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Davao Callcenters Review: Cyber City Teleservices Davao

G-Com/CyberCity Teleservices Limited is the first contact center in Davao City and in Mindanao as a whole.

 Here are some tidbits about this callcenter:

– It was launched here in Davao City on September 17, 2004.
– It was launched as G-Com but recently changed and adopted its mother company’s name.
_ It’s an American company with major offices in New Jersey and California, USA.

Neo Davao’s Take:

Well, it’s a good company considering that it is one of the biggest international callcenters in the Philippines today in terms of its workforce. However, Im just confused why they prefer female applicants more. Why? In my 4 years stay in the call center / bpo industry, this is the only international contact center that I’ve encountered with that prefers female agents more than having male agents. Hmmmm…that’s strange!

When it comes to its work environment, the call center is located in a decent Chinatown district of Davao City. It is few walks away from commercial establishments and a mall (Chimes Mall). It is pretty safe and convenient especially for those who would be assigned on a graveyard shift.

Actual Photo of Cybercity’s callcenter facility in Davao Citycctldavao

To those who wish to join this company, you may visit them at:

Door No. 3 ANC Building. Lapulapu corner Sobrecarey St. Davao.
Call : 221-4266 loc 18819 for more details


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133 Responses

  1. aloha says:

    bakit nga ba? gender bias? ano ba naman yan!

  2. hotcoffee1122 says:

    Girlsgonewild.com and many other porn sites selling sex toys are thier clients which explains all female employees. just imagine if you call a porn site and a guy would answer, you would have the urge, right? its not about gender bias… it’s the kind of client they cater.

  3. isNaz says:

    maniwala ka! i doubt that it’s because of the clients they have. my girlfriend worked there and she told me she is taking orders from people who are looking at their catalog.yeah men, the reason why pumayag ako dun siya magtrabaho is dahil alam kong walang lalake. and she herself told me wala nga. meron daw dati 3 pero ngayon isa nalang. when she was working there wala na ako narinig kundi reklamo. she was also crying. Men, I told her to resign it’s not worth it. Inhumane!

  4. xtin says:

    ano naman alam mo about etelecare dito sa davao? andito na nga ba sila? dami na ba sila hires? me alam ka kung ano comments ng mga applicants nila

  5. tjbrewed says:

    Etelecare doesnt have any call center facility in Davao yet. It only has a career or a recruitment center in the city.

    It’s a good company. It’s one of the big bpo players here in Metro Manila.

  6. tess says:

    I’d like to work in Davao please help me how to apply online in call centers in Davao City

  7. batikang_callgirl says:

    i suggest you do walk-in application. usually they have ‘one day processing’ wherein you’ll know by the end of the day if you got in or otherwise. that’s how they do it here in manila. tsaka, they prioritize applicants who are already in their office. they check their HR files (online applications) once they’re done screening walk-in candidates. trust me, im workin at etel alabang site.

  8. cheng says:

    Cybercity is a fraud. They never submitted my tax contribution, my pag-ibig lacks 2 months as well as my SSS. Had worked in this company for 14 months.

  9. oncethere says:

    yeah you take the call from someone who is doing the thing and they want to order the sex enhancer thingy…but it is no offense though, it’s a mere job. you take the call, answer the question – leave it there – dont take it personally…. the all girls environment, yeah it wasnt that healthy cause i was almost hitting the gender crisis..hehehe…i manage anyway….anyhow it’s kinda cool also cause you tend to care less of grooming up…bwahahahaha….

    for the management….its was kinda ok but they also have this crooked style of favoritism….

    note: most of the products they have are actually CATALOG items….and i could not remember they were selling sex toys like what people are thinking… give ’em a break….in US people just need help of there problem like they need there thing to be enhance and so what?!!!

  10. JedMeister says:

    it’s because their big account is about sex toys… 🙂

  11. Mitchita says:

    I was once a part of this cyber city call center, management sucks! its like she’s building her own empire. Good thing Im out of it!

  12. better now says:

    i’ve work from this call center..well its good however management suckS!compared to other call center..and too much work yet you only get a little..not much of a good management..and incentives are rare in this company..

  13. marilyn says:

    good day!i would like to apply as a call center agent…please help me..and how could i apply online…but im willing to go in your office..

  14. pakshit says:

    ive worked here before… FYI selling sex toys is not their biggest account… if given a chance i would still work here.. my workmate rocks! miss you guys! go iw!

  15. mystery says:

    I just recently resigned from this call center not because I didn’t like it there, but because I have kids and they didn’t like the experience of me not being around at dinner or bedtime. And from my experience, we don’t really sell sex toys. We do have a male enhancement pill with a free adult video that comes with it but that’s all. No need to freak out because we don’t even cater locally. And we rarely even receive calls for this client. During the whole duration of my stay, I would say I only received 2 to 3 even unfinished calls for this client which is nothing compared to the 50-80 calls that I get at every shift. I actually loved the department and team I belonged to. Great and Fun team mates! It’s great to hear we have someone from iw commenting here, we’re just neighbors, i’m from dsat. I love you and miss you guys too!

  16. red says:

    i wonder how u can say that cybercity is selling sex toys! have u been there? have u worked there?

    they just have an account that has sex toys but rarely that they don’t voluntarily offer that..it is just in the catalog.

    i was once a part of cybercity..working for 1 yr and 2 mos in iw spanish. that’s actually the biggest account they have..all cs.

    so, b4 judging something or someone, make sure u have a proof or else,u would be uneducated one..ok?

    miss u iw!

  17. marylyn rivera says:

    I would like to ask when will be the training of those iitians who passed the job interview at MSU-IIT last March 20, 2009?

  18. pakshit says:

    im going back to davao.. weee!!!! iw im going home.. see you guys!!!

  19. pakdat says:

    They have penis enhancement pill product, does come along with a porn video, its prone to prank calls..YEs, they do catalog request and take orders from customers who cant go out to shop..BUt there are some catalogs that sells a whole latta stuff, including sex toys like DR.L***( see the website). Plus theres the girls and guys gone wild project….

  20. JAVA says:

    I was planning to apply here at cybercity davao,i think i’m still interested after reading the comments. well im a guy if they are looking for a male applicant im willing to try my luck here and hopes to start my career under this company.
    i’ll be checking in from time to time..here is my e-add (Alucard_3173@yahoo.com)

  21. bugay_02 says:

    java, try applying now.. they are already accepting male applicants.. and if your from outside davao city, they even give you an allowance for the training and even free lodging for 2 months just until you can support your own na.. go dude… they have nice trainors.. your gonna enjoy the training.. but bear in mind.. it’s not easy when you will be taking calls na.. just prepare yourself if desidido ka na talaga.. owkay?

  22. bugay_02 says:

    hey pakdat! your not doing any good by exposing the business of the company.. i’m thinking you resigned from cyber or your still working there but your always complaining and you need the job that’s why your forcing yourself…tsk tsk tsk i pity you… it’s a big no no to discuss even the clients of the said company.. you are a disgraceful employee..

  23. chingkong says:

    hey pakdat..ISMS!!!

  24. leonor mesias says:

    me i know pls. the yahoo mail of cyber city teleservices davao city??? tnx.

  25. don says:

    I was wondering if cyber city accepts male applicants. I’m thinking twice about applying in Cyber. I’m interested in applying! Here’s my contact # 09083739111

  26. jigz says:

    siguro nga manyak na yung mga babae jan sa cybercity kasi puro sex related products yung account nila. hahaha, joke lang

    sana naman may technical support or cs sila nag disente like ISPs, live chat for webhosting, and etc.

  27. ive been reading horrible reviews from cybercity’s agents. too bad cos i always wanted to work there. i just hope working there is not as bad as working in concentrix (cdo). iv been doing a WHOLE YEAR OF MANDATORY OVERTIME when i was working there. it felt like its consuming my braincells…

  28. confuse guy says:

    i think it is nice to work here specially it is located at davao city and its gonna be safe… i like davao and i been there last may… i was amazed with the people because they are so hospitable…and aside from that the environment it’s very clean u can’t see any smokers on the streets… go Mayor….

    maybe if i work here in cyber city i will give my best so that i am deserve to be part of this company…

    i am looking forward …

  29. Mama Rosa says:

    Pakdat, para kang guy na Kiss-n-Tell. Kung ayaw mo na sa Cyber umalis kang mahinahon and build your own call center para lahat ng gusto mo masususnod, okey Day!

    Jigz, walang manyak na pwedeng magtrabaho, take note ang “maniac” is a brain disorder.

    I am 50-yr-old Mom, may mga Apo and is currently working here. Red is right. Hwag na lang mag comment kung di alam ang real score ha. Thanks Red.

    Work where you can be happy, where you feel you will grow emotionally,physically,and mentally.

  30. looking4job says:

    gusto ko po sana magtanong sa employees ng cyber o sa mga nakakaalam, how much is the salary, is it commission based or not? please tell me kasi gusto ko sana mag-apply sa mga call centers sa Davao. Currently, naghahanap ako ng mga ok magbigay ng sweldo. Natanggap na ako sa global kaso commission lang at sa september pa ang training. Please tell me na rin how long will the training last and is there an allowance?? Thank you very much.

  31. jymee says:

    lagi akong napapaicp, wat if i try to work as call center agent?i do have an interest to apply in a call center company and i know it surely gives me enough benefits. kung kailangan mo nga lang nman ng trabaho, di ka na mamimili. well regarding the issues and other disgusting comments, its still up to you how to handle the situations. do what you think is right and know how to level up yourself. pray ka lng. ako nman, i dont have enough confidence to apply as call agent, mabubulol lang ako..hehehehe….well di natin alam. I like u mama rosa..hehe

  32. Aries AnthonyBitayo says:


    “”You get free house accomodation(AIRCONDITIONED room, kitchen/dining, shower and laundry area) and a FOOD ALLOWANCE during the 1-2months of training””

  33. jeneve says:

    I still have a courage to apply in your company in beyond of their negative comments to your company. Because i know it is a part of the business. This is my contact # 09098271739..i am ookig forward..

  34. jeneve says:

    I still have a courage to apply in your company in beyond of their negative comments to your company. Because i know it is a part of the business. This is my contact # 09098271739..i am looking forward..

  35. nonstopcallgirl says:

    hey guys, i would like to ask about the said company.. were they accepting college undergrad? what are the requirements? im from manila, and have decided to stay here in davao for long. and im looking for a great compensation and incentives from a good callcenter company in davao city. anyone would like to share some ideas? thanks a lot! 🙂

  36. rusz says:

    i want to work as a call center agent…pls..do help me how would i apply in online connection…pls.!

    tnx xoo much!!♥

  37. AGENT says:

    I’m an agent in Cyber City Teleservices. And now they are accepting male applicants. I applied end of May, undergone training for 1 month, and got endorsed beginning of July.

  38. jun espina says:

    from all the bad comments about the cybercity but im so excited to apply in cibercity.

  39. Certified CallCenter Hopper says:

    I am a pioneer call center supervisor/manager of Mindanao but was trained in manila. If there’s one thing I could conclude it would be the fact that each call center has its own garbage. Take it or leave it. If you studied hard way back and packaged yourself into a marketable one in the ideal corporate world you project, you won’t end up whining up and settle for something less such as the world you are in… call center which equals mediocrity. Concentrix, CyberCity, Sutherland, Callbox and WesternWats. Been there and had exited with all grace.

  40. agent not that satisfied but grateful says:

    been here in this company for more than 3 years & all i can conclude is: no matter what company you are in, if you are not happy with what you are doing, you will really end up whining & blaming everybody else except yourself.. people in cyber are one of the nicest & maybe that is one of the hundred reasons i stayed & still staying…every company has their own flaw, take it or leave it…& for the information of everybody WE’ RE NOT JUST SELLING SEX TOYS…that is not either one of our major project…yes we are selling but again not a major project. so for those who’ve never been there, don’t just believe on hearsays ok?& in fairview quezon city[=>] cyber pays the highest here in davao & always on time minsan p nga sobrang aga…
    & for those agents who are still staying & still complaining even dragging the company’s name on mud think about snakes..don’t bite the hands which feeds you..=>

  41. Tin says:

    Good day! praised be jesus and mary! Guys, I’ve been reading all your comments here and I’ve learned lot of things from it…well, I can say that it was indeed an immoral action if you keep in judging against from this company..No matter what kind of Call center company you are working with admit it or not..they all have their hidden trash..that will make you become more stronger or will make you feel down…Guys! bare in mind that judging somebody is not a good thing..

    GOD BLESS U….tin

  42. ihatecyber! says:

    oh my gosh! ive worked here for 18months and i never missed the job i had here!the company sucks!really sucks.. i can never tell if it’s fun working here..boring!no guys…and employees here tend to end up with their co-employees.. g2g relationships!imagine that..grrrr the people in hr sucks.. they’re paid to sleep, gossip and whatever!no wonder they never grew and they’re accounts are closing.. even the supervisors there are so unprofessional..this call center should close. they do not submit the contribution of the agts..it really is a fraud!!!

  43. hlps says:

    ei……..i mIss DSAT!!

  44. hlps says:

    ei guys.. chill..
    working for this company had been fun!!! it’s actually up to us, as to how we’ll take situations or circumstances… from training till the end of my employment in CCTP, super fun man.. depende pud siguro na sa tao na makasalamuha ninyo sa kumpanya… Puro DSAT calls lang man jud akong gitrabaho tong naga take pa ko ug calls.. lingaw kaayo ang mnga team building… di man pud bad ang company oi…

  45. Tin says:

    yes i can relate on dat experience that working in a call center company is a very fun job…its really up to us on how we can handle the pressure or watsover…but guys mind you being a call center agent is not that easy it is not just you are sitting there for a long hrs. talking with the foreigners you are also spending your full strength hardwork, patient and above all your faith that you can really do the job well.

    Eventhough the nature of a call center job is indeed, a very tiring yet lots of memories that you can cherish in your entire life..from the training until the day of your deployment…phew! wat a very unforgettble experienced

  46. CCT_neophyte says:

    ihatecyber is bitter hehehehe…. she may have been terminated because of unprof issues on the floor… too many CFs and IAs na siguro… and unpaid leaves were also consumed… so sad to hear na napaka bitter nya towards CCT…

  47. Hunter says:

    I’m working in cct ryt now.. I don’t really see the sense of complaining.. The previous company I’ve worked with has imperfection as well, and I was complaining about it.. But then i realized, I should not over react in the job because all companies have flaws in one way or another.. However, as of the moment, since cct gave me a chance to prove myself, I thiink I should give them the benefit of the doubt.. Complaining too much just doesn’t solve anything.. Instead, we need to be responsible on our end before leaving comments.. Control our emotions..so that we can think well.

  48. Hunter says:

    I’m working in cct ryt now.. I don’t really see the sense of complaining.. The previous company I’ve worked with has imperfection as well, and I was complaining about it.. But then i realized, I should not over react in the job because all companies have flaws in one way or another.. However, as of the moment, since cct gave me a chance to prove myself, I think I should give them the benefit of the doubt.. Complaining too much just doesn’t solve anything.. Instead, we need to be responsible on our end before leaving comments.. Control our emotions..so that we can think well.

  49. M&M's says:

    lingaw ko sa work there in GCOM before… I used to take IW and DSAT calls and it was a great experience… the pay was good as well, just that it is very q-ing… hehehe… I miss my work mates na in Gcom… 🙂

  50. zzzzz says:

    iv worked in cyber city for 5 months. i just resigned last august. cyber city is ok. pay is good,its usualy given ahead of time which is also good. ive worked with a nice team. i resigned because of health reasons,considering that its my first job. there are a lot of accounts in cyber and from my experience, we do not literally sell sex toys. cyber has a lot of major accounts.

  51. Nehemiah says:

    I was interviewed last May 2009 and got a call maybe from your company. Not sure of that….who calls?? i left my mobile on my friends on that moment when there was a calls. I want to make sure if it was your company. I am busy so much with my current job, as Senior Political Staff but a low paying job. I want to apply again in your company.

  52. collin says:

    as what i read those comments it is more on discrimination in the company but one thing i can say is we should not judge the company.
    We better apply and see what will come up
    Now we have to learn and understand what is really a call center
    saying goes that
    don’t judge the book with its cover
    thank u
    i hope we understand

  53. Opaw says:

    Shall we then? Alright you whiners, you are free to try too…

    Justify those premature BAD MOUTHs that you have…

  54. Fourth says:

    Okay lang man sa CCTP. Nakadawat man pud mi incentives. Okay na pud karon kay naga-hire naman sila ug guys, so dili na puro girls. Panahon pa pud sa Q4 mao nga daghan2x ang tawag.

  55. Lady says:

    I will miss my friends in cybercity.. well wat can I do? I must move on.. thanks guys.. cctp has been my home..

  56. may ann says:

    haloows..i want to apply in cyber city. ive been inquiring since last nov ’09 but the information ive got is that..you freeze hiring. i looking forward on your response, ill juz kip on checking my add whenever ive got some. thanks!

  57. kenneth says:

    I’d like to work in cyber city via online…but i don’t know how?

  58. rene enero says:

    were we can apply for a call center agent

  59. kenneth says:

    when i was there and to apply, they did not consider me because i am a undergrad student(3rd yr.)and also i have a sales experience in a certain company,but the one who entertain me did not accept my explanation/side, and my companion at that time is also a undergrad student but she was accepted….! is there any gender bias?

  60. looking4some1 says:

    guys!anyone knows where josephine estrada (davao branch) live?its very important..someone want to talk to her parents..tnxs

  61. johndahlia says:

    helo guys.. sa lahat ng nabasa ko d2 na comment mdjo naliwanagan ako, isa po akong seaman at kasalukuyang ngtatrabaho ung girlfriend ko sa cyber city. as for her wla nman akong naririnig na ngtitinda cla ng sex toys, sa lahat ng nag comment nun. pls. respetohin nyo nlang yung kompanya. wag kayo puro reklamo kasi nung wla kayung trabaho nag.aapura kayu na makapag trabaho. ngayun na nakapasok na kayo puro nman kau reklamo. bakit pa kayo ng.apply kung puro lang pla kayo reklamo? thanks nga pla ulit. tlgang sinadya ko ito na mag comment d2. just dedicate your job to your company!!

  62. Athena Vizconde says:

    i want to apply in cybercity… how can i apply in ur company, online?? i want to be part of your company… plz help me.. tnx..

  63. joan says:

    hi poh!..ask lng me f ang cybercity 2matanggap ng under age pah?..i want 2 apply in ur company..well,f pwde poh sna.Tnx poh!..

  64. Jason says:

    The call centre industry is inhumane.
    1. Overtimes are sometimes forced. Denying the workers enough rest to regain their strength, just to reach quota targets. Even if insurances and other benefits are assured, 10 hr continous operation is worth more than 60k.
    2. Unethical culture is encouraged. Under the guise of assimillation to American culture, addressing other people in position formally is rare in the callcentre. Casual sex is like a dramatic phenomenon,like everyone’s doing it.
    3. Encouragement for the undergrads to even more proliferate. Seems like education is not a priority. How in the world could a 2 year college undergrad show professionalism and hard work and descipline if he cant even finish in college?
    1. Get back to college. Study harder. Then finish it this time.
    2. Attend a review centre. Then go to PRC. Take the exam. Make sure you’ll pass it.
    3. After a succesful exam,rest for a month then think how wasteful your career was in the callcentre.

  65. ann_ann.. says:

    I worked with cybercity for 4 years, both in davao and clark, yoko sa mga supervisors ng davao ang aarte nagmamagaling, and I was transferred in Clark because of the bilingual account, ok nman and Clark but I don’t like the K people…salary is small even though bilingual ako that’s the reason I left the company …..in fairness nman s cybercity, about the account nila d nman malaswa kasi d nman nagbebenta ng sex toys porn video lng pare and mare…

  66. agentCCT says:

    I have worked in CCT for almost six months. I have resigned 10 days before my regularization. It is really true that CCT will shoulder your HOME accommodation(airconditioned room) and food allowance if you’re not from Davao City and aside from that THEY have the BEST trainors in town. I have learned a lot from CCT. I resigned due to my sleeping problems and all I can say is that CCT is a nice employer. I miss everyone back there especially my team mates. Kudos Dream Products team!

  67. red_nolimits says:

    hey..I’m very much interested to apply on your company. But how can I, I thought that I had ust wasting my time running a trucking management. I got bored from it. I really want a job that satisfies me. Please do get connected with me. here’s my #, 09283286944/09278532004.

  68. shylent says:

    heyo!!! my special friend willing to apply in a call center company like this she’s in gensan right now but she want to work here so i suggested her to apply in a call centers but we dont know how to… please help us please do connected with me here’s my #09305209443…

  69. 09budz10 says:

    hi pips… i was with some of the biggest call center in the country, cebu based. i’m actually thinking to apply in any company in davao, i wonder if CCT is accepting male applicants.

  70. angel_dee says:

    apply now now at cyber city – davao. we have so many new applicants. Babae, bakla, tomboy, tunay man o hindi, bata or medyo may edad na basta qualified ka pasok ka.

  71. angel_dee says:

    matira ang matibay. dipende na sayo kung paano mo labanan ang graveyard at ang takbo ng mundo sa loob ng cyber city. praktikal lang, hawakan mong mabuti trabaho mo, mahalin mo ito kung gusto mong tumagal sa trabaho mo . kung puro ka reklamo, resign ka agad.. walang pipigil sa iyo… di ba? ang importante .. you are doing it for yourself, for your family, because you need the job .. you need to survive.. mahirap ang buhay pag walang trabaho kaibigan…

  72. 09budz10 says:

    angel_dee, do you know mirasol bitacura?? she is working at CCT…

  73. klaydo says:

    tanong magkano ba ang basic? at least we wud knw.. and is this outbound or inbound center? ano ba benefits? so kung taga davao ka wala kang alowance fr training? paki klaro guys at akoy interesado. and are they conducting training this december or will it be in january na?

  74. hazelle jann guerrero says:

    i dont care about others complain and responses. all i care is i want to apply for the job and i want to be part of your company. i wanna go there and send my resume but i cant ‘ cause i have a baby and nobody will look after her since im a single mom. can i just send my resume and application letter via email? or if you want to, you may contact through this number 09193456650. thanks a lot.!

  75. joanna says:

    i miss working in cybercity…gcom. it was fun. we were selling catalog items and sex enhancers..it was really neat though.. i kinda miss it. the all-girls environment,,it doesn’t really bother that much.. chismis is awfully kalat inside and un anf nagiging libangan.. aside from the poetry and reading books.. and not to mention, alot of sleeping. i miss it… the relax days of being a call center agent. hahaha… im actually planning to go back… can i?

  76. charm says:

    wat are d requirements in applying at cyber city teleservices???..hoping for your response..GodbLess!!

  77. Jardeny Salarda says:

    I may know the total background of the company ’cause I never been there but all I wanna say is, “Throwing words against the company are what the losers usually do. Right?”

  78. annie says:

    I may not know the total background of the company ’cause I never been there but all I wanna say is, “Throwing words against the company are what the losers usually do. Right?”

  79. May_2005 says:

    I’ve worked with GCOM -> Cyber City for almost 4 years. I never had any complaint about the pay. They pay good, incentives and benefits are given as well. For the 4 years i spent with the company – i learned a lot. I missed my USAI family – under mmy ___, Collections team under miss NV, an dmany others. I now forgot the other teams i was part of. I missed them all especially mmy _ _ _ who’s handling USAI Team. Sorry mey, i left without seeing you.

  80. griffindor_05 says:

    I’ve read quite enough good and bad comments above. I must agree to most of what has been said that working in a CC is not as bad as you think especially if you wanted to have a job right away. Let’s face it, the CC industry is booming in our country and if you are an undergrad or a fresh graduate who is a breadwinner of your family, then working here is the right job for you. Nevertheless, if you have some degree and it’s not like your family is dying from hunger, then practice in your chosen field. Sayang naman yung effort mo to go to college and study and yung money na ginastos na pinang-aral sa iyo ng parents mo if you’ll just end up in CC. I kinda like what Jason posted last August 2010 especially the last entry of his post that after in time, you might end up regretting how wasteful your life has been staying in the CC. Don’t get me wrong, I have no grudge being in the CC because practically I spent most of my life after graduation back in 2004 where the CC industry was just making waves in the Ph. I was enticed to work there because of the perks I heard from my cousin who was a supervisor at that time. True, so much perks and it was fun but I guess I got carried away. Everybody expected me to work in Meralco because I’m an REE but I guess I preferred working with where I thought I’d be more comfortable–a fresh graduate instinct I guess. Well, the rest they say, is history. After 5 years I became a Senior QA, though, in another company and right now im in KSA working as a Document Controller, barely just starting from scratch. My point really is that while working in CC is a great idea, you should think about the bigger picture and in my case if only I should have persevered in working in line with my field, I would have been getting double or triple my current salary now. Nevertheless, good luck to all those who want to make a career out of working in CCs.

  81. charesse says:

    im eager to work in this company… plz…….

  82. dummiR-A says:

    hello guys, i’m interested to apply in cyber city in davao.. i have exprience on outbound calls i came from SIXELEVEN global services and solutions here in gensan but i resignd already because of their salary and also my fam. decided to transfer at davao..guys can u help me how to apply in cyber city..and i’m new from davao city..and i need to have work..tnx hope you help me guys or guide me..here’s my phone # 0939-803-5958 and also my email rexzanne18@yahoo.com..

  83. Jasper A. Gravino says:

    Hello there admin and staff of this company. Is your company still hiring? I’m wanted to apply as call center agent. I’m a Computer Science, Graduating student. Proficient in any computer job and a computer literate. I would like to know what would be the requirements and the procedures?

    You can contact me through my email add, jap.jhabeh16@hotmail.com. Thank you for your response, I would treat it with pleasure and honor.

    God Bless your Company.

  84. Jasper A. Gravino says:

    Hello there Admin and Staff of this company.

    Is your company still on hiring? I am interested to apply and willing to become as a Call Center Agent. I would like to know further what was the requirements and procedure during applying at your company. I am a Computer Science Graduating student, seeking for job so that I could finance my needs and hopefully I will use my salary in finishing my degree. I have already work and gain experiences with my colique.

  85. Jasper A. Gravino says:

    Hello there Admin and Staff of this company.

    Is your company still on hiring? I am interested to apply and willing to become as a Call Center Agent. I would like to know further what was the requirements and procedure during applying at your company. I am a Computer Science Graduating student, seeking for job so that I could finance my needs and hopefully I will use my salary in finishing my degree. I have already work and gain experiences with my co-worker. I’m willing to be trained according to your rules and regulation at your company.

    You can contact me through my email add, jap.jhabeh16@hotmail.com.

    Thank you for your response and it would be a great pleasure and honor upon hearing you. Hope you will consider me.

  86. exCC exCX exSUTH says:

    I wonder why Cyber City has the highest job qualifications for a call center applicant and high training “elimination standards”, where the work itself and metrics are so easy to hit. Ironically, some call centers here in Davao (like Concentrix, Sutherland, etc.) may be lenient in job qualifications and training process but the job could cause hemorrhage.

  87. Davawenyo says:

    Yeah. Cyber City may be the first call center here in Mindanao but it had never grow compare to its competitors. Tsk tsk tsk

  88. shaine says:

    Hi! Just wanna ask if you accept applicants who are fresh nursing graduates.
    I am looking forward for your responses. Thank you.

  89. farly says:

    really walang male agent sa cyber city?

  90. ruby says:

    are you guys still hiring? i’m interested to apply and willing to be trained, where should i send my resume? do you accept applicants who are currently studying?

    I am looking forward for your responses.

  91. redtide27 says:

    hi guys, does anyone here know the email address of cybercity recruitment office or their telephone number? i wanted to apply as a Supervisor just wanted to contact them first before going there if they hire supervisors from external. i have worked with Sutherland for more than two years as a Supervisor. Now i wanted a new environment and i wanna try this call center. I am currently living in GenSan that’s why i wanna know first if they hire Sups from external. I also wanna know if they hire MALE SUPERVISOR.

  92. jobanne08 says:


    i would like to asked if the company still hire call center agents, i am very much interested to apply, but i don’t have any idea on what requirements do i have to obtain, or where can i possibly get in contact with their recruitment office, i have found an advertisement, but sadly, it was inactive, so i am not really sure if the contact info is still working, can anybody help me? please. by the way, i’m from mati davao oriental, but i am willing to go to davao if i should. i will check on this site often.

    thanks and Godbless!

  93. rolly ramos says:

    can I ask, do you have any vacancy in your company..

  94. Donnald says:

    Hi guys there in Davao,

    Four months from now CONVERGYS is planning to put up a site in Davao City to expand their Telecommunications account or also known AT&T. The client requested for another building or site to cater the entire customer for AT&T the date is tentative but the place or location has been prepared to build the new site for CONVERGYS Davao site. So, watch out!

    The CONVERGYS building that will be a 27th floors storey building, I’m excited to transfer there in Davao once the site completed soon.

  95. AeNdReiYa says:

    MaY I kNoW wAt aRe d’ pRoDuCtS oF CCT??

  96. michelle anne albano says:

    hello..do you know the site of cyber city for online application?..tnx..

  97. lucinda lane says:

    plain and simple.. if you hate cyber city and you’re still connected with the company, QUIT. if you dont want to quit, SHUT UP!!! why bit the hand that feed you?

    stop trashing the company you’ve worked for, maybe YOU are the problem and not the company. the company is still there, how about you? where are you now?

    so, if you have nothing better to say then SHUT UP!!!!!!! the world will be a better place to live in without people trashing other people or company…

  98. lucinda lane says:

    FYI : in 2009 cyber city started hiring male agent….. marami na pong agent na lalaki sa cyber city… they are not selling sex toys. i worked there before, i have to quit because i was advised by my doctor. if only my health is okay i wouldn’t have resigned. cyber city may not be the highest paying call center company but their salaries are never delayed. you get paid for what you signed for… quit trashing cyber city

  99. lucinda lane says:

    mostly catalog products *(clothes, shoes, bags, apparel), have you heard of 1800flowers, you can google it…

  100. foxrain says:

    i agree to lucinda lane..im working here right now..and i dont see any problem with it…sexual products is not the main account of cct but just a mere items in some of the catalog companies that we are working in the US.Remember that we worked in an American based company and we deal with american people,filipinos are different from americans so i understand the “reactions”of some conservatives..=’) check some of this catalog companies…www.taylorgifts.com,www.softsurroundings.com,www.carolwrightgifts.com..and we have some more about 20 cataologs projects…some sexual products are just in line with personal care”lets deal with the truth we are working with american people..and we take it professionaly..just add these items like just normal item in their order and we’re done!=’)adios!

  101. foxrain says:

    btw we also have 1800flowers.com.check it out!.if you’re not that techy..and wants to apply at cct,apply now!.=’)

  102. Paris_13 says:

    Hi!good afternoon!I’m interested to work in your company….but I’ve also read the comment of some people which regard about the company flaws…..I would like to asked and clarify something, if it’s true that your company doesn’t provide the right benefits to there employee;such as paying the SSS, PAG-IBIG PLAN contribution?and how do the employee earned, is it a fix amount/or minimum wage or is it based on sales and commissions?
    thanks & more power!

  103. Raven says:

    I worked in Cybercity for 2 years, i stopped because i got sick.. but honestly, my life in Cyber is so great.. I learned a lot, with these learnings, I became an Operations Manager for a call center and after that promoted to become an Account Executive, Assistant to the CEO and President of a very BIG company in CANADA… thank you Cybercity!! miss you IW peeps… keep rockin \m/

  104. Ederlynn says:

    wat age ang pwede dito?

  105. Ryan Sarmiento says:

    hi sir/maam…i just wanted to know if when could i start my psychological test schedule in your company., coz i did passed the interview 2 months ago., then 1 of your staff there told me that we will just call you after 2 months for me to take the test.. my name is Ryan Sarmiento,. and I have experienced in BPO Outsourcing.

    Thank You!!!

  106. Jezz Dee says:

    hi there! i just want to follow-up my application in your company…… i already passed my application last week of may here in gensan city. pls let me know if u recieved my application so that i can re-send my application if needed.tnx and more power!

  107. Juan Dela Cruz says:

    everything is almost perfect in cyber city, they’re just gonna use you during the ramp and after that if they think that you are worthless say good bye! you have no use for them anymore until the ramp will be back and then they will start hiring again looking for some agents that they could trick

  108. Juan Dela Cruz says:

    everything is almost perfect in cyber city, they’re just gonna use you during the ramp and after that if they think that you are worthless say good bye! you have no use for them anymore until the ramp will be back and then they will start hiring again looking for some agents that they could use for a little time.

  109. alessandra says:

    ang pangit2 sa cyber . . lalo na now c jim ang nagmamanage.. he doesnt care bout the company and the agents.. he only cares about haband! fucking haband na yan! npakaunfair ng company.. hndi pareho magbigay ng sweldo . . . sana nga magsara na kau!
    magttrabaho ka ng bonggang bongga aalisin ka pa rin at wlang definite reason sasabihin lan nla na hndi satisfied xau ang client e tinetrain ka nmn sa ibang project… mabankrupt sana kau!

  110. dating taga Cyber City says:

    Just heard the news about Cybercity being raided today. As far as I know, there was nothing illegal about selling sex toys. Come on… Novelty shops here in Davao sell vibrators and stuff. Anong pinagkaiba non sa binebenta ng cybercity? There’s nothing obscene about it. Kasi it’s considered a sex health aid. And the porn video is part of the package of one of the sex aid products in their client’s website catalog (check out drleonards.com. nakakabastos ba ang online catalog nila?). And the agents there just place the orders for the customers. Walang bentahan ng laman. Jeeezez…

    They’re blowing the issue out of proportion… produkto ng kakitiran ng utak ng karamihan sa atin. nagiging comical na tuloy.

  111. balbon says:

    baka walang ilegal na binebenta pero ang way ng pagbenta at kung saan galing ang customers ang ilegal.

    san ba nakakakuha ng clients yang cybercity?

    para san yung mga agents? kung pede naman magbayad thru credit card yung mga customers?

  112. WeLOVECCT says:

    @Balbon: Are you aware of what you are asking???

    Poor you! Mangmang ka pala eh! walang kaalam-alam sa nature ng call center mismo!

    Even the spelling of ILLEGAL is wrong. hahahahaha

    May tagalog na yan ha? para maintindihan mo.

    Wag kang sumasabat kung wala kang alam! hahhahahhaa

  113. balbon says:


    oo wala akong alam sa call center kaya ako nagtatanong. hindi naman ako naging call center agent.

    may mali ba sa tanong ko? malinaw naman na gusto ko lang malaman kung saan nakukuha yung mga customers kasi merong mga chat accounts na porn sites naman ang binebenta. thru spam or adult oriented sites nila nakukuha yung customers. nagpopose ng sexy pics ng babae to attract customers. tapos nagpapanggap silang mga babae kahit mga lalaki sila para lang makabenta.

    ikaw ang mas BOBO alam mo kung bakit? kasi tagalog ang message ko so kaya ganyan ang spelling ko sa ilegal. BOBO!!

    wala palang ganyan na spelling ng ilegal sa mga tagalog na balita. AHHHHHHHHHHHH..ang BOBO mo.magbasa ka nga. LOL

    pucha naman oh. pitawa mo ako ngayon ah.

    bago ka humirit at magmarunong, alamin mo muna ang tanong at siguraduhin mong tama ang hirit mo para naman hindi ka napapahiya. dami pa naman makakabasa dito. TSK!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  114. yeyey says:

    its always funny to see people who are calling others stupid but they themselves are a lot more stupid than that person. whats worse is they let other people see their stupidity in public sites such as this…funny…you corrected someone who used the right word??? DAMN!…magbasa ng captions TV Patrol or better yet, kahit bulimi ka ng tiktik, makikita mo yung salitang yun…

    manyakis na nga, tanga pa. ganyan talaga pag guilty laging mainit ulit…wink wink…

    am i right WeLOVECCT?

    anyway just go back to your fellow prayer rallyist and hope that you can get your job back nang may mapakain ka sa pamilya mo…

    pity naman… 😦

  115. VIOLET says:


  116. lucinda lane says:

    nakakaawa naman yang mga nega comments niyo. kung ayaw niyo sa kumpanya eh di umalis kayo kasi kung ayaw ng kumpanya sa inyo pinapaalis kayo diba? kapag pinapaalis meaning bulok ang performance mo at mahilig kang umabsent.

    wag mong kagatin ang kamay na nagpakain sa pamilya mo!

  117. mytwocents says:

    So I sit here and try to absorb each and every comment posted in this site.. some true.. some clearly biased. I am an employee of CCT and yes it’s not perfect but then again there is no such thing as perfect. A lot of people are hypnotized with idea of a Utopia.. In Cyber, it’s real and it’s a pretty damn awesome reality. There are certain management decisions, as others, that not all are completely cascaded to front-liners yet the whole heart of it is for the best of everyone. I am one of the pioneers of Cyber City Davao and while our team has its share of ups and downs, at the end of the day, I find fulfilment for many many reasons. For the customer who was very happy with the Moccasins she ordered, or the agent we helped become a supervisor or the client singing praises about how pleased they are of our performance or just simply helping someone provide a living for her and her family. Understandably, there are people who felt that being in Cyber is like sitting in a middle of a rock and a hard place. If that is what they feel, well we can’t change that but then we can make them understand. CCT’s workforce has expanded so much over the span of 7 years. Over the seven years are tons of improvements, changes and developments on various aspects that perhaps at some point, if they feel that they have been stepped on or what not, may have been the cause of such sentiment. However, it is has been my firm belief that we all come to work for one reason which is to profit and while the company gives you that, it is only expected that you perform at par with in the standards set as well as abide by the organizations rules and regulations. Naturally, should you fail to do so, that is when it becomes tough. Now to answer those who are in the blind side;
    On sex toys/male enhancers – the said sex toys are included in a catalog sold to a demographic of seniors who needs help on that area. It is actually included in the health portion. Male enhancers are all natural and not at all illegal.
    On Clients – CCT’s clients are all legal. All of which are extremely well known. For that person who commented that CCT’s accounts are closing. I’m sorry to say to you but NO, they are not. If fact they are expanding, moving their business here in our Davao site.
    On Growth – @ Davawenyo – Since New Jersey, Clark and Davao, CCT now has Manila, Panama and recently bought a call center in USA. While our buildings do not multiply in one location, we expand internationally.
    On hiring – Yes we are. Submit your resume to our office at 16 Sobrecary St. Lioc Kui Fraternity Building. Much better for you if walk in. And yes – we hire male applicants.
    On Job Security – @yeyey – I think you last paragraph was pretty rude. As an FYI, the day of the raid, everyone was paid their salary and overtime. On the night we ceased operations- everyone scheduled to come in was asked not to report for work but are still paid. The second night after the raid, our operations are back up in full swing. Oh yeah and while all those are happening, our agents who just came in to support, prayer rally group, even the CIDG people were fed well. We sent people to Clark immediately after the incident. To say it bluntly, our company is very much liquid and solvent. Unlike other call centers, which lay off when their projects deactivate, our employees are pretty much not affected money- wise when one of our clients decide to say goodbye. Btw, the prayer rally was NOT mainly because of fear to lose a job but mostly a display of loyalty to the company they are grateful to be a part of. CCT never did lay off. If ones employment is terminated- check out his or her performance. That should give you your paradigm shift.

  118. raidman says:


    oooook. sabi mo eh

    Ahhhhhhhh BIG time company pala pero hindi makapagtayo sa metro manila…..bakit kaya????


  119. mytwocents says:

    raidman …if you know how to read.. check out my post again, you will see that I mentioned that we have centers in Clark, Manila, Panama and USA.. DumbASS!

  120. Juan Dela Cruz says:

    @lucinda lane
    mga p-i kau
    ndi namin kinakagat ang mga nag papakain sa amin
    mga bobo
    kung ala ang agent ala din makakain ang c jim at iba pah lalo na ang haband client!
    wag mag loko2
    ok lahat ng susuway ililibing ku ng buhay!
    babala lng sa lahat ng agent lahat tau nag bibigay buhay sa lahat ng mga callcenters nah kagaya nito

  121. dl says:

    To all who are interested to apply, you can call (082) 221-4266.

  122. dl says:

    For interested female and male applicants, just bring your resume and be ready for interview same day.
    For requirements: 4yr graduate, if undergrad and finished 2nd yr level, you must have atleast 2yrs work experience and if undergrad and finished 3rd yr level, you must have atleast 1yr work experience.

    No external applications for Operations position.
    For those who resigned and wants to re-apply – just get re-application from the guard and fill it up.
    For those who ae saying that CCT is fraud – then the company might not be staying in Davao for 7yrs. Clients are all US based.
    ALL transactions are only paid thru US billing addresses.
    For those who are saying CCT mgt sucks – give me one company which represents PERFECT company.

    The raid was purely allegations…
    Prayer rally was never meant that we might lose our job, its just an act of loyalty for the company.
    Pity instead for those people who don’t have a job and easily get discourage with just one blow of circumstances.
    For those who joined the ramp – please coordinate your concern to proper department, airing out your concern her won’t help you.

    You will never learn something if you won’t try it…
    As i was reading the comments i smiled … thank you for the good and bad comments!

  123. used to be says:

    i heard about the raid and was shocked. I used to work in cyber city and was assigned to clark as well. I don’t have any complains when i was still working there. When i transferred to davao, it’s a bit different compared to clark but still it’s a good company. I resigned there due to health issues. I’m now working here in convergys and happy being here. Guys we need to understand that every company has their own way how to manage their people. if we stop complaining and start cooperate with them it will be much better. It’s actually the working ATTITUDE that matters, whether we work in one of the top BPO companies here in the Philippines or not we will still keep on complaining if we are not satisfied.

    Think about those people working as promo’s in the mall. They need to talk and stand the whole day. compared that to your work as a call center agent. the difference is just the working hours. management is almost the same. but the big difference is the pay check and the benefits.

    Just think about that…. 🙂

  124. YK290 says:

    I red and search via online concerning the Cyber City Teleservice Phil. ( to know more what is the company and etc) Unfortunately, I find a controversy on top of it and I was curious and began to search more and more to look for the truth. I was like 😦 at first but when I Investigate it via reading I find no facts nor concrete evidence to prove the accusation. I want to believe with the law; however, there is no basis shown. I wish the authority would be clear and precise. On the other hand, When there is an accusation, there is absolutely something going on. Information are double edges. They can be true and false. For those who gives out the information, I wish that he/she or whoever they are to have a concrete evidence rather than information before handling out to the authority. I mean please be more intelligent enough in dealing with laws. There must be something concrete to prove something.
    Overall view of the company as a freelance reader, ” I was not happy to know this controversy, It made me loose trust on the company and if ever I would engage in BPO industry , this company would be the last of my choice. This is very unfortunate crisis and it made an impact to me losing my trust the company” This is a personal idea or my own point of view.
    PS: I am very sorry for my English

  125. YK290 says:

    @alessandra and @Juan De la Cruz , I am interested with your accusation but please follow up a link where I can see facts and not Information by thought. I am also want to know more about this company.


  126. BRAVEHEART says:

    Hi guys!!
    I’m so glad to read these comments from different people, we all know that most of the comments were from the hearsay’s that they have read. Accusations were mostly considered wrong or bad. We should not dragging someone’s name into mud unless not proven wrong or even bad. yup! it is exactly correct, that there was no such thing remain perfect. in order for not to be bias, I wont turned my head into one side. considering the fact that even how good the company is. Still there were people that will not be satisfied or even felt comfortable for some reasons, which for them were valid. they came up with that ideas for that reason. Maybe they complained for they have something to be complained.

    though i am also interested to apply at call center companies and to get experience how to be an agent. then I’ve read the negative comments, but still I never lost hope I’ve considered some factors. actually i am now suffering from doubt of this issue either is it true or not. but i should keep my mouth shut unless i never prove anything yet, for i do not know the exact detail of the said issue, therefore i do not know the right word to say against them.

    in fact there were only two reasons why they wit. Maybe because of the relation of their ideas or the matter of fact. let us give to everybody the benefits of the doubt. they’ve derived that different comments maybe because of their own experiences. In other side, we can’t merely blame anybody for that. ” a thing is too small, to remain its dimension and position”
    everything needs CHANGE and that is the bottom line of this issue. kindly correct me if I’m wrong!….

    friends we should bear in mind that everybody HAS OWN UNDERSTANDING IN EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD… we need to be open minded person observe the negative side and the positive as well.. We try to study the subject first, before we commit with it,,

    Thank you and God Bless!!

    More Power!!!

  127. jason catalan says:

    i am so very interested to work at your company. how can i apply online? im from cotabato city 27 and very much willing to work. ill leave my number if in any case you can call me. thank you. 09469459665
    jason catalan

  128. Paddydoria1 says:

    what a shame, Sorry to all the disappointed people. PS who owns this company anyway, sounds very mismanaged

  129. Paddydoria1 says:

    HSBC you really ruind this home you got good bonuses.

  130. Paddydoria1 says:

    another Bank not knowing what they are doing and only hurting those who can least afford it

  131. Paddydoria1 says:

    Invest in India where it will be done correctly and not take on sleaze clients who do not pay anyway–how much did you write off?

  132. DDDDPPPP says:

    i like it here! esp. they have new management now.

  133. You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the greatest blogs on
    the web. I’m going to highly recommend this website!

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