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A second SM City in Davao

A second SM City – and bigger than the existing SM City in Ecoland, Davao – is soon to rise in Lanang area. will consist of a mall complex, business and residential centers, entertainment complex, hospitality complex among others.

Where would this project be? Everybody familiar with the Lanang Country Club?


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35 Responses

  1. aDmiral says:

    wow..is this for real?

    i lived near Lanang Country Club, that’s such a huge place! Amazing!

  2. mark says:

    gaano kalaki ang bagong sm d2 s davao, ung gwin s lanang country club s may lanang bnda….

  3. Axelander says:

    haha, davao now seems to be infested with lots of malls… but more malls means more people to come.. so I really love it..

    hope there will be also a Mall in Toril Area lolz.. haha

  4. Ryan Ocido says:

    Exciting! I hope maging as big as SM Cebu or Megamall Edsa and SM Davao II. šŸ˜‰

  5. cathychris says:

    wow naman nakaka mish talaga ang davao!!!!

  6. knowell says:

    wow! am proud being dabawenyo…sana tuloy tuloy ang disipilna ng taga-davao

    am looking forward about the traffic system sa atin…i have so may dayuhan friends like davao city much but their comments are our traffic system..

    good work for mayor duterte… having san francisco, USA traffic light system..sana lahat na regulations i adopt natin like we did in 911 rescue

    alam ko kaya ng mga dabawenyo… maging international standard ang traffic system natin…. kung kinaya ng subic bay // bakit davao city di kayanin…

    most of my foreign friends want to experience homey when they spend vacation in our city but they are afraid in driving kasi sa traffic system natin….

    umaasa tayong taga davao city na maging model sa lahat ng city ng pinas…na even international driver can drive in our very own city complying international standard.. like canada , united states, and other cities in the world.

    if we are comparing the size of our city to other cities… why we can compare on their traffic regulations?

    go..go/// davao city….madayaw davao….i miss davao already

  7. yvonthea says:

    more malls mean more employment for local residents

  8. i hope that sm and other land developer would not just build malls but a mix use complexes like sm mall of asia or libis or century city,where theres mall condos hotels even a sports arena,a convention center and office buildings for bpo companies since davoa city is one of the most competitive city in the whole of philippines and even in asia lets take advantage of it,lbut we should have learned our lessons for what had happened in metro manila its very dirty,since davao city is not yet fully develop and too crowded like manila it wont be too hard to attain our goal of making it the next singapore

  9. mike says:

    yeah i heard about another sm here in davao sana mag push through im excited about it talaga may ayala na dto may sm pa add mo pa ang robinsons tnx for this blog

  10. chemzee says:

    w0w… that’s a great news!!! having bigger and much amazing mall in dava0 again is another progress…..

    mmm…sayang kasi hindi pa ako uuwi…^^

    i hope that there will be a different security (probably a strict one)…s0 everyone is very safe and at ease while sh0pping…

    lol…if ever makauwi ako next year or so, the first one i’ll visit in dava0,is that 0ne…excited!!!

  11. joshua mabunga says:

    if 2nd sm will push thru, then what a great news for us here in Davao, now that the ayala group are already starting the construction here in bajada, by the year 2010 more malls will be already here in davao and bested other places here in mindanao. concerning our traffic here, i can we already make our traffic an international standard, now more hotels are already here in davao and more condo’s midrise building are in place, so come and visit davao and see for yourself

  12. gaya kalaki ng mall asia dapat

  13. dan singco says:

    i was so amaze when i heared another sm will be build.mapapit nalang samin because i leave here in lanang area. its to far for me to go to sm ecoland…yepeyyyy! sana matapos ka agad and sana may ice skating..

  14. chriro says:

    Wow!!! another SM?!!! Davao is the place to be… This justifies my decision of staying… I said no to a possible Makati transfer due to work relocation entailed by a career advancement!! Thanks to all ka-dabawenyos for the superb discipline that runs in our blood… Mabuhay tayo lahat at sana dumami pa mga malls, bpo’s, hotels, at parks dito sa davao… Sana themed park naman parang enchanted kingdom w/ rides or the ambitious simulation of a disney themed park…

  15. joshua mabunga says:

    if ever be sana disneyland para mas maganda… soar high davao

  16. rlssem says:

    there will be a theme park daw inside the SM Davao complex…sana matuloy.

  17. i hope malaki tlaga to tulad ng MOA o di kayay dubai mall/south china mall
    para may mapasyalan din na malaking mall sa mindanao!!

  18. adolf says:

    maayo na nga kalambuan.

  19. yah, davao is quite progressing. Hope we can keep up with it.

    As far as I know and what I have observed, DavaoeƱos are soo excited sa mga new things pero pinagsasawaan din.hahaha

    most davaoeƱos are also kuripot, though in a good way or mayby not…

    brand-conscious too na meron namang local superb quality brand.. too bad we don’t appreciate local brands. tsk tsk tsk

    daming malls, takot naman gumastos.hahaha

    wag tayo matakot gumastos and lets support local brands… wag maging brand conscious, nasa tao ang pagdadala.

    lets support davao

  20. air blair says:

    i hope sm davao 2 will come true, and if that happens, then sobrang ptoud na ako na im dabawenyo, mantakin mo huh lalong dumadami ang mga malls dito sa dvao, i cant imagine my hometown to be a progressive city in the next 5 years.. go davao and to the people who make it happen..

  21. ryanpaul says:

    wow n wow! n tlga ang davao! …kung gusto nyo malaman kung gaano kalaki ang 2nd SM mall sa davao tignan nyo sa Google earth ang land area ng Lanang Country Club kung saan itatayo ang mall…mapapabilib kau tlga..hahaha

  22. may ann says:

    wehw . i’m so excited na sa ROBiNSON !!
    mlapit na mxado matapos .
    marami na nmn mga work na ma applyan ..
    weeh . soar high DAVAO .ā˜ŗ


  23. may ann says:

    hi mga taga davo .
    pde mag hanap ng fren dito ??
    for davaoeƱosz lang .
    heheh …
    16-18 lng .. jijijij ….
    jusz add meh -ms_kuya

    tnx …..

  24. talpolano says:

    good news pero murag dugay pa cguro kay cebu man gani 1 lang ang ila sm na mas progressive pa cla kaysa a2a.

  25. Haneylet Princess says:

    waw!!^^ hirap pumili ng pupuntahang mall! hahahah… proud davaoeƱa talaga ko! uuwi tlaga ko dito sa pinas pag natapos na yan!

    go Davao!^^ wahhahhahah! ung traffic system naten mejo hndi pa kayang maging international kase nga according to “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa” ( bale show na nag re-report ng mga naggawa, ginawa, gagawin, nangyari, nangyayari at mga mangyayari sa Davao) mejo kulang pa raw ang budget.. kya they’re still pushing through the project pero hinay-hinay lng muna^^.

  26. Haneylet Princess says:

    hi talpolano!^^

    kaya lage nah! Davao pay imo.. heheh, dugay man jud na cia mahuman^^

  27. xylarj says:

    is there any job offers with no particular position?? engineering related as much as possible…

  28. EVIE says:


  29. EVIE says:

    nag sugod na ba ang construction sa sm 2nd

  30. dexter says:

    wala intawon nag sugod ug construct. kanus.a mana sugdan uy.. kadugay ba/

  31. Vasta Davao! says:

    Hoy Evie!!! Paghulat ka-apurada nimo. Cge magdungan tag visit sa maong SM Davao 2 ok???

  32. wow!!sana naman 3x kasing laki ng sm davao!mga 226.000 sqm lang yung floor area ok na rin yun?para makasali din sa flagship malls ng sm

  33. Buuk.. says:

    naa pud unta sm sa bukidnon.. bcn in our dreams nlang na 4ever.. hehe

  34. wasfi fares says:

    supply m land escaping and plot size and idea about your location

  35. wasfi fares says:

    send me the location and land escaping and plot size

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