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15-storey Mixed use Condominium Project

The last time that I visited Davao City was last year during the Kadayawan Festival. I noticed this rendering displayed on a Santos Building across Davao Doctors Hospital Tower. The original plan was to convert the old building into another shopping mall. It has almost been one year and to date, the rendering is still in there. No sign of any construction at all.

Redwood Square Davao
^^Here’s a photo of the rendering taken recently by one of my friends based in Davao City.

I contacted the developer and here’s the update that I got. The old plan has been changed. Now, Red Wood Square would be converted into a 15 storeys mixed use development. It would be consisted of  3 levels with retail and commercial spaces and 12 levels residential condominium units. Hmmm pretty neat for that avenue ei? 😉


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5 Responses

  1. mich says:

    maayong adlaw !!! mohangyo unta ko makipag exchange links sa inyoha… na add na taka sa akong blog.. hehe. salamat gyud tawn kaayo gyud. niara akong blog ay: http://didyouknow.blogsome.com/

    God Bless gyud!

  2. ji says:

    mau untag madayun ni…

  3. Jenny says:

    hi ar u also the managers of davaohive101.wordpress.com?

  4. DarkHawk says:

    dugay naman na xa naka post ang Rendering nila sa Duterte-Quirino, its been a year napud human wala pa gihapon sign of progress… nahuman nlng ug renovate ang Times Square sa Ilusre, wala pa gihapon gi-sugdan ang construction sa site…

  5. Peng Hok says:

    Naa man change sa plans man gud. Instead of putting up that strip mall, Santos Land decided to build a 15-storey mixed used building instead. The first three floors will contain commercial/office spaces. The fourth floor up to the fifteenth floor will house the residential units. Like Jech, I got this information from an officer of Santos Land itself.

    Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that this project will materialize very soon.

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