A New Davao Arises!

Bringing you what’s new in the city and upcoming to Davao!


Once again, Davao is the most competitive metro city in the country as per AIM’s latest ranking, research, and survey. Here’s the complete list:

(Metro City Category)
1. Davao City
2. Quezon City
3. Makati City
4. Manila City
5. Marikina City
6. Lapu-lapu City
7. Paranaque City
8. Muntinlupa City
9. Cebu City
10. Pasay City


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13 Responses

  1. ji says:

    last time we tied with Makati, the Philippines Financial District. Now we claim the sole spot number one. We should be proud with this 2nd streak of victory for Davao City, (under Metro Category due to its vast land and wide urbanity)

    More power to our beloved CITY, my CITY, the Philippines best CITY…


  2. Dabawenya says:

    nice developments, even I’m already here in Abu Dhabi, I still love and proud of Davao City..

  3. Dabawenya says:

    Davao City deserves on the no. 1 spot..’mabrook’ to Davao City and the people of Davao

  4. Axelander says:

    the boost of the economy is all because of our respective mayor duterte.. with his outstanding arm forces of davao.. security is totally 99% effective.. more road improvement happened.. and more businessmen are willing to invest in davao because of wide land ( biggest city in the world ) and the population is getting bigger and bigger..

  5. bj enerio says:

    Yes, Finally. my city.my davao city has finally top the spot.
    Go davao. thanks to the local government and the people, “the davaoenos” working hand in hand for this achievement.
    davao deserves to be number 1.
    The cleanest, the biggest, the liveliest city in the Philippines.

  6. cathychris says:

    Davao city is the best city i ever go!!!!

  7. i hope that davao could sustain its competitiveness.and become the country’s trully city which every filipino can be proud of because of its economic development and cleanliness,i hope davoa would consider to host the sea games it will definitely further boost its economy and it will result to a much better infrastructure im sure more investments will come in

  8. chriro says:

    Mabuhay ang Lungsod ng Dabaw!!! tuloy-tuloy lng ang disiplina, sipag, at pagpapakumbaba at mas lalong uunlad ang mahal nating lungsod…Davao City, the no. 1 competitive metro city in the philippines, and next may be asia then the world.

  9. yah, davao is quite progressing. Hope we can keep up with it.

    As far as I know and what I have observed, Davaoeños are soo excited sa mga new things pero pinagsasawaan din.hahaha

    most davaoeños are also kuripot, though in a good way or mayby not…

    brand-conscious too na meron namang local superb quality brand.. too bad we don’t appreciate local brands. tsk tsk tsk

    daming malls, takot naman gumastos.hahaha

    wag tayo matakot gumastos and lets support local brands… wag maging brand conscious, nasa tao ang pagdadala.

    lets support davao

  10. I just hope na maraming 24 hour establishment here sa Davao. My God, the city at nite is soo booring… its kinda provincial!

    im not against davao, its my most beloved city

  11. clifford says:

    yes davao will be the next dubai

  12. Vasta Davao! says:

    hey blue-blooded davao! I’m sure you’re NOT a Dabawenyo!!! Atika ko..

    Cgurado ako that you’re from other city out there na very insecure sa Davao……..and I’m sure that particular city is very progressive also. Ayoko syang pangalanan. Itago nalang natin sa pangalang CEBU…lolz!!!

  13. jun says:


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