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Abreza aka Ayala Center Davao

There were reports that the Ayala Center in Davao will be called as Abreza. Hmmmm sounds ok. Anyway, whether it would be called Abreza or simply Ayala Center Davao, Im pretty sure that this is an upcoming landmark of the city.

Anybody seen its rendering? To those who wish to see the rendering and more pix of Abreza also known as Ayala Center Davao, kindly visit this link:


Ayala Center Davao - photo courtesy of Councilor Peter Lavina

Ayala Center Davao - photo courtesy of Councilor Peter Lavina

This is from Councilor Peter Laviña’s blog site.

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8 Responses

  1. coffeebean says:

    Im from davao studying architecture here in manila. and im heartbroken sa nangyayari sa davao. I know it is growing but it desperately needs a master plan for it’s communities and developments. the fact is, areas will keep on developing until it becomes an urban sprawl like metro manila and like LA. People will depend on their vehicles to go from one place to another. Davao has to stop building malls! pero i guess if they still continue such, i hope they keep the green patches in the city. the People’s park is not enough. build more parks. kahit malls na parks… bsta wag sana gawing manila ang davao. I’m afraid i have nothing to be proud about it if becomes like Manila. Nevertheless, I love Davao!

  2. ji says:

    well said … keep loving davao.

  3. Arnold says:

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  4. Drew says:

    @coffeebean: That’s true. Urban planning is key. But again, I’ll always love Davao whatever it becomes. Hehe.

    @tjbrewed: No updates on this?

  5. makoy says:

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    maraming salamat in advance.

  6. aldwin says:

    hi there!
    blog hoppin’… i like this post! promiz. 😀

    btw, care to xlink?

    thank you!

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  7. hill roberts says:

    Yes, bring in the urban planners, and make that city as beautiful as Paris, as green as England, as quaint as Prague, as clean as Budapest and as
    safe as Gibraltar. Wow, that would be a dream!

  8. pj says:

    more building pls
    like tokyo

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