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Rendering of the Ayala Center of Davao/Ayala Business Park


To date, we do not have an official name yet of the minicity which Ayala Land and Anflocor would develop in Davao City. But as far as I know, the mall would be named as Ayala Center (of) Davao. Here’s the unofficial rendering of the Ayala Mall in Davao City. Unofficial (since it has not been released to the public yet) but official rendering! 😉 Thnx to nicky from ssc for the rendering.

As per previous press releases, Ayala Land and Anflocor will develop a business park which is similar to those in Metro Cebu and Metro Manila. The Davao project will be consist of a retail development (mall) which would be patterned after Bonifacio Highstreet and Serendra in Global City (two of the poshest malls in Metro Manila) and a BPO or an IT Building which would house call centers and other BPO firms.




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14 Responses

  1. Blogie says:

    Wow dude, you’re fast 🙂

  2. coffeeflavor says:

    Wow. For both post and Business park.

  3. bariles says:

    Go Davao go!!!!

  4. adz says:

    Galing…! san banda sa J. P laurel yan?heheheh

    I have been hearing this news but your blog provided for my curiosity…


  5. Neolle says:

    Looking at the rendered image, JP Laurel Ave. have only one curve with a large vacant lot beside it (as far as I can imagine). I think its in-front of Redemptorist Church.

    If so, it would be just several blocks from our office. Cool!

  6. jean says:

    wow naman!!! ang galing ah!

  7. ji says:

    Lapit na ang June 2008.

    AYALA will be a big player in the retail industry to reckoned with…..

  8. DarkHawk says:

    ive seen the site, its a big lot in there, but how many percent of the total lot will be developed for building structure and the park area?

  9. Mitch says:

    malapit lang sa amin.. another malling area for me! XD 9 something hectares.. kinda big..

  10. jake/king says:

    ive live in davao city. but i leave davao city to work in puerto princesa city, palawan , when i heard the news , about ayala corporation, robinson corp. will put up a mall in davao city, guzz im totally amaze and suprised those big corporation in the philippines will invest her in our city its verynice, to know how confident they are. Now I know How proud I am I was born in Davao Cty the Biggest CITY In the World.. my concerned is the traffice i hope that would given attention.. ty I miss my City

  11. Yagyuu says:


  12. jingrose says:

    pls its very important.hehehe 🙂

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