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NeoDavao is back with the Davao Condo Craze!

My dear readers and fellow bloggers, I sincerely apologized for not updating this blog for weeks. I had been busy with my work and my real estate business.

Speaking of real estate business, I visited my beloved birth city – Davao during the Kadayawan Festival. There are several real estate developments in the city. Lemme show it to you in a form of a collage ehehehe. I had posted this collage in another website and I believe some bloggers copied what I posted. Anyway, Im just posting what I originally made here in my own blog. These are the MRBs or mid rise condominiums which are being constructed in Davao.

Here’s an initial list of the current condo projects in Davao City:

One Oasis Davao – 5 condo buildings (underconstruction)
2 condotels (proposed)
Magallanes Residences – 3 condo buildings (underconstruction)
Linmarr Towers – 3 condo buildings (underconstruction)
Noblesse Heights – 3 condo buildings (underconstruction)
Eco4000 – 2 condo buildings (completed)
u/c Condo building across Chimes Mall – 1 building


A total of 19 condominium buildings which are being developed as I write this blog.

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2 Responses

  1. jake/king says:

    Wow nice naman dami na condo unit sa davao.. sana mura lang ..
    para makakuha din ako,, ty

  2. jobless says:

    what happened to nobless heights condo? are they still pursuing their development projects in Bacaca??

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