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Robinsons Cybergate Davao


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20 Responses

  1. ji says:

    This is what ive waited for the past months. 1 down, 2 to go. and theres more….

  2. toto says:

    robinsons is also land banking here in butuan city, they have bought a 8 hecter lot along our highway, i think construction of the mall here will start once the malls in davao and gensan will be opened , this will make the gaisanos think twice of improving thier services dahil ang gaisano mall dito sa butuan bisaya talaga ang services, mga saleslady slow motion at mabaho mga cr , cinemas are so hot, i hope hindi ganoon mga gaisano malls dyan sa inyo

  3. Mr. Nice says:

    Congrats wow!

  4. Axelander says:

    gaisano here in davao runs well, i think.. maganda pa naman, pero over crowded na kc liit lang ng area.. but who know with a future competitions between malls maybe they will really think twice.. as well as victoria plaza.. very first mall in davao city.. they should really think thrice..

    soon to have:
    robinson mall
    ayala mall
    and another SM mall..

    I hope there will be MOA also here in DAVAO ^_^

  5. Ryan Ocido says:

    Masyado ka namang ambisyoso Alexander to think of MOA Davao…? hehehe… 😉 but who knows dba? 🙂 Well, in fairness to Gaisano, can’t you see may mga improvements din naman silang ginagawa, tingnan niyo na lng nilalagyan na ng kisame ang Gaisano Mall ngayon at least to look elegant and impressive din naman, dati kasi makikita mo talaga ang mga PVC tubes ng mga CRs and everything ayt? hehehe… Victoria Plaza as what I’ve heard is now owned by SM, they will also have some renovations on it soon yata.

  6. Ryan Ocido says:

    What I’ve been looking forward is ang South area of Davao sana naman madagdagan ang NCCC Mall. It’s true, may isa nag post dito na sana may Mall sa Toril area. Well, kahit hindi na mismo sa Toril, so long as it’s along McArthur Highway sana may Greenbelt, Glorietta, Shangrila, or whatever! hahaha!!! Mas ambisyoso noh?

  7. r-j-a-y says:

    huh?!?victoria now owned by SM???it’s a miracle……

  8. George Starz says:

    can u please give me the website or details how to lease a space to this mall?

  9. ♥lovelle♥ says:

    pls pls can you tell me where i can apply as a call center agent?

  10. bruno says:

    I hope NCCC will put up a mall branch in Butuan. Is it possible?

  11. jun says:

    90% accomplish

  12. charlene alonso says:

    i need to know how can i get details for leasing. what is the contact no.

  13. ruby ann Periquet says:

    hi i need to know how can i get details for leasing.. whats the contact. no. thanks

  14. dai says:

    open na ba ang robinsons?

  15. open na! says:



  16. xylarj says:

    is there any availble or job offers with any position??

  17. toto says:

    nag open na ba ang robinsons gensan, is it true na sm city na ang victoria plaza, talagang nalugi na ang victoria plaza, yong sinehan nila mga silahis na ang gumagala para makaharbat ng mga men na willing namang magpaharbat at ma-bj , mga gay indie films kasi ang ipinapalabs gaya ng robinsons sa manila kaya dito nagpaparelease ang mga men ng init sa katawan

  18. adrian says:

    mysister cyrille a. companero is duty there

  19. adrian says:

    mysister cyrille a. companero is working there

  20. adrian says:

    i wish that she will come back here in zamboanga

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