as I know and what I have observed, Davaoeños are soo excited sa mga new things pero pinagsasawaan din.hahaha

    most davaoeños are also kuripot, though in a good way or mayby not…

    brand-conscious too na meron namang local superb quality brand.. too bad we don’t appreciate local brands. tsk tsk tsk

    daming malls, takot naman gumastos.hahaha

    wag tayo matakot gumastos and lets support local brands… wag maging brand conscious, nasa tao ang pagdadala.

    lets support davao

  25. Karpol says:

    cagayan de oro is really turning green with envy. akala kasi nila sa kanila magbubukas ng ayala center because of their claim as the so-called fastest growing economy in mindanao. if sila nga ang fastest-growing economy, eh bakit lahat ng investors ay dito nagsisiksikan sa davao??? kawawang cdo. nabubuhay sa panaginip. =)

  26. sadasd says:

    there are a lot of interesting debates going on in these comment box ah..
    to tell you,
    Davao is the fastest growing city in Mindanao leaving behind cities like General Santos, Cagayan de Oro and some other here in Mindanao..
    You Know why?
    Because Davao is a Very Progressive place with a Very Good leader..

    Why would you compare Davao from Cebu?
    Is it because Cebu have Ayala mall, Starbucks coffee, and some High-Rise Buildings?

    We also have the similar of them here in Davao..
    we have Blugre Coffe Shop which is more authentic, home Grown and more classy than Starbucks and Davao has Also Chimes Specialty Store which is comparable to Greenbelt in Makati..

    So stop putting Davao down because Davao got what it takes to be a Premier City not just in Mindanao but maybe through out Philippines!

    Haha! Go Davao…

  27. pinoysatimog says:

    to sadasd: Well said!

  28. manila guy says:

    nagsiksikan ang investors dyan sa davao???
    mukhang di halata..hehee

  29. Speedy ClaxTON says:

    There’s no doubt Metro Manila and Metro Cebu is among the Most Progressive Metro Cities in the Philippines. Metro Davao? yeah the Threat ?why?No need to decipher the reason..Metro Davao is the Fastest and most progressive City in the South and even the whole Philippines in terms of exporting,Investment,Gross capital income and Investors confidence.

    Davao made its Mark in a short span of time..given Cebu and Manila already exist even before Magellan set foot in that Island.SO MODESTY ASIDE people from CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY just sit back and BE AWE AND SHOCKED with how we Progress right before your POPPING EYES!

    CDO don’t COMPARE US TO CEBU!If you’re LOWLY CITY couldn’t KEEP UP with Metro Davao join us Instead in witnessing how we made it!

    Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao as ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS be the TOP 3 Metros IN the ARCHIPELAGO! Kanus-a pa kaha mong mga taga CAGAYAN DE ORO nga matawag UG METRO CAGAYAN?in your DREAMS LOSERS! 09227266739

  30. sadasd says:

    To manila guy:
    Uhm. subukan mong pumunta dito sa davao. tapos libot ka ng isang araw. tapos matulog ak sa Mandaya Hotel or sa Apo View or sa Marco Polo baka masasabi mong ayaw mo nang umalis ng Davao.

    Tapos subukan mo rin pumaxal sa Chimes or sa Gaisano Mall..
    magugulat ka sa prices ng mga items!

  31. palb says:

    It is sad that some Filipinos like you are not happy with the developments in the regions. FYI, Mindanao can stand on its own. In fact, Mindanaons do not worry much about issues on federalism because they know that they can work out well with their resources, unlike the resources perhaps in your region, which by now may be in some sort of serious threat of depletion, contamination, or degradation due to excessive industrial activity and indifference to environmental protection. It is the tendency of the common insecure Filipino to keep himself feeling superior bcoz it is the only way to assure himself that his doing fine. That is why the Philippines cannot move forward as one bcoz the best examples of domination and superiority are those who come from cities which are beset with unfavorable results due to personal interests in business and POLITICS.

    if your basis for progress are tall buildings, shopping malls etc. you have a shallow concept of progress… You have forgotten that you are a Filipino, or so I assume. Thus, it is preferred that you support any progress that happens across Philippine regions, great or small, without judgement, because as you judge, it mirrors who you are as a Filipino and as a maturing individual.

  32. Karpol says:


    mga insecure lang ang hindi nakakahalata. yun yun eh.

  33. pinoysatimog says:

    Manila guy, san ka sa maynila? Sa Tundo? Hehehehe. Sa Maynila lang nagsisikan ang mga tao. Di ba may nakatira sa ilalim ng tulay diyan sa lugar mo. Hehehehe

  34. pinoysatimog says:

    Mabuti sana man lang kung sa Makati ka or QC. e taga Manila ka pala e. Malamang, sa Tundo ka nga.

  35. pinoysatimog says:

    Well, if there will be a federal set-up, people in Metro Manila will go hungry. Imagine, yung kinukuhaan nila ng pagkain sa Central Luzon and Mindoro can now control their deliveries.

  36. james says:

    ive read sa isang aritcle na there are only two recognized metro areas in the philippines, metro manila and metro cebu.. ung metro davao gawa2 lng un ng mga tga davao para mkalevel ang manila. kahit esearch nyo pa..

  37. pinats buter says:

    there are only two defined metro areas in the philippines, metro manila and metro cebu.. kaya sa tingin ko walang dapat ikainggit ang cagayan sa davao… atleast ang cagayan hindi ngpepretend na metro city cla. tanx james for posting. nasearch ko nga sa net..

  38. makati girl says:

    cagayn is not a low city, infact mas mabilis ang pag unlad nla kesa davao. the only advantage ng davao is ung land area niya na walang laman… at sana matapos na ang abreeza para malaman na natin kung mganda nga.. kc alam ko na just like other davao malls, hindi rin yan kcing gnda ng malls d2 sa manila. kc nga icoconsider din ng ayala ang lugar na paglalagyan… just like sm, panget ng sm jan…hehehe

  39. frets says:

    cebu is the fastest growing city in the philippines…
    davao is the best in mindanao.
    i guess walang dapat pag awayan.
    cebu and davao are doing good as well as cagayan de oro..
    lets just be happy with that.

  40. pinoysatimog says:

    There is no metro cebu actually. It is only Metro Manila na binuo ni Ferdinand Marcos to make Imelda as Governor. The municipalities in the Metro Manila area formerly belongs to Rizal Province. Kaya nga may Kapitolyo sa Pasig kasi sakop siya ng Rizal Province. Makati is in Rizal Province also.

    Makati girl: San ka sa Makati? Sa Guadalupe? Or sa ilalim ng Guadalupe Bridge. Hehehe Mukhang kasing malabo na taga Dasmarinas ka or Forbes Park. Hehehe

  41. pinoysatimog says:

    Davao is unique in the sense na hindi siya dapat ikumpara sa ibang siyudad sa Pinas. It so happened lang nasa top ten siya among the metro cities in the country lalo na sa revenues.

    We can live stand on our own actually. Ang nagtataka lang ako, bakit nakikisali sa usapan dito yung mga taga Pilipinas (aka Luzon at Cebu) Hehehe. E hindi naman namin kayo pinakikialaman diyan sa Maynila.

  42. pinoysatimog says:

    Dabawenyos are just happy that some malls in Luzon are putting up their shops here. Even before they came here, may mga malls na dito.

    Dabawenyos are confident people. They are not showy people that bragged their material wealth. Low key kung baga. Unlike the people in Metro Manila na di bale nang magutom basta naka lacoste lang, na binili pa greenhills. Hehehe, we don’t have that species here.

    Farmers in Luzon still use the carabao to go around but here in Davao, pick-up trucks ang gamit ng mga magsasaka. Airplane pa nga ang ginagamit nila kung mag dilig sa mga plantations. All the industries are present in Davao, manufacturing, mining, industrial farming, fishing and trading.

    Unfortunately, nandun yung inggiterong ugali ng mga Tagalog na dinadala nila sa ibang rehiyon ng Pilipinas

  43. sadasd says:

    TO: pinats buter,makati girl,james

    Na update nyo ba yung binasa nyo? o baka lumang article lang yun!
    d ka kasi nag babasa ng bago eh!
    Nakita mo na nga na one of the top ten most livable cities sa south east asia.
    Tapos excuse lang huh!
    Hndi kami nag pepretend dito! kung anong nakikita namin na progress dun kami proud!

    And hello!?
    Nakapunta na ba ka u ditO?
    kung wala pa, Subukan nyo…
    Dahil masasabi mong mas disciplined ang tao dito at mas malinis compared sa ibang cities dito sa Philippines.

    And tama si pinoysatimog.
    di kami mga showy people like what OTHER says na mayabang daw ang davao sa kanilang improvements.

    antay lang ka u sa upcoming improvements.

    kaya nga pingalanan ang dava na BLOOMING CITY eh.. ok?

  44. sadasd says:

    And tama nga si pinoysatimog..
    bakit ba nakiki alam ang taga manila dito?
    eh improvements ng davao naman ang pinag uusapan namin dito ah..

    HINDI and hunger strike, ang oil price hike, ang cha-cha, at iba pang mga rallies jan sa metro manila ang pinag uusapan dito ok?

  45. Karpol says:

    Haay nako. Ang dami talagang insecure sa Davao lalo na ang mga taga Cagayan de Oro na nagpepretend na taga Manila para lang kunwari hindi lalabas na biased ang comments nila. How pathetic.

    And paano naman naging lamang lang ng Davao sa CDO ang land area? Hello! Eh wala nga silang buildings doon na lumalampas ng 10 floors! Hahahaha! At yung Limketkai Hotel kuno nila na 21 floors, imagination lang yun! Kasi sabi nila last year pa nag start ang construction, eh hanggang ngayon wala pa rin! Hahahaha!

    So what if pangit ang Ayala mall na gagawin sa Davao??? Ang tanong is, and CDO ba may Ayala mall? OK na ako sa pangit KESA WALA! Hahahahahahahahaha!

    Pathetic CDO!

  46. Jow says:

    Jaraula said this is the biggest investment of the company in Mindanao having an initial budget of P4.5 Billion Pesos. The project is much bigger than Ayala Davao’s P3 billion which is also set to be completed in 2012 at a nine hectare property in JP Laurel Avenue owned by the Floirendo family in Davao.

    Ayala said once the Ayala operates the biggest Ayala Mall Cagayan de Oro, the biggest mall in Mindanao, it would make the city the major destinations of foreign and local investors and many residents of the city and its neighboring cities and provinces would also enjoy many job opportunities, this biggest investment of Ayala Holdings can offer.

  47. Jow says:

    Good share for CDO and DVO..huwag kayo mag away.hehe.All of these are for mindanao’s progress.
    DVO is CDO’s brother.

  48. same same says:

    5billion yung sa davao kasi kasama na dun ang dalawang buildings na intended for bpo. pero sa totoo lng ang abreeza is a lot smaller compared to other ayala malls in manila and in cebu.. its true that ayala is planning to build a mall in cdo and another one in cebu. but di pa alam kung matutuloy ang sa cdo dahil ngka problema nga rin cla ngaun with the construction of the abreeza.. thats wat my uncle told me… he works for the company. lets just hope na walang away coz that wont help our country…thanks everyone.

  49. mj says:

    that would be nice for cdo and davao to have an ayala mall. it only shows that mindanao region is doing well now.

  50. Karpol says:

    # Jow Says:
    February 7, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Jaraula said this is the biggest investment of the company in Mindanao having an initial budget of P4.5 Billion Pesos. The project is much bigger than Ayala Davao’s P3 billion which is also set to be completed in 2012 at a nine hectare property in JP Laurel Avenue owned by the Floirendo family in Davao.

    Ayala said once the Ayala operates the biggest Ayala Mall Cagayan de Oro, the biggest mall in Mindanao, it would make the city the major destinations of foreign and local investors and many residents of the city and its neighboring cities and provinces would also enjoy many job opportunities, this biggest investment of Ayala Holdings can offer.


    Wag kang mag magaling dyan. Paki tingnan mo ulit yung website ng Ayala Land if may nakasulat ba na may itatayo din na Ayala sa CDO.

    Take note, hindi si Ayala ang nagsabi na may itatayong mall sa CDO. Ang mayor at vice-mayor lang ang nagsabi. Maybe you would want to review the cerdibility of your information.

    Pathetic CDO.

  51. Karpol says:

    # same same Says:
    February 15, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    5billion yung sa davao kasi kasama na dun ang dalawang buildings na intended for bpo. pero sa totoo lng ang abreeza is a lot smaller compared to other ayala malls in manila and in cebu.. its true that ayala is planning to build a mall in cdo and another one in cebu. but di pa alam kung matutuloy ang sa cdo dahil ngka problema nga rin cla ngaun with the construction of the abreeza.. thats wat my uncle told me… he works for the company. lets just hope na walang away coz that wont help our country…thanks everyone.


    Isa ka pang nagmamagaling. Sino ba ang nagsabi na mas malaki ang Abreeza than those in Manila and Cebu? Magbasa ka nga.

    Nagkaproblema ba kamo? Eh wala palang silbi ang uncle mo. Kasi kung magaling sila sa trabaho nila, eh di sana na anticipate nila ang effect ng crisis sa mga expansion plans nila. Naku kung ako si Ayala, I will fire your uncle right away for being incompetent.

  52. Karpol BUGO! says:

    ang bobo mo naman karpol, bat kapa nagpopost ng comment dito e hindi ito para sa mga taong katulad mo na walang alam kundi i defend ang side nila na hindi naman kadefend defend kasi loser. wag kana magpost d2 ha kasi nakakasira ka lng sa mga matitinong pinaguusapan ng mga tao d2. tanggapin mo na na ang layo ng city mo compared sa davao, mahirap bang gawin yun? kesa naman nabubuhay ka sa maling akala, or should i say nightmare. pls. tulungan mo nlng ang mga kapwa mo kababayan para umunlad ang city nyo,in that way baka may himala pang mangyari na magkatotoo pa yung nightmare mo na upper hand ang city nyo kesa sa davao.

  53. pulubi says:

    mayng gabii sa tanan. ako taga davao, ug nakatrabaho na ug manila ug cebu. ug mangutana sila nako, nindot ba ang davao? ako ingnon nga ang syudad dili kaau daghan ug high-rise building as compared sa manila ug cebu. pero nindot ang lugar kay safe ug limpyo. mao gyud na, tinuod. dili lang ta mag una-una ug hambog no sa laing tawo nga wa pa man gani nahuman ng ayala. ug manghambog ta, let us be proud that davao is a safe place and one of the cleanest in the country. dili sa infrastructures kay sa tinuod, layo pa man jud ta sa mga karaan nga syudad. kung baga bata pa ta, mao dli ta mag sige ug panghambog anang mga malls or unsa. ang cagayan naningkamot pud na sila ug ila, dili nato birahon paubos. crab mentality man gud ng ning-ana. in fact dapat gani ma proud pud ta nila kay naa pay city nga ga progress sa mindanao despite the fact na mahadlok ang investors musulod diri tungod sa terorismo. kalma lang ta mga brad. mga pinoy man unta tang tanan. ug sa tanang mga sige ug pangaway, pilay mga edad nyo dong, day? asa man inyong ginikanan? ayaw kaayo mo padala anang urbanization kay daghan lumad, pobre ang walay gikaon. mao lang ug salamat. god bless mindanao.

  54. rizza says:

    davao people…we all know that hebb is IGNORANT when it comes to davao city. maybe di pa nakakapunta yan dito because he cannot AFFORD TO TRAVEL!

  55. rizza says:


  56. pulubi says:

    inday rizza, sa akong nahilbal-an si Karpol is against sa cagayan. dili siya pro-cagayan. kalma lang. tarunga ug basa iyang gi post, nag comment ra na siya sa gi post sa laing tao. nya, ayaw mo pag sige ug tagalog kay bisaya ang davao ug cagayan. dili sosyal paminawon ang dabawenyo nga magtinagalog. ikaw pud dong Karpol, unsa man diay naa ug mas dako ang ayala nga itukod sa cagayan? ka nindot nuon ana naay dako nga mall sa mindanao. tungod kay taga davao ka gusto nimo sulohon ang tanan success sa mindanao? ako taga davao pud ko. nanglimos diha sa san pedro. nindot man ang cagayan. barato lang ang babae. hehe joke. dili bitaw ui. ayaw mo pag sigeg away ui. mga pinoy mong tanan. peace bah. peace.

  57. akosianonymous says:

    mag-join2 ko dri ha… 🙂

    mahirapan magbuild ng establishments sa cagayan kasi diba hilly ung area ng cagayan and kinda konti lng ung area? pero kng naa jud… fine, congrats!

    wag na rin sana mag-away ang mga taga davao and taga cdo ksi wla lng… char2! hehe! dli bitaw, pinapatunayan lang natin na war-torn region ang mindanao kung mgcge tag padayon ug away… friends na… sige na! 🙂

  58. james says:

    i guess hindi na magiging unique ang abreeza kc dba hindi na matutuloy nag bpo buildings for now? dahil daw sa krisis.. hehhe
    wait nlng tayong wla nang krisis. hehehe. sbi kc sa supporting explanation sa taas na unique ang abreeza bcoz of the bpo buildnings attached to it.. so ngaun hindi na cia unique kung yun ang pagbabasehan…

  59. DOTERTEE says:

    Davao City’s Achievements and Recognition

    Most Competitive Metro City in the Philippines, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008
    Most Livable City in the Philippines, 1996-1999
    Destination of the Year, 1997 Kalakbay Awards
    Most Child-friendly City in the Philippines, 1999, 2000
    Most Outstanding Regional Peace and Order Council, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005
    Most Peaceful City in East and Southeast Asia, 1998-2005
    Best Police Office in the Country, 1999-2005, 2008
    2nd place, LGU Literacy Award in the Philippines, 1999
    2nd Best City Health Office in the Philippines, 1999
    The Cleanest and Greenest City in the Philippines, 1999-2005
    (Highly urbanized category)
    Most Outstanding Water Utility in Asia, 1996, 1997, 1998

  60. DOTERTEE says:

    Davao: City of kings
    By : Deni Rose M. Afinidad
    Manila Standard
    6/8/2006 9:52:07 AM

    In 2001, 2003, and 2005, the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) assessed the country’s leading cities based on quality of life, cost of doing business, dynamism of the local economy, infrastructure, linkages and accessibility, and quality of workforce. Davao placed third in 2003, but topped the rankings in 2001 and 2005, making it the Most Competitive Metro City in the Philippines during that period, according to AIM.

    This was no surprise for Davao, which was declared as the Most Livable City in the Philippines for consistently making it to the Top 20 for four consecutive years (1996-1999) in Asiaweek’s annual survey of 40 Best Cities in Asia. In the survey of livability, Davao City ranked 18th, toppling Cebu (19th) and Manila (25th). It also assumed the throne of being the Most Peaceful City in East and Southeast Asia since 1998 for an almost zero crime rate (0.8 cases per 10,000 persons—90% of these are petty crimes).

    Because of this, imposing curfew was no longer needed in the city, which has the Best Police Office in the Country (1999-2005), said the Philippine National Police. Anyone can walk around town during the wee hours without fear of bumping into a street hooligan.

    Similarly, Davao, The Cleanest and Greenest City in the Philippines (1999-2005), is said to be one of the least polluted and most decongested cities in Asia, according to Asiaweek. This made the city save a lot from using traffic lights or hiring traffic enforcers

  61. DOTERTEE says:

    Although according to Asiaweek, Davao City save a lot from using traffic lights or hiring traffic enforcers but let it be stressed A Traffic Management and Computerization Scheme was being implemented. The traffic lights in the city is considered as the most modern in Asia. Davao City is ranked no. 5 among cities in Asia with better traffic flow based on vehicles per kilometer of city road. _wikipedia_

  62. DOTERTEE says:

    We have a modern Emergency 911 system.

    Davao City is the only city in the Philippines that has an emergency response system. In a city where crime rates are comparably low, adding the “Central 911″ to the Davaoeno’s reach further proves that Davao is among the most livable places in the world.

    “The launching of the 911 in Davao, made the Philippines the only country after the US and Canada to adopt the system. Using the 911 system.

    ARTICLE from:davaozone(.)com

  63. manila man says:

    ang luma na ng mga sinusulat d2. dba ung asiaweek panahon pa yan ng kupong2? wla bang new???? at it seems that we are out of topic here… mgpost kau ng about abreeza not with these achievements na napanalunan na noong di pa ako pinanganak… btw tapos nba ang abreeza? or bka we are just waiting for nothing, o bka ten years pa yan bago matapos.. kung gayon din nman, dapat its worth the wait…

  64. sydney says:

    911 na nman. dapat bang ipagmalaki yan eh diba ginaya nga lang din yan sa ibang bansa… ginaya nga ang numbers ewan ko lang kung ang service ay maganda rin….

  65. Polonaise says:

    Nakakapagtataka talaga ito….. accomplishments lang nga ng davao and pinaguusapan d2 eh….daming naninira… hayz, o sige, panalo na kayo……

  66. jamesly says:

    we are not talking of davao’s accomplishments here, we are taliking about abreeza……

  67. Karpol says:

    Manila man, pinapakita mo lang ang pagka ignorante mo. Mahiya ka naman. Sigurado ka bang taga Manila ka??? Ang ignorante mo kasi. Tsk tsk tsk. Or baka taga Cagayan ka LANG??? Hahaha!

  68. Polonaise says:

    Oi Jamesly, accomplishments rin yang abreeza noh….. kung hindi pa maganda ang lungsod namin, hindi mag-iinvest ang ayala dito sa Davao(sa amin).

    Isa pa, napakalawak ng ibig sabihin ng salitang “accomplishments” noh…. baka ang pagkakaintindi moh ay ang literal na meaning nitoh…

    sharpen your vocabulary!!!!

  69. Karpol says:

    Baka taga Cagayan din yang si jamesly. Palibhasa mga tao dun blinded by their envy of Davao kaya nawawalan ng rational thinking! Eeeww!

  70. DOTERTEE says:

    introduction lang gani 2..tama c palonaise, di magiinvest ayala d2 kung alang accomplishments ang davao..

    to: sydney—- ung 911 ginaya namin kasi may budget kami.mayaman kc ang davao.

  71. Karpol says:

    Hayaan mo na yan si sydney. Isa pa yang ignorante. Ginaya nga sa ibang bansa ang 911. Ang tanong: Eh afford din ba ng syudad mo ang 911??? Mukhang hindi, kasi ignorante ka pa sa 911 eh. Eeew! Pathetic ha!

    And to answer your query if maganda ba ang service, try mo pumunta dito sa Davao at magpasagasa sa highway, then dial ka ng 911 at orasan mo kung gaano katagal sila mag respond. But wag kang mageexpect na makakatanggap ka ng bill later on kasi LIBRE ang 911 service dito sa Davao. Yan ang hindi namin ginaya sa ibang bansa na pinagsasasabi mo.

    Pathetic ka. Taga Cagayan ka ba? Eeeew!

  72. james says:

    basahin nyo nga nasa taas, dba its about abreeza, bkit nalihis sa mga city vs city na nman? dahil ba sa BAKA hindi na matuloy ang dalawang bpo buildings na yan(na sinasabi na reason para uniqe ang abreeza)? di raw kc matutuloy kc bka walang mg occupy na mga investors bcos of the crisis… sana matuloy nman kc yan lng cguro ang kinganda nyan. hehehe. atleast may dalawang additional sa napakagandang skyrise ng davao. hehehehe

  73. makati ang skin says:

    other cities ay may emergency response team din nman po.. di nga lng kasing sosyal ng sa davao. hehehe. sosyal kc 911.hehehe.

  74. genius na tambay says:

    anong pnkamataas na building sa davao?sbi nla isa lng daw eh..

  75. Hirono-kun(Polonaise) says:

    Eh anu naman kung matuloy ba ang BPO o hindi? wala kaming kontrol sa mga investors…. ang sa amin lang, happy lang kami na ang mga malalaking investors gaya ng ayala ay nag-iinvest dito sa davao….. hindi kami nag-aabisyon na magiging premier city ng mindanao o anu pa mang mga chismis dyan…..

    mukhang sa pananlita mo, hindi ka talaga nasanay sa rural life james, dahil dyan sa CDO, puro dikit2x na buildings lang ang makikita(95% up urban).

    Sa side namin(taga-davao) naman, sanay na kami sa ganyang mga problema, dahil maraming rural areas dito.

  76. Karpol says:

    Urban ba ang CDO???

    Sorry ha, pero tingin ko sa CDO parang Bangkerohan or Agdao ng Davao. In other words, palengke. Ay oo nga, may palengke nga pala na urban. CDO is a perfect example.

  77. Hirono-kun(Polonaise) says:

    well…. yun ang tingin ko sa kanilang website……

    tiningnan ko rin sa youtube ang place nila…. kahit saan ka lumingon wala talagang puno…boring talaga….

  78. Karpol says:

    ang papangit naman ng mga buildings nila. ang dumi pa ng lugar. pano kaya nila nasasabi na sila ang urban center ng Mindanao? so yucky ha!

  79. gab says:

    bkit kaya inaapi ng davao ang cdo? bkit kya di cla pumatol sa cebu at manila para mkita nman nla ang layo ng agwat..

  80. makati ang ulo says:

    di rin nman magaganda ang mga buildings ng davao, parang India nga yung nkuta kong picture dun eh.hehehe. very third world.. unlike in makati and in cebu na may mga central business districts… kahit third world cities, pero atleast may makikitang modern side. eh sa davao meron ba?

  81. cebuana says:

    guys let there be peace on net.heheh. galing akong davao kahapon pnadala ako ng boss ko sa damossa it park ba yun? gnda rin nman dun.

  82. napansin ko lang! says:

    may away away d2 because nakikihalo dito ung mga taga ibang lugar, although di nman bwal makihalo kc ds is free to all and kaht taga saan kayo. pero sana man lang wag kayo mag react kung ntatamaan kayo ng mga comments.if u cant resist but to reply..better not view this site and more better make ur own website at patamaan nyo nman ang tga davao..

  83. Hirono-kun(Polonaise) says:

    @ karpol:

    Karpol, nagsabi ako na boring ang place nila…pero HINDI ako nagsabi na PANGIT ang lugar nila….. In fact mas maganda ang pagkakalagay ng mga buildings nila doon kaysa sa atin(sa Davao).

    Well, yun lang ang masasabi ko at I promise, titigil na ako sa pagkokoment ng walang kabuluhan na pagtatalo dito.

    Let’s have a peace in here ^_^

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

  84. Karpol says:

    gab, bakit di mo nalang kaya patulan si makati ang ulo at gumawa kayo ng sex video???

    kung ayaw nyo mabasa ang mga comments dito, eh di lumayas kayo! para kayong mga langaw. layas!


  85. joshua Mabunga says:

    to the manilan’s, stop and behaved… kami taga davao ayaw namin ng ganyan, kung sa tingin ninyo magaling kayo kayo na lng mag away na taga luzon, kaya tayo hindi aasenso dahil sa panenera ninyo, ako wal akong comments sa manila or cebu, sa amin dito lng sa davao kasi gusto namin na maging maganda ang syudad namin

  86. sadasd says:

    # Karpol Says:
    July 6, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    ang papangit naman ng mga buildings nila. ang dumi pa ng lugar. pano kaya nila nasasabi na sila ang urban center ng Mindanao? so yucky ha!

    Eps! you’re crossing the line!
    D nga kami wealthy sa infrastructures pero harmonious namn life namin dito. ok?

  87. harley says:

    Parang provincial city lang ang davao compared to Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. LOLs.

  88. Karpol says:

    Bobo ka ba? Sino naman may sabi na inaambisyon namin maging Metro Manila or Metro Cebu?

    Or baka naman taga Cagayan ka na nagaambisyon maging Davao? Hahahaha! Loser!

  89. jake says:

    true tlga na di ndot ang davao city. ng.educational tour mi sa davao lst month. maypa sa cebu nlng nlng daw ingon akoa mga teachers. sayanga sa gasto.

  90. karpol says:

    bkit nman ang tgal ng abreza.hehehe. tapos di pa raw matutuloy ang dalawang bpo buildings na yan huhuhu. di na unique kasi wala ng bpo buildings hahaha

  91. jhon45 says:

    tama ka bro punta kau cebu there many construction evrywhere.There tower being contructed here. davao is doing good pero kailangan pang kumayud………………

  92. Karpol says:

    Ay ang losers talaga. Ginaya pa ang pangalan ko. Eeeew! Loser ka dong! Hahahaha!

    At bakit pilit umeeksena kayong mga taga Cebu dito? Di naman kayo ang pinaguusapan. Haller!

    JAKE, walay namugos nga sa Davao mo mag educational tour. Losers! Hahahaha!

  93. halukay says:

    dalawa na ang karpol, isang mabait at isang palaaway. hehehe. mgto tour kmi sa cebu nxt week. hehehe. sama ka carpol este karpol?

  94. amigo ko ni karpol says:

    tama c karpol, ala namugos sa inyo..ikaw jake ayaw na pagcomment dre sa site, dili man bawal pero kun di maayo imo isulti yaw na pagcomment..we are just like karpol defending this site, davao site ni eh!normal lng na mangaway jud mi..

    naa man kaya mo website sa cebu, did2 na lng ka dong.hahahaha


    dili palaaway c karpol, defender of the universe lng nah ay davao diai

  95. bisaya says:

    pag sure mung tanan..maski unsaun ninyu ug lalis.. pubri gihapon ang pilipinas. pubri ug mga utok ang tao!!! ang mga taga manila ug cebu progressive nga hugaw man pud… bastos ang mga tao.. traffic! dah! gibagyo lagi ang manila!!!! hala pang hambog pa!.. para makabalo mo. di lang na padakuay ug malls.. ug padaghanay ug suruyan!.. kining davao kung di pud mag bantay.. maparehas pud!!!!.. kabalo mo unsay dapat buhatun?,,, mag tinabangay!!! kay sa news baya labi na sa cnn..pag naay gubot sa maski asa na lugar sa pilipinas..apil tanan… ma cotabato man cagayan o luzon…. ang ihisgut sa news anchor kay pilipinas gihapon…kaya kamu na sige ug lalis… paghilum na lang mo ug mag ampo na lang ta!!!!! para mas naa pay pulos ang tanan

  96. Davao Arkitek says:

    Hi… Taga Davao ko, and practicing arkitect… it’s true na daghan tall bldgs. ang cebu and manila., peo honestly dili sa livable…. i went to manila last december 2009., just to do shoppings, pro if someday, if davao will have malls the same with manila and cebu., ill’l no longer travel just to buy at shops like “Top Man” or “Springfield”.

    Honestly, mayamam kami,. and as a rich FAMILY, WE choose TO LIVE IN DAVAO., kasi super “LIVABLE”, “CLEAN ENVIRONMENT AND POTABLE WATER”, ” 24 HRS. FREE MEDICAL SERVICE” “GOOD SECURITY AND LEADERSHIP from Dutuerte”

    One more thing pa din.. I Am also an architect and I can personaly identify what progress means. Let it be known, that tall buildings are not proof that a region is progressive – may tall bldgs kyo sa Manila and cebu dahil maliit nlng lupa nyo, napuno na nang squatters; eh d2 sa Davao Malapad pa., worlds largest city nga in terms of land area.. so whay build tall buildings which is very expensive in terms of structure… edi d2 sa davao palapad kmi., which is more cost and valued engineering…

    sana na gets nang mga taga Manila and cebu… kasi kmi d2 sa davao, 2nd kmi sa literacy rate. oks!!!

  97. jacky says:

    hello davao arkitek hehehe. i like u coz ur so humble hahahah. keep it up. sna mging kaibigan kta kc pareho tau rich hhahaha.

  98. Buuk.. says:

    valencia city the best!!!! pati ang maramag.. hehe

  99. ako si gaisano says:

    ako si gaisano ha. ako build 500M pesos mall sa malaybalay bukidnon ha. ako gusto taga bukidnon dili na naug sa CDO ug DVO para shopping SM ug AYALA ha. ako gusto sila tanan sa AKO mall ha. pero ang kataw-anan dinhi nga blog ha, kay ang mga tao nga ga da-utay sa isig ka siyudad ha. kamo mga pilipino mentality ha. ga da-utay imbis mag tinabangay ha. mao kami mga insik datu ha. kay kami tinabangay ha. usaba nang inyong mga kina-iya ha. magtinabangay tang tanan ha. para happy tang tanan. ako lipay sa tanan developments sa pilipinas ha. manila, cebu, davao, cagayan de oro, bacolod, iloilo, gensan, tacloban, etc.. ha. kay kung naay developments ha, naa nekosyho ha.

  100. HAHA says:

    DAVAO ARKITECT claiming to be rich but is seeking “FREE MEDICAL SERVICES” wtf? and one more thing, ofcourse tall buildings reflect significant progress, wala na gani silay space to go horizontal kay puno na! sure ka architect ka? think really hard before sharing anything. personaly identify what progess means my ass. its true, davao is “getting there”, and im happy for davao as well as other developing cities in the philippines. ayaw lang pang daut sa uban. same thing goes to fuckin’ KARPOL. instead nga malipay for any progress in the philippines, mang daut na hinuon. ka gamay sa imung utuk du! balik sa skwela b. palihug lang para lipay tang tanan. maka stress imung pang huna2x bai or dai ba kaha. siguro pro ERAP ESTRADA pud ka. and this goes to all mother-fucking-hating progress in the philippines! fucking morons, we dont need you here in the philippines!

  101. BAYOTKODAI says:


  102. genius999 says:

    kinahanglan pa ba mag away2 diri. ang importante, naga improve ang mga siyadad sa pilipinas. ngano kinahanglan man mandaot? malipay nalang gud nga naay progress. mao di ta maasenso kay sige ra ta og huna2 og daot sa uban. let’s be all happy. let’s be happy for davao, soon magkakaroon din ang lahat ng major cities sa pinas nyan. 😀

  103. MEtro Manila Says: says:

    No ader place like Manila! cuz i been der b4 in metro cebu and specially davao city, davao iilan lang kaya bldg nio dian, marco polo at ung nasa bajada tatlo lang ata? hahahahahahaha, its look like province talaga ung davao city. ano ngaun soon my ayala center davao na kau sim sim parinyan?hahahahaha,i really desapointed cuz im not expected ung nkita q im sure maraming walang trabaho dian kc iilan lang ung mga company business dian sa davao kaya ang daming taga davao nakikipagsapalaran d2 manila kc nga walang maapplayan dian sa davao city…mas ok pa ung cebu but no place like Manila tlaga! hahahahahaha..

  104. alro32 says:

    in secure lng siguro cla sa davao kasi nka focus d2 attention ng mga investors. andito kasi lahat ng resources na wla sa luzon at Visayas regions. ano kya yun? hehehe.

  105. andy says:

    hay naku!!…. d nmn sa pinagmamayabang…

    kung manood ka ng balita kng ano tawag sa davao…METRO DAVAO pala..awh…

    isa sa katangian ng davao eh…npaka displinado ng mga tao…
    tingnan mo nmn kalsada sobrang linis…

    d gaya ng iba dyan… metro nga pero walang paki alam mga nsa governo..

    1st tym kupang naka kita sa harap ng mall sa may entrance pa nmn nag rurugby… tapos ung overpass sobrang dumi makalat… na tawa nlng ako ng naghihilamos yung bata sa kalsada na may tubig.. kahit traffic inforcer d ma gawang pa alisin.. tiningnan lng at tinawanan… d kc organize eh…

    for sure d2 pa yun sa davao…iwan ko nlng!!….

    tingnan mo nga nmn pati metro manila nag hihirap na sa tubig…eh ang kinukuhang tubig ang dumi2x…ganyan bah ang METRO??.. mga building lng nmn pinagmamalaki ng mga ibang metro eh.. but davao d rin malayong mangyari sa laki ng land area wala ng duda…

    punta nlng kayo ng davao.. frOm highlands 2 Islands.. bka msabi nyo pa “d2 na ako titira”…

  106. andy says:

    kaya nga LAND OF PROMISE eh!!.. kaya sa nag epal epalan dyan na mas progsibo na daw city nla kay sa davao… hehehe.. nakakatawa… sa bisa pa.. PAG MATA MO!!.. Good Governance ksi d2 sa davao… daming haters talga sa davao… kc dami ng mga investors nagpupunta d2…

    haha..halata nmn taga cebu ka eh.. dmi nyo rin kayang nkikipag sa palaran sa manila…. d nmn sa building mkikita un.. anyway more infra parating sa davao… abangan nlng ang susunod na kabanata….

    METRO nga kayo…ah eh.. iwan ko nlng… i2 pa ha.. metro pa nmn din… MANILA but daming abnormal na kagaya m.. na gumagawa ng katarantaduhan kng progsibo nga METRO nyo lyk CEBU sbi mo nga..

    DAVAO IS DAWOW!!… taKot lng kc ibang metro na mahihigitan sila ng DAVAO CITY..yun lng!!

  107. gwapoko says:


    d unta angayan kitang tanan mag dinaotay kay 2ngod lng sa knsa pinaka progsibo… ang angyan n2ng buhaton mag kinahi-usa tang tanan para ma lambo a2ng nasod.. ug d pd kna hanglan ika pang hambog ng mga infra.. unsa may nka nindot ana… dpat gani mag focus ta sa ka2ng mga taO na walang wala.. lyk sa mga lumad..

    tinuod man na ang davao wala jd high rise… we accept dat.. pero d man kna amng dako nga gna pasigarbo… ang pag dumala sa amng mayor sa syudad kng ge unsa nya pag dala ug pag pa lambo.. ug d lng pd ta palabi pang hambog kitang taga davao…

    ug sa kanang mga cgeg pang daot sa davao… mura man mog mga bata oi… mga tiguwang nmn ta mo… unta d ta mag hinilaay pa baba.. awa ra gd ng mga intsik dali ra kaayo mang lambo… huna hunaOn unta na mga silingan n2ng na bansa na mga pobre sa una krn asta ng lamboa…

  108. Pinoy ako says:

    So sad to read comments from Filipino against Filipino. Why not praise or support who have prosper and help those who are drowned in our little ways? Every city has its unique recipes to offer (I’m not talking about food). So stop comparing our cities from yours, malayo pa ang kakainin natin from first world cities.. Let’s work hard instead to prosper.

    I’ve been to one of the fisrtworld country’s city, and believe me, we should work harder.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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