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Another Callcenter facility to rise in downtown Davao

The callcenter wave has officially hit Davao City’s shores. Today, big names in the contact center or the BPO industry are now starting to establish their facilities in Davao. BPOs such as Western Wats, Sutherland, Link2Support, Sitel, and others. Hence, the demand for office space in Davao is now increasing.

Because of this, some local businessmen are now into the construction of office spaces and call center facilities in the city. Another facility to watch out for is this mid rise building which is underconstruction and can be found at corner F.Torres St and Jacinto Ext. This would be a mixed-use project. It will have a retail component and a BPO facility at its top most level.

The building is just beside Metro Lifestyle – an enclave with bistros, a gym, and spa. The building is few minutes away from Luisa Avenue Square, another IT complex that houses PeopleSupport and the soon to be completed midrise building of Sutherland (another BPO).

Photos by Ibex and Dinabaw

So what are these developments got to do with us Dabawenyos? Well for the residents – more jobs, for entrepreneurs – a growing market and increasing purchasing power, for the tourists – more retail establishments would be constructed thus more choices, and for Davao City as a whole – economic development.



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11 Responses

  1. ji says:

    wow, nice for the city. more employment for the citizens of D.V.O.C.T

  2. henny says:

    WOW! umm…outsourcing pa yan na facility.NICE ha.

  3. henny says:

    Any idea kung inbound or outbound ?

  4. Expressoh! says:

    Nice place for call center.Any idea if this is outbound or inbound?

  5. allen says:

    It’s nice to see how davao is improving..

  6. chriro says:

    Very Good Projects coming inside the durian city! And I’m quite certain there’s more to look forward to. Indeed, it makes me a proud Dabawenyo!

  7. tom says:

    hi! can you please post information on the call centers present here in davao, like the salary range, number of employees, capacity and other things that could be vital to job seekers like me.


  8. JedMeister says:

    what’s the name of this new call center?

  9. GLENN ARANAS says:

    i am Glenn Aranas a incoming 4th year student of University Of Mindanao. Unfortunately, I have to stop in schooling due to financial problem.

    I am 28 years of age and interested in joining your team.

    May you give me a chance for an interview at your convenience.



  10. jong (recruitment) says:

    well you could just come to us and apply and we will give you your interviews if you are really interested

  11. aaa says:

    wats the name of the company?

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