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Another new high end leisure and residential estate to rise in Davao Region.

Another landmark on the rise…..Playa Azalea in the Island Garden City of Samal, Davao.  Anflocor (owner and developer of Pearl Farm Resort) and Landco (an established developer engaged in high end residential resorts and leisure estates) teamed up to develop a world class coastal tourism estate and beach community in the Island Garden City of Samal. It is envisioned to be the center of leisure, tourism and social activity in Davao Region – offering a mixed use of seaside commercial and residential enclave. An upscale district which will enjoy its own private beach offering breathtaking views of Davao Gulf and Davao City.

It is the first resort in Davao City to have a river pool. This project will be similar to Landco’s high end leisure project in Batangas.

Here are some of the related news to this project: 

Landco launches beachside project in Igacos
By Carlo P. Mallo
Sunstar Online Davao
Firday, 2nd of the 5th 2008

LANDCO Pacific Corporation, the country’s leading leisure estate developer, launched its latest project in Davao Region, the Playa Azalea to be developed within the 31-hectare property owned by the Floirendos in the Island Garden City of Samal.

Playa Azalea will be a beachside community with 800 units for sale. Part of the property will be a hotel and resort.

“One of the biggest assets of Playa Azalea is the 400 meter stretch of beachfront,” Francis Ceballos, Landco’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, said in an interview with Sun.Star Davao.

Ceballos said that at least P500 million will be poured in for the residential aspect of the development.

“There will be four clusters; three hilltop clusters and a beachside cluster for the residential areas,” he said.

Ceballos added that there will be 800 residential units with lot areas varying from 350 square meters to 500 square meters.

“Prices will be most likely P1.2 million and up per unit,” Ceballos said.

Turnover of the units is expected within the next four to five years.

Playa Azalea is a concoction of two Spanish words, which means beachside and a delicate flower.

“It means delicate and refreshing. Landco Pacific Corporation always gives particular attention to beauty, especially with this project,” Ceballos said.

Landco Pacific to develop resort and hotel in Samal; eyes 2012 completion
Business Word Online

DAVAO CITY — Landco Pacific Corp. is investing about P600 million in a 33-hectare property in Samal City owned by the Floirendo family and will develop it into a high-end resort subdivision with a hotel component .

The company is seeking to develop the property in four years to make the hotel operational by 2012, as it tries to get a chunk of the booming property market.

Francis V. Ceballos, Landco executive vice-president, said the company would divide the property into 800 lots and set up a 200-room hotel that will be the anchor of its Plaza Azalea project.

But what could hinder the development of the project, which will begin as early as 2009, is the lack of infrastructure facilities in the island city, Mr. Ceballos said.

“Our main concern now is the lack of infrastructure. So we will have to coordinate with the utilities,” he said, adding that if worse comes to worst, the company is ready to convert seawater into drinking water.

Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr., patriarch of the Floirendo family and founder of the Antonio O. Floirendo Corp., welcomed its joint venture with Landco.

Mr. Floirendo said he hopes the partnership would lead to more projects since the property arm of his company, Damosa Land Inc., is continuing its diversification.

Early last year, the Floirendo property company also signed a joint partnership agreement with Ayala Land, Inc. for the development of its 10-hectare property in downtown Davao City into a mall complex.

Under Landco’s Samal project, the property will be divided into the hillside cluster, where each unit is about 250 to 300 square meters, and the beachside cluster, where each unit will be more than 300 square meters. The cheapest unit will be sold for P1.2 million to P1.3 million.

The company is also setting up a convention hall that can accommodate a thousand people, the first on the island known for its beautiful beaches.

Mr. Ceballos said the company is partnering with the Floirendos after finding out that there are not so many facilities for tourists. The hotel will be packaged as a three-star establishment.

Mr. Ceballos said the project would focus on the locals, some of them Filipinos working abroad looking for comfortable homes. — CQF



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