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7 Wonders of Davao…Nominate Now!

We’ve heard of the 7 wonders of the world….the new world, the natural world…and the list goes on…But do Dabawenyos know what are the wonders that we have in Davao City and Davao region as a whole?

Neo Davao’s aim is to make Dabawenyos (locally and globally) aware of the wonders that Davao has to offer. Hence, Neo*Davao has this online survey called as the 7 Wonders of Davao. Man made and natural wonders that would make us all proud as Dabawenyos! Cast your nominations now through leaving a comment or sending it via email at shealthiel@gmail.com. Nominations would be open until August 3, 2008. Thanks



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73 Responses

  1. dinabaw says:

    i’ll be the 1st kuya teej 😀

    kasali na ba ang bridge 😀

    1. syempre People’s Park

    2. San Pedro Church

    3. Durian Monument sa DIA

    4. David Statue 😀

    5. Kublai’s work in Ponce Suites/Ponce Suites

    6. City Hall ( centi reason)

    7. Magsaysay Monument (again centi reason :D)

    if kasali ang Tagum

    Christ the King Chruch

    Diwalwal houses 😀

    & the upcoming Tagum City Hall

    puede rin nature teej

    1. Mt. Apo

    2. Hamiguitan (Bonsai Forests)

    3. Aliwagwag Falls

    4. anything Davao Oriental 😀

    5. Hot & Cold Springs of Comval

    6. Dugong Sanctuary in Davao del Sur

    7. Bat Sanctuary in IGACOS

  2. tjbrewed says:

    Wow! Thanks dinabaw! Let’s keep all nominations coming…

  3. gel marcial says:

    Can i nominate our coffee shop? “A whole latte love coffee club” and
    World Palace KTV and Spa.

  4. ji says:

    Shrine Matina

  5. peng hok says:

    People’s Park
    Chinese Arch in Chinatown Davao
    Eden Nature Park
    Camp Sabros
    Pearl Farm Resort
    Crocodile Park
    Philippine Eagle Center

  6. Victor says:

    Good job you have here TJ. Keep it up!

    For me:

    1. The Majestic Mount Apo in Davao City and Digos
    2. Mount Hamiguitan (home to the Bonsai Mountain) in San Isidro, Dav Or
    3. Aliwagwag Falls in Bagangga, Dav Or
    4. Samal Island ( for all its mystique)
    5. The Revered Eagles (held in captivity at the Phil.Eagle Centre in Calinan)
    6. The Mighty Davao River (home to the world class Davao Wild Water Adventure)
    7. The Caves and Canyons in Kapalong and Talaingod, Davao del Norte

  7. bridex says:

    Ei Teej! Here are my nominations. They number more than seven, though.

    San Pedro Cathedral
    City Hall of Davao
    Central Bank Building
    Davao International Airport
    People’s Park
    Agung House, DavSur
    Damosa Building (main)
    Japanese Tunnel
    Lon Wah Temple in Cabaguio St.
    Davao Chinatown and its Archways
    Davao Baywalk
    The Castle at Marfori Heights
    Davao Chinese Cemetery
    Wireless Cemetery

    ~ Dextertexter / SSC

  8. bridex says:

    ^^ I believe we are nominating man-made things/objects/buildings and NOT natural wonders, right?

    Add to my list the following:

    Davao Crocodile Park
    Eden Nature Park
    Malagos Garden
    Jack’s Ridge
    Philippine Eagle Sanctuary
    Camp Sabros

    Hey, you should make a poll on this. 🙂
    Lovely work, Teej.

  9. lenskie says:

    It should be a natural wonder not artificial right?
    I highly recommend the following:

    1. Hagimit Falls – Brgy. Cawag, Igacos
    2. Canibad Island Cove – Aundanao, Igacos
    3. Bat Cave – Babak, Igacos
    4. Tagbaobo Falls – Igacos
    5. Simbahang Dako Cave, Igacos
    6. Tambang Falls – Igacos
    7. Pearlfarm Beach Resort – Igacos
    8. Malipano Island – Igacos
    9. Coral Reef – Igacos
    10.Ligid Island – Igacos

    Hindi ako masyadong bias noh..
    hehe!!! good work guys keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. tjbrewed says:

    ^^ hi all..thnx for your nominations…..You can nominate man made or natural wonders that can be found in Davao region. 😉

  11. migs says:


    I’ll post my nominations in my Blog [tagadavao.wordpress.com] and link to you!

    Plus i’ll also do an activity related to this 7 wonders of davao!

    I’ll use your 7 wonders of Davao Badge ok?

  12. tjbrewed says:

    ^^ sure..no probs migs…Anything for Davao….just post a link to my site too…and also, invite ur friends to submit their nominations here in NeoDavao… thnx

  13. johnlee says:

    The 7 wonders of davao!=p

    and the nominees are…….

    1. people’s park
    2. paradise island
    3. pearl farm
    4. Canibad-samal
    5. kaputian beach-samal
    6. philippine eagle
    7. crocodile park
    8. kublai’s – ponce suites
    9. eden nature park
    10. loleng’s mountain spring resort
    11. mountain haven
    12. seagull valley mountain resort
    13. chemas resort- samal
    14. blue waters- samal
    15. sea wall

    that’s all!=p

  14. junax says:

    my list here…

    man made wonders:
    1. eden nature park, davao city
    2. people’s park, davao city
    3. quiboloy prayer mountain
    4. shrine hill (jack’s ridge, prague, etc)
    5. seawall area (david’s statue, etc), davao city
    6. christ the king cathedral, tagum city
    7. malagos gardens
    8. philippine eagle

    natural wonders:
    1. mt. apo
    2. bonsai forest
    3. samal island beaches
    4. bat sanctuary, samal

  15. could you please ask the tourism office of davao to nominate our natural wonders sa “new 7 wonders of nature”? luzon has palawan and underground river. visayas has chocolate hills. ang mindanao, esp. davao wala man lang natural entry sa N7W. we have many beautiful things to offer. sus kung naa lang ko sa davao, sulungon jud nako ang tourism office diha para mag-nominate and magback-up sa atong davao natural wonders. some of the wonders of nature diha sa davao ay:

    1. mt. apo – davao del sur
    2. camp sabros – davao del sur
    3. bat cave – babak, samal island
    4. lake venado (lake at the top of mt. apo) – davao del sur
    5. sleeping dinosaur – mati, davao del norte

  16. tjbrewed says:

    ^^ I ll do my best to coordinate with the city tourism office felmar. The new city tourism officer is a member of an online forum which I am also affiliated with. Anyway, I ll do the same thing if I am in Davao. The thing is, it’s been almost 5 years since I left Davao City. Im already here in Makati, Metro Manila for good. But still Im doing my best to promote our beautiful and lovely city of Davao!

    Thnx for visiting my page…..

  17. DarkHawk says:

    heres my list…

    1 – City Hall-Rizal Park
    2 – Peoples Park
    3 – Statue of David
    4 – Davao International Airport
    5 – Coral Reef – IGACOS
    6 – Philippine Eagle Wildlife Center
    7 – Jacks Ridge Overlooking

    Hello Davao! i miss my hometown

  18. DarkHawk says:

    Jech, gawin mo sana itong Poll after u get the nominated Wonders, then make a short list after. it would be also good if u make a category Poll whether its a Natural Wonder or a Man-Made Wonder. After you tally the votes from the two categories that would be the 7 Wonders nd Davao… just an idea… much better idea will be entertained…

  19. DarkHawk says:

    one more addition… mas maganda pag may snapshots para mas ma-appreciate ng lubos.


  20. tjbrewed, thanks for the reply and thanks in advance for heeding my request sa city tourism office na magvote ng natural wonders from davao ang cto. when i nominated the underground river few weeks back, nag-zoom agad ito. it is now at spot number 21. i guess we can also make it happen if we have a back-up committee sa ating mga natural wonders…i would like to see THE SLEEPING DINOSAUR OF MATI and MT. APO to be nominated…

  21. tjbrewed, nakapagpadala na ako ng message sa tourism office ng davao city. sa mga taga-davao na gustong i-email ang tourism office at i-encourage na magnominate, this is the link:


  22. davaoboi says:

    akin eto (no specific order):

    1. shrine of the infant jesus of prague, shrine hills – quiet, peaceful, and offers a good view of the city
    2. san pedro cathedral for its simplistic gothic architecture
    3. people’s park for its modern landscaping
    4. davao gulf with its sunken japanese ships
    5. torres st. – a wonder for the palate =)
    6. philippine eagle center coz it houses the real king of the jungle
    7. ponce suites – never failed to amaze everyone; kublai rocks!

    hehe. davao city lang eto eh. yung pang davao region pag-iisipan ko pa…

  23. your blog is very nice and informative. so, i included you in my blogroll…

  24. sweet says:

    For me, number 1 jud ang Dahican.. Awts! Engish diay…

    For me, Dahican is number 1! I’ve visited the place since I was a li’l kid and I keep on missing the place… Dahican is located in Mati City, Davao Oriental.. Although the beach is not that developed, it is a paradise in itself. It is now becoming increasingly popular for surfing enthusiasts because of its big waves… If Surigao has Siargao, we have Dahican! (–,)

  25. tjbrewed says:

    @ felmar fiel, svd – thnx for adding me up!
    @ sweet – wow ive never been there…i hope to visit the place when i go back to davao.
    @ davaoboi – thnx for the nominations.
    @ darkhawk – yup i ll post some pix pag start na nung poll. thanks for the nominations. keep em coming.

  26. uxian says:

    ppol.. pls get knowledge about the “yet to be discovered” talomo underground river. twud be our pride.. twud be more than the palawans.. twud be our claims..

    published sometime before an opener article ive read telling about whats lying underneath dumoy. no wonder y we have the best waters among others around the world – the dumoy thing.. even even davao’s water districts operates around 40 mechanical water drills around the area..

    some stories why pepsi cola installed their factory on the area because of the substantial supply of fresh water.. – tracing the record of their feasibility…

    lot more facts abouts the unstudied and undiscoverd area..

    http://www.dailymirror.ph/opinion04302008&03.html <— some stories —

    please be part of the history…

  27. sinigang200 says:

    Wow! Such a genius for having the 7 Wonders of our city 🙂
    Hmm..here’s my vote

    1. People’s Park *=* The park rejuvinated the sinking energy of Davaoenyos who love walking around clean places.
    2. Shrine Matina *=* Tranquil and holy place.
    3. Jack’s Ridge *=* One of a kind short-travel away from the frazzled streets.
    4. Durian Statue in DIA. *=* Absolutely catches attention of visitors and locals.
    5. Resorts of Samal (Chema’s, Costa Marina, etc) *=* I love beaches
    6. Kadayawan *=* The event is a huge attraction, also the time for Davaoenyos to go out and celebrate!
    7. Our natural water *=* I’ve been to places only to realize that our city is blessed with having clear and clean drinking water, that’s something we should really be proud of. I hope that people will get involved in acts of stopping illegal logging and poisoning our water sheds.

  28. joshua mabunga says:

    im suggesting to change our cityhall, masyadong maliit, at ilipat sa malaking lugar

  29. Marcus says:

    1. Aliwagwag Falls, Davao Oriental
    2. Mt. Hamiguitan, San Isidro, Davao Oriental
    3. Dahican Beach, Mati City
    4. Masao Beach Resort, Mati City
    5. Kawa-kawa Falls, Davao Oriental
    6. Sleeping Dinosaur, Mati City
    7. Samal Island

  30. Marcus says:

    Bonsai Forest, by the way, is located at Mt. Hamiguitan.
    Mati City, also, is part of Davao. It’s the capital of Davao Oriental which is part of the Davao region. There is so much to delve outside Davao City. In fact, beaches along the provinces of Davao Oriental and some in Davao del Sur are pretty much appreciative than that in Samal and Davao City.

  31. henry says:

    My list of 7 wonders are:

    1. San Pedro Cathedral
    2. Shrine of the Infant of Jesus-Shrine Hills, Matina
    3. Eden Nature Park
    4. Peoples Park
    5. Davao Museum-Insular Vill.
    6. Sto. Rosario Parish-toril
    7. ADDU jacinto campus

  32. jsbaird says:

    To me it is clear that the magnificent green and sight of Shrine Hill is truly a work of Nature. Let us keep Shrine Hill as it is and not let it become Cement Hill. Let us prevent loss of ground cover, trees, flash flooding and dangers of major landslide.

    Let us support responsible development on non-critical slopes
    Shrine Hill will be bad for everyone.

  33. john says:

    1.Peoples Park
    2. Eden Natures Park
    3.hehehehehe and my shop JOHN LOFRADEZ SALON

  34. chorvaness says:

    here’s mine

    1. eden – the best man-made place i’ve seen. what an investment!
    2. samal island – soooo beautiful
    3. dive spots @ samal
    4. pangil @ davao crocodile park =)
    5. philippine eagle
    6. MATI!!! (i so love this place)
    7. the taclobos at jack’s ridge =)

  35. David Jones says:

    Sooori to spoil anyones illusions, but the only people who can genuinely find anything ‘wonderful’ about Davao are people who have never had the oppotunity to see anything to compare it with.

    I remember my shock when I first arrived. Lets face it, there is no ‘City’ as such, just a lot of run-down ramshackle buildings that haven’t been repaired or painted in years and years. The condition of the roads and pavements are such that they would be illegal in Europe. Worse to come: Davao has an annual murder rate three times that of the City of Chicago USA (population 10 million plus).

    As a visitor to Davao, I only make these comments to wake you up to reality in the hopes that someone might take notice and start doing something about it. Let’s face it, Davao could be a nice place but that will not happen until you Dabawenyos stop seeing it for anything than the dump it is.

  36. hill roberts says:

    Well, David, you’re probably right. When I came to Marbella Spain 28 years ago, it was also a “dump”. When other nationalities started to come and live, this place became a boom town. Believe me, all villages, towns and cities do start that way: London was one big slum 150 years ago, so was New York, so was Singapore. How else do these towns start anyway?
    Hope it doesn’t put you off visiting that promising city. In ten years, it wouldn’t look as bad or “dumpy”. Like having a job first time, we do start
    somewhere, and it’s usually from the bottom, then go up…Relax, you can still enjoy many things there. Or, perhaps, go to YouTube and watch videos of Mumbai, under “slums”—more thanhalf of Mumbai has skyscrapers of slums–living on top of each other, up to 12 storeys high, now that’s a dump.

  37. gel58 says:

    top7 for me:
    1. Eden Nature Park
    2. Mt. Apo
    3. Philippine Eagle
    4. People’s park
    5. Samal Island
    6. Malagos Garden
    7. Crocodile Park

  38. margs says:

    here’s my votes:

    1.The new Igacos City with natural green beauties & beautiful beaches
    2.The Philippine Eagle Park
    3.The Mt. Apo
    4.The natural beauties of Shrine Hills
    5.The kadayawan & Festivals in Davao
    6.The River & Clean water in davao
    7.And of course the new Davao City of the new bussiness projects & the cleanliness & peacefull

  39. kramiczzz says:


    Mati is just simply fantastic city in the Philippines with its mysterious and lovely Mt. Hamiguitan as the backdrop; the pristine, white beaches of Dahican and the two guards of Pujada bay the islands of Waniban and Pujada and alot more surprises not to mention the hotsprings. I couldnt stop thinking about it.

    Filipino in JAPAN
    kramiczzz says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    February 22, 2009 at 11:18 am

    Mt. Hamiguitan can surpass its beauty and loviliness to that of World Hiratge in Japan the “Iwojima Mountain” near HIroshima, if the Philippine Government and its People would help conserve and protect Mt. Hamiguitan which for me the Darling of the South. I love Mati, I was born there.

  40. kramiczzz says:

    It’s about time we (Filipinos) must change and raise and show the World that “WE CAN CHANGE” and “WE CAN BE GREAT NATION” again. One way is to PRESERVE and PROTECT our Mother Nature from what we have left from oppression and deprivation of Foriegn and Domectic power.

  41. ryan جيد و ر says:

    if i could turn back the day’s when i was in davao city, davao before is not like what davao now base in “improvement”. well, i graduated in one of the prestigious universities in davao and having work experience for a couple of months only. in terms of competition now, davao is on the way as what i’ve seen, read and word of mouth. the best place that i could remember during my years of stay in davao is in Jack’s Ridge and im familiarize with their tag line…have you been to Jack’s Ridge?Done!lol..and some of those places there in davao. i hope that during my vacation i could visit again in davao especially those tourist spot. anyway, im presently working now in dubai in a tourism company also. im trying to bringing up the davao to promote especially to those tourist out there. my “Arbab” or boss is planning to have vacation in davao coz he’s also familiar with davao as what he had read in news and internet.

  42. russel joy says:

    wow!! ang ganda talaga i like it because davao can make it,like davao have a 7 wonders ………akala ko ibang bansa lang ang magkakaroon ng ganyan pero davao rin pala im so proud to be in dabawenos!!!1

  43. kramiczzz says:

    Mt. Hamiguitan.

  44. Jonah says:

    Nice site – Wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year !

  45. karen says:

    the best place in davao is none other than ANDAL AMPATUAN’s MANSION !! haha : ) jowkss


    davao is my place and my paradise… nothing compares to the home world places of davao city…..CEBU COMPARE TO DAVAO. davao is the place where I belong ….cebu is not nice dots diri ko nagskwela cebu pero wala ko naimpres sailang lugar….daghan lang og kwarta diri pero wala juy claro…


    nagkatag ang mga snatcher diri sa cebu…. if mo graduate nako mubalik nako og davao oi…. to promote the mindanao state…the city of davao…. don’t you know that davao is one of the biggest cities in the world so far as is….


    sakit kaayo paminawon oi…. niana ko sa akong mga classmate diris cebu muadto ta og davao….ang tubag nila nganong muanha man mi diha basin diha ra mi mamatay…kay ang ilang rason dghan daw og abu sayaf….

    as a tourism student in the university of cebu banilad campus….wala akong masabi sa davao alam ko ang cultura jan dahil jan ako lumaki.. mula grade 1 hanggang high school.. the best talaga ang davao…city…


    1. aliwagwag falls
    2. samal island
    3. davao del sur
    4. eden park

    basta the best place ever is davao..

  50. REY ^_^ says:

    just got back from davao. loved my 3 day stay at Yellow Gate Adventure Resort. ganda ng view and ng climate. enjoyed caving. sayang wasnt there to witness the finishing of their zip lines which i found out from my friend na open na. will definitely be back. anyway i would like to nominate the place.

  51. bridget says:

    Davao has been my home for the past 17 years and I wont exchange it for any other city in the Philippines…i love the fact that it’s not crowded yet , its not yet polluted, the traffic is tolerable, it’s safe to walk the streets with your cellphone w/o looking over your shoulder for snatchers and best of all the beaches are just 15 min away by boat! I was born and raised in Manila and our family migrated here because of my father’s job and we never went back to Mla..my parents are now happily retired and built their home here. My 7 wonders of Davao: these are the places where I bring my visitors from Manila: 1) Eden Nature park 2) Pearl Farm Resort 3) Jack’s Ridge/Shrine Hills 4) Phil Eagle Sanctuary 5) Samal beaches like Isla Reta and Paradise 6) Malagos Garden 7) Puentespina Orchid Gardens


    davao is the best


    aliwagwag falls, mount apo,samal island,davao


    mount hamiguitan

  55. JOSE ENDONA says:

    I’ll suggest MT. HAMIGUITAN BONSAI FOREST in Davao Oriental as nature’s wonder at its best.

  56. JOSE ENDONA says:

    Davao Oriental sandy coastlines being the longest stretch of unbroken sea pebbles (perhaps he he ) ( whitish, brown- colored ), especially DAHICAN BEACH IN MATI, DAVAO ORIENTAL. Try make a visit here!

  57. daniel pansacala says:

    aliwagwag falls the best
    new city hall tagum

  58. daniel pansacala says:

    eden nature park
    aliwagwag falls
    jack’s ridge
    people’s park
    japanese tunnel

  59. daniel pansacala says:

    mount apo
    mount hamiguitan

  60. jun says:

    davao oriental

  61. steve says:

    tagum city is the best try to visit

  62. steve says:

    visit the banana beach resort in tagum city

  63. steve says:

    i love tagum city everything are there





  66. dansky says:

    tagum city hall

  67. dansky says:

    Dahican Beach, Davao Oriental

  68. Patricio C. Abasolo Jr. says:

    cge mo sanctuary2 ang samal(bats) ug digos(dugong) hasta malagos (phil eagle) pero kalimot mo nga marine turlte (pawikan) sanctuary pod baya ang davao city mismo! second in the world for a highly urbanized place to be a pawikan’s nesting ground. the other one is florida, di ba world-class? i-apil nato nga marine turtle (pawikan) sanctuary ang davao city oi.

  69. the davao is the beatiful places in philipines

  70. teotima a. festin says:

    davao city is the peaceful & clean city in the philippines

    go go go go davao city

  71. teotima a. festin says:

    visit durian city

  72. junrey says:

    Para sa akin lang,peaceful ang davao city sa lahat ng good na tao,,,at hindi tayo matakot,kasi ang dapat matakot yong mga bad na tao.

  73. My brother recommended I may like this website. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not consider just how so much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

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