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Rendering of Abreeza – the Ayala mall in Davao

photos courtesy of Junsta from flickr. Thanks!

Abreeza is the first and only Ayala mall in the island of Mindanao. It’s going to be a mixed use project, a mall with ICT/BPO buildings for callcenters and other IT players.

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10 Responses

  1. tw says:

    From the pictures of the scale model, Abreeza does not seem to have the same open garden design that is found in Greenbelt and Ayala-Cebu, and definitely in Bonifacio High Street, but rather the enclosed design that you can find in Glorietta and Alabang Town Center. It’s a pity because of Davao’s fine weather and even temperature is ideal for more al fresco experience. At best, it will have a few gardens and fountains ala Trinoma.

  2. rz says:

    yeah, it isn’t so nice if it isn’t al fresco. its sad that davao will get an enclosed ayala mall. just isn’t the same 😦

  3. alvin says says:

    for me ..its ok.most important is we have so many malls here in davao.thats all.and we are the shopping capital in the south..hahhaaa

  4. james says:

    i dont think davao is the shopping capital of the south, for me that would be cebu or iloilo.. the malls in cebu are bigger and better than in davao, even iloilo malls are bigger too. im so disapppinted with davao malls from design to size.. just like sm davao…

  5. madayaw says:

    tanga!!!! south means refering to MINDANAO….!!!! just wait and see for the malls to come here in davao next year and on 2011,,,youll surely drop ur jaw on how would it look like and how big it would be. just make sure youll have the most comfy shoes by then so that you will enjoy ur tour to the new upcoming malls!!!!! make sure to to have plenty of cash to splurge….youll surely be crazy what shops to shop in to!!!!!i love davao and im so proud of being a davaoeno!

  6. samantha says:

    hi guyz any updates about Abreeza-an ayala mall davao. it seems nothing had started yet, if it’s really under constructions any proof!!!

  7. marvin says:

    it’s nice to have this kind of mall here in Davao.. It will attract more tourists and visitors..Its one of the asset of the Southern Philippines…

  8. bisdak says:

    if u got nothing good to say well then just shut up…..

  9. Zoro says:

    Finish na? How much is the rental?

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