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Sutherland Davao’s Second Callcenter Facility

Sutherland’s second callcenter in Davao will be located near Chimes Mall. Anybody knows where the old PRC is? well that’s the spot.

There was a report before stating Sutherland’s plan to build another call center in Mindanao. And here it is, instead of building another facility in another city, Sutherland will put up its second call center in Davao’s very own Chinatown area. :okay: Sutherland Davao’s accounts include a popular social networking website, an anti spam application, and a mobile phone content provider! :okay:

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  1. ardele arrieta says:

    good madam/sir:

    i would love to apply for any position as a call center agent in you company.

    hoping for you favorable consideration. thank you very much.

  2. dia says:

    good day!

    just like to ask if Online submission of resume is available and possible?..
    cos i would love to apply for any position vacant that would fit my skills and abilities.

    tnx and more power!

  3. chielo says:

    good day!

    just wanteed to know some info if possible application is possible?…

    qualifications.. cos im really interested in any positions fitted for me..

    Godbless and more power!

  4. Suthernever says:

    I am a concerned guy, most especially for those who have not tried working and want to work at Sutherland Davao.

    I was employed at Sutherland Davao in Tibungco TESDA. Process of hiring is usual as all of the other call centers. I may not be speaking for the whole, but my personal experiences with them had shared in common with several agents’ personal experiences as well.

    If you are luckily chosen to be hired then I don’t really think your lucky at all. Recruitment will just say ” your training will start next week, we’ll just inform you about the schedule’. By Monday, nobody had called or even sent SMS informing me about the schedule. You would have to be the one always reminding them to remind you. Their HR / Admin, I think is at complete disarray.

    By the time you are on training, you would always be the one to catch up on them regarding papers/forms that need to be filled out (bank forms, Philhealth, PAGIBIG, TIN, etc. Is it not supposed to be that Admin/HR should be the one to provide you forms/papers while you guys are in class or huddled together by batch?

    Third of all, the ever interesting SALARY. They give out the highest starting salary in Davao City. Well, that is what they say. But the truth is there will be a lot of salary discrepancies. They let you sign in and out on a piece of paper to keep records of your attendance but at the end of the month, salaries will be questionable. There was a guy who has always been absent but has received the same amount of salary with the punctual guys. Some guy has not been receiving his salary for two pay offs, and was asking if he was going to get a carry over of those on the third pay; Admin replied: “of course you will”. On the third pay day, whhhaaalllluhhh!!! All he got was an equivalent of one pay. “Highest entry level salary”, I guess not. I think the most scandalous company in terms of salary. Making things worst for the victim-sleep deprived employee, they don’t give pay stub in paper. One must go through their web based program to view it, and by the way they don’t give priority in teaching you on how to do it.

    Once you hit production, you are going to be overloaded with information and work. They say they are lookin for Technical Support Representative. The catch – surprise! You are going to do both the work of technical support and customer service. It is going to be a lot of work, a lot of tools, a lot of time that will be eaten up by this job. Guys get into a company that has ‘employee satisfaction’ in the line of their priority.

    Wake up. If you had heard of some stories and now just heard mine; please consider what you have all heard. Stories are not made without basis.

    This company has a lot of issues.
    1. Salary discrepancies
    2. Admin/HR unprofessionalism
    3. Promises of Free shuttle service to Tibungco but now you need pay it
    4. No night shift differential when on training
    5. Poor training classroom setting
    6. Indian trainers that you can’t understand
    7. Poor employee satisfaction
    8. etc., that I do not know of as of today, because I quit and bailed out on them.

  5. henny says:

    @Suthernever Says
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Fonce says:

    hi, I left my filled out application form and my resume at your office in Sta. Ana last June 4, 2008 but I was not able to wait for the interview because I had an important scheduled appointment to attend. It couples of minutes before 12 noon when I left the perimeter. Can I hear any feedback re my application? Can I still be accommodated for an interview and an exam?

  7. marvsmodel says:

    Ok. That was the experience of Suthernever Say and that was before:
    the Indian Instructors,
    the poor trainig classroom,
    the TSR turned to be selling sumthing (if your are part of the Premium Symanthic Department, duhh!!!)
    and all the a-do of Suthernever Say.

    Guys, Sutherland had transferred to its newly constructed 4story building site back of The Venue,

    the Instructors are all Filipino (of course knowledgeable of what they are teaching),

    If you say Poor Employee Satisfaction, I say, just last month, some of the employee had receive an IPod Nano and Video. This month, nominations for Promotions.

    well ventelated and comfortable training rooms,
    for TSR Agents, we have another account which is the AT&T – one of the worlds best company – meaning no need to sell something.

    About recruiting, well, don’t think that you are the only person who applied and tried their luck
    at sutherland and would immediately receive a call and text from sutherland regarding your training or final interview schedule. Be realistic! there are more than 50 applicants a day. so don’t be such a fool.

  8. Suthernever says:

    Congratulations MARVSMODEL for your new building.

    Finally you guys have put up a building out of hoarding an amount of money that should have supposed to be percentages of the whole salary of your TSRs / CRSs. I wish there won’t be any salary discrepancies no more now that your building is finally done.

    Or maybe your accounting and finance still would continue giving out deficient salaries and instead giving out Ipods to compensate. So now stop saying that you give out the highest paying entry level salary in Davao. Instead say, you are the only company in the world that gives out Ipod as salary.

  9. bill says:

    i need an info or contact or even address of sutherland in davao because the only contact center i’ve heard is only in makati. Thanks and God bless!

  10. Kitchie says:

    i would like to ask if there is any Online submission of resume available?
    because i would like to apply and base there in Davao…

    Hoping for ur kind immediate response…
    Godbless… thanks and more power…

  11. AlphamikeOscar says:

    I am working as a Program Lead here in CEBU. I think this marvsmodel comes from one of the big contact centers in cebu. He is from Davao I beleive. But he was in and out of his previous company. I have nothing to say about sutherland which is negative. I believe every company has its own ups and downs. If you really need a job then you have no right to complain. Beggars should not be choosy. To Suthernever, your ethics never served you right. If you have complains then you have have addressed your concerns to the right people. REMEMBER: YOU APPLIED, THEY NEVER CALLED YOU LIKE ANY TELEMARKETING COMPANY DOES…..Second, a applicant should always do his homework before sending or submitting his application. (maga-apply ka tapos mag rereklamo ka!)

    You cannot please everyone, but since you are at the end part of the foodchain…you cannot do anything but getting devoured.

    Attitude towards work is very important. If you have no patience to almost anything and head is full of complaints, then you will not go anywhere and in the end you will not achieve anything.

    I guess mr. or ms. suthernever you ahve previous work experience to boast for but with the statements you gave – you are a few what we call in the contact center business as – DROP OUTS! (with a very big letter L on their foreheads)

    If you want to succeed in this business – take my unsolicited advise BE PATIENT>>>One Team One Goal

    Good journey to you

  12. Claire says:

    Good Day!


    I would like to ask what site can I submit my resume on line…
    I would love to be part of your company if given a chance…


    Tnak you…

  13. shAm says:

    hi, marvsmodel! what days and particular hours is the sutherland having its hiring processes? (for submission of resumes).. good to hear that they’re now in the city proper.. thanks a lot.. ^_^

  14. Rex Dennis says:

    – Marvsmodel, you are not allowed to state kung sino mga kliyente nyo unless of course Sutherland did not require you to sign contracts that have confidentiality clauses. Even though you are unknown here online, rules still prevail.
    – Regarding requirements, yes I agree that it’s the HR department who should give the recruits a heads-up on what they are supposed to submit. HR is also required to give their employees the standard forms for BIR, Philhealth, SSS, etc. although it’s the employee who will “comply” with all these.
    – HR should set expectations to applicants, it’s basic courtesy. Good companies would always tell applicants that “if we don’t contact you within 2-3 weeks…please assume that your application was unsuccesful”. Or if you really made it, HR should set expectations like “Give us a callback on this date and time, OR your training will start on…” This is part of human resources ethics and part of effective people management.
    – For guys and gals who want to be in the call center, benefits and perks are not only measured in terms of having a iPod or iPhone. Or a stainless mug/tumbler. Make sure that the company you will be entering will also be concerned with your physical and emotional health and professional development. Kung wala yan, even if you receive thousands in cash, you’ll just end up in the hospital or be emotionally drained.
    – Lastly, if you applied and was never accepted, just think it’s their loss and not your loss. And move forward.

  15. fej says:

    wOw…! well,whats new? evey call center has it’s own flaws!
    so,if i were u guys just do your job and let those issues handle by the right department/management…! i’m looking forward to work pa nman in davao cuz’ i’m from davao as well…natatakot 2loy ako sa mga negative feedback nyo…! hayyy…!

    but i need to take that risk..!

    see ya’ll!!!!!!!!
    godbless everyone!

  16. Davaoeno says:

    Hi guys,

    This is my advice to my fellow Davaoeños. Be patient. Do your best. Work hard. Learn every step of the way.

    You are all pioneers in the contact center business in Davao. And normally, the pioneers end up being the middle and senior managers of the contact center industry in a few years time.

    Right now, just be patient. More call centers will be opening in Davao in the next few years and definitely there will be fast track promotions especially for the top performers AND the patient ones.

    I was lucky to come in as a contact center pioneer here in Manila during the early 2000s. Now I’m the head of my own division. Some of my teammates when we were still agents a few years ago are now SVPs, Sr. ops managers, site directors, etc.

    So right now, take advantage of being pioneers in Davao. Don’t listen to the CAVE dwellers (CAVE = Citizens Against Virtually Everything). Do your best, learn, constantly improve and when the opportunity comes along, go for it.

  17. caveman says:


    AlphamikeOscar is absolutely right. Don’t be such a bitter old hag. I think I know who you are. Thinking of the gas price nowadays…


  18. summer says:

    i pity sutherland for not accepting students like us………….

  19. Good Day!


    I would like to ask what site can I submit my resume on line…
    I would love to be part of your company if given a chance…


    Tnak you…

  20. curiousme says:

    hi, i am currently employed in one of the call centers here in cebu. i am originally from davao and i am planning to apply for any position in any call center in davao. i am hoping pay can still be better even if i will get a job in davao. i know there is a big difference in terms of salaries between cebu agents and davao agents but i want to be back home to see my son everyday. good income isn’t enough… so guys, kindly give me hints and ideas as to which company pays better.

  21. smile says:

    ano ba nman yan isa p nman ang sutherland n nag offer sa school namin that they will cater ng mga mag OJT. ganun pala dun?but why we dont give a chance db?

  22. Boggsifer says:

    Some people can really make a career out of complaining , hehehehe, nothings too good for some and everybody else but them is dumb and stupid 🙂 haven’t you asked yourself what you did to address your complains . Its normal for a start up company to commit lapses, its not an excuse for them but you have to understand perfection only exists in your dreams 🙂 I can attest all the people in Sutherland Davao are working hard to make the site as productive as it can be. And unlike other companies, the HR department here strictly abides by what one may call fair and just processes. Working in a BPO call center industry ain’t easy that you have to understand. This industry is not a dead end option for losers and is definitely not an extension of college. If you believe you are unable to perform the demands of the industry then by all means don’t apply. Opportunities are given and created at the same time 🙂 Instead of complaining why not think of a solution to address your concerns 🙂 Be part of the resolution. Complaining is easy , making what we happen is the real challenge . I have been in this industry for almost 5 years and have work in other companies as well. I can attest Sutherland is still one of the best companies I’ve worked with.

  23. jzor says says:

    hi, i had worked at Government agency, I would like to apply on an online
    basis in you company, wish you could give me a website where I can submit my resume

    thanks and godbless..!

  24. kc anne says:

    what is the website to submit online resumes??

  25. Boggsifer says:

    for those who wish to apply to Sutherland Davao Site , you may send your resume at my email address . raivenred@yahoo.com or you can go directly at their facility located in Luisa Square Jacinto Extension Davao City , it’s at the back of The Venue Davao

  26. elybeth says:

    i just want to ask where is sutherland davao located? i really appreciate this one…thank you very much..

  27. shayne says:

    hi… gud eve… i would like to ask if submission of resume online is posible? i would love to apply for any position that would fit my skills and abilities and meeting new people to work with..

    thank and more power to you guys..! god bless

  28. Ezra says:

    Just wanna ask, where can I pass my resume?

    Im planning to work in a call center..


  29. rj says:

    ……Im still a beginner in a call center industry..infact right now I am still having my training here in sutherland davao. All I can say is that sutherland does not only hire people but mold their potentials. ako nga walang alam sa mg a bagay2x dito lalo na pag technical, pero binibigyan nila ng chance na mapasok kaya sila nagkakaroon ng training….spoonfeed nanga kase from the basic pa ang tinuturo….from pronounciation to foundation..bago mag product training…maganda ang pakikitungi nila sa mga applicant nila. And of course…maganda na ang facility….best call center i think in davao para sa akin….whether pamapasok ako or hindi sulit parin dahil madadala ko ang mga natutunan ko sa ibang company….it’s a good start kaya be PATIENT lang tlga…and do everything you can para sulit and para makita nila na deserving….goodluck….sa mga mag aaply…comment ko try nyo talaga punta dito sa company…located sa likod ng venue…..kung makastart lang kayo ng training di kayo magsisi sa mga matututunan nyo..

  30. rj says:

    guyz…….good newz…naghahanap ng mga agentz ang sutherland….in demand kase ang AT&T kaya apply na…para masaya tayo dito…
    GOODLUCK AND TRY YOURE BEST…wag kayo madiscourage sa mga comment ng iba…kase kahit marami kang alam bout call center wala ka namang confidence…wala ring mangyayari…kaya dont give up. tandaan nyo lang na were dealing with phone calls kaya kung wla kang confidence halata..kaya..GO GO GO..

  31. isabel says:

    im a fresh grad and wld like to apply as a call center agent coz i heard so many things bout it..for some personal reasons also like buildng more gud com. skills thru the said traings..if given the opprtunity i wld also want to experience bein one..thanx

  32. sheena says:


    Good day!

    I would like to ask permission if I could conduct research survey in your company specifically to the voice account department. This is in connection with the VoIP services.

    Your response is very significant and highly appreciated.

    Thank you and God bless.

  33. Nine says:

    @Suthernever… Have you, by any chance been one of my trainees in Suth? Ehehe. I’m just so glad to be out of Never never Sutherland…

  34. jowella says:

    gud eve maam/sir i just wanna ask f i can submit my resume through online,,,if it is possible hope u will send me on my email add..cuz i want to be part of ur company…hoping to hear a favorable response so soon!!!!


  35. Carsten says:

    Hi .. my name is Carsten

    i am originally from Davao and now based in cebu. i am working as a CSR, FINANCE REP, SALES AS WELL AS TECHNICAL SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE. I HAVE BEEN IN THE CONTACT CENTER BUSINESS FOR ABOUT 5 YEARS NOW. I WAS A SALES COACH BEFORE IN A VERY PRESTIGOUS contact center. i would like to see if you have any available management positions in your company. (supervisor or trainer position). The LOB that i am in for the past years in the contact center is all about sales and technical i would like to go back in davao and start a career in your company. let me know about what you guys have in mind

    thanks and more power

    I will be available anytime from 10:00am to 12:00am.

  36. Nine says:



    wave 1 davao 🙂

  37. Nine says:

    Awww… I miss you all too. I’ll be going back to Manila on April. Heheh. See you around! Muah!

  38. ken says:

    im still a student.

    pede na po ba ako mag apply sa call center??

    kasi gusto ko nang mag work independently..
    and to avail your services..

    maganda naman accent ko..

  39. lee says:

    may i ask…how much the starting salary in sutherland davao??and the training allowance???i dnt have any idea yet..thnx

  40. nuebe says:

    @ken: When I was still there (Makati/Clark/Iloilo/Davao) we accept college level applicants as long as they’re in their 3rd year level. I’m just not sure if they changed it ever since our affiliation with the PGMA Scholarship project. By the way Ken, having an accent is an issue. You need to have a NEUTRALIZED accent and not a “good” or a put on one. Make sure exude excellent grammar skills since it will definitely take your career further. Plus don’t forget to bring your game face on but leave your negativity buried. No one really likes a whiner right? If you’re wondering why I have all of this to say, my name says a lot. Go figure. Heheh. If you’re going to apply, say hi to Rai Rai and Shower for me. Tell them it’s from their former trainer. hehe. Good luck then!

  41. miles says:

    damn i miss suth…from wave 2 ^_^

  42. Jessie D. Suroysuroy says:

    can i apply in your respective company im looking forward to have my first job on your office

  43. clarriza says:

    that’s a good news. does it mean that you are looking for many call center agents in your company?

  44. corie says:

    hi Sutherland, im a fresh graduate of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, with the Degree of Bachelor of Arts Major in English. i would like to apply in your company and im willing to undergo training.. this is my no3 09104639386


    Hi Human Resource Officer of Sutherland, I am a fresh graduate with the Degree of Bachelor of Arts major in Philosophy. I am willing to become a part of your company. Looking forward for your positive response.

  46. jay-r says:

    Sir I would like to apply in your good office i am 19 yrs. young and a graduate of two yr computer technician.

  47. Jordan P. Patayon says:

    Good day!
    I would like to apply as a call center agent in your good company,I am 20 years old, I took up Computer Secretarial Course(CSC). I can be reached via cell phone 09272350778. Thank you

  48. Albert says:

    hi! wer i can send my application? please it to my email address….i’m willing to apply…as a call center agent..

  49. Myrna Calledo says:

    Hi there…
    I have been to call center b4 but quit due to bad team leader despite the fact my team were doing best in outbound selling…
    Would like to apply in your good company..
    How do i send my resume?

  50. MrSmith says:

    hmm… i don’t really care about those debates about who’s right and wrong, all i want to know is the truth about Sutherland in Davao. What to expect (a heads up just in case), thats why most of us are here reading to get info (research about what your getting yourself into). We are all tired about false promises specially salaries, which is an important part of working.

    For those who were and still at sutherland we appreciate all the info you cant post here so well know if its worth it.

  51. rakista says:

    Submit your resume at recruitment_davao@suth.com

  52. AL says:

    do u still have hiring?

  53. jie says:

    can i have the exact address of ur office

  54. silverdust says:

    it’s Doña Luisa Bldg. Jacinto Ext., Davao City. Main entrance is behind the HSBC building which is facing Central Bank. I hope this helps.

  55. angie says:

    what is Sutherland’s telephone number in Davao?

  56. romeo amaba jr says:

    good day…

    i want to be a call center agent in your prestigious company ,,,what is the requirements to apply and how much the salary?

  57. aquaticpanda says:

    My girlfriend worked for Sutherland last year. After the first salary she quit. As I remember she was one of the first TSRs for AT&T. I hope someone here knows her and would hopefully validate her concern. There was a big discrepancy on their salary. What was promised did not meet their expectations nor their contracts.

    At that same time I was in training in Concentrix CDO and I thought she just made it up because she couldn’t handle the stress. Reading Suthernever’s post, I can’t help but see the striking similarity pertaining to her situation.

    I think she was in batch number 1 for the AT&T account. May/June 2008? Correct me if I got the date wrong. Thanks.

  58. aquaticpanda says:

    Miss Nine, my girlfriend says she knows you. I asked her and she did confirm that she was in batch 1 for the AT&T account. I also believe that she knows you, Suthernever. My girlfriend’s name is Armie.

  59. sheabutter718 says:

    I work in a call center company here in Metro Manila but I am originally from Davao. I am just concerned. I have a lot of friends working in Sutherland Makati and yes, all the stories that you read here about salary discrepancies and horrible HR management are true…There are a lot of better call center companies out there and Sutherland as a whole just sucks!!!

  60. aquaticpanda says:

    To neodavao:

    Please delete the comments I made on this post. I made obvious mistakes by mentioning names. Please consider my request. Thank you.

  61. mae says:

    hi gdam im asking 4 the requirements for aplying n your compy as a call center agent.and also the schedule of the interveiw.tnx

  62. jsg says:

    @ry ty sa mga information.

  63. christian says:

    I never experienced working in the said company so i don’t have any idea how those persons insinuated the level of your standard. T o start with, my concern is only to ask why their many questions regarding of your services? If the manager who lead of this company working in the same level of other companies for sure their must be a good outcome that will turn as good impression to all of us! yah!!! its indeed that all of the companies are very well competitive because they all craving for the success. I learned many things that as a good leader you entitled to show much valuable concerns to your members communicate them with pure love and sincerity. To work in an environment that has a lot struggle is a good thing to appreciate because you become a leader by the help of your members they trusted you, believe, respect, and most of all they valued your leadership. I dOn’t want to be involved of insinuating your company but my only concern is to give a subject direct to their leader to be awake of those complains on how he or she should work the best solutions to bring back the life of your environment not to be blinded by the good things you shared start working in innovative ways of changes to be effective and efficient of your services. I always believe that their always a light at the end of the tunnel.
    thank you annd godbless you!

  64. NOY says:

    sorry! for nw i havent yet experience bad encounter about sutherland.may for the next 3 months.so far thet performed well. thats why they will hire people up to 5,000

  65. im just kind of worried coz ill be on training this monday but i got o call on what time to be there and its not on the paper theygave me. i wsh to have a contact number of them.

    its just sad that we’ll be training for a month with no alowance. that means starve to death guys. not even a munch to give their aspirants as consolation. but whatever, i need a job. its just disgusting i think im gonna check with the labor code if a company is allowed not to pay for a month or even give allowances coz i think as per labor code a company can held a trainee w/o pay for 15 days only or 2 weeks.

    we’ll see then but ill be on training this monday.

  66. former trainer says:

    Check with the NLRC site or got to Sulit dot coma and look for legalcounselonline to ask for help, I did. I’ve tried that before, the rule is as long as people are willing to get trained w/o an allowance, there will be companies that will do that to them. Makes sense? Ask wave one and two. You’d know what I mean.

  67. meih25 says:

    well hello there?… I would like to say hi to my trainer from wave 8… you know who you are.. lol, wish me luck! today is my final interview.. thank you so much for everything!

  68. Melca says:

    hi there, just wanna ask if there is any online submission of

  69. john says:

    Hi, does anyone have the phone number of Davao? I tried +63-2-459-2900 but I can’t get through.

  70. ma.christina says:

    hi…i want to be a call center agent in your prestigious company ,what is the requirements to apply and how much the salary? actually i was callcenter agent 8 mos ago. tnx

  71. ipswich says:

    hi there!

    I had been working in the call center business for 4 years now, and I have experienced the problems mentioned above. I believe that this is true about almost all call centers. This is not only happening to Sutherland or the call centers in Davao. It is happening in the entire country. This usually happens to new or starting companies. Or to companies who did not invest much on good administrative employees. I sometimes think that call centers just focus on the agents, TLs, Managers, etc.. but not on the admin people. If you have poor skilled people in the Recruiting department, then what kind of people do you expect to hire. No disrespect intended but the people working in the admin department also need to understand the basic of quality customer service – example is to call the applicants on or before the time that you have agreed on. This means not making them wait for a week before contacting them about the status of their application. This also means that each applicant should understand what requirements “they” need to complete. For the applicants, please make sure that you complete your requirements ASAP. We shoulkd be professional enough to process the requirements right away and not wait for the last day to cram. This issue can be easily be resolved by talking to the right people, as soon as the company gets it’s processes straight – there should be no problems such as this.

    Another thing that was mentioned that really makes a big thunder is the salary discrepancy. I am an Accounting graduate, and I know that for each salary issue – their is an answer. Along the way, somebody made a mistake – admin, hr, or the payroll people should be able to explain this mistake to you. No need to panic, this can be quickly remedied as long as the source of the problem is determined. And you will be able to get your money on the next pay, or you can be given a special pay out.

    In summary, people in the call center business can make mistakes, but the hint here is to learn from the mistake and not do it again. It is man’s nature to compete and strive for excellence, and I tell you – you can either be on the side that moves towards excellence by driving solutions, or you can just be on the side that complains – that is OUTSIDE.


  72. ruben says:

    i am very much interested and positive to apply as a call center agent and i trust your company, i hope you’ll give me chance to work with your company..thank you, God Bless and more power.

  73. I am asking the requirements for applying in your company for an any position suit with my qualification? and also the schedule of the interview. because i would love to be apart of your company if given a chance.

    i can be reached via cellphone 09282545559.

    please consider my request. thank you and more power.

  74. recruitment_team says:

    for all the people that are asking if online submission is possible,it is possible..
    but we would still contact you and let you come over to our office to have an interview,so i think its better if you pass it to us directly,for those people that are asking for an invitation for an interview,you could just leave your number there and we will text you and invite to come over and have your interview, thank you for being interested..

  75. marilyn says:

    hi there!i really like to apply on your company,i would like to ask if you have vacant?and what day you entertain application?more power

  76. recruitment_team says:

    we are entertaining applicant on weekdays mon-fri

    just bring along a valid ID and resume w/u

  77. glenville joy rosalem says:

    good day sir/ma’am
    i want to apply at your company, i would like to ask if its really necessary to have a two years course in college? and i would like to ask also the requirements..thank you so much

  78. recruitment_team says:

    yes it is necessary..

  79. Faith says:

    Hi recruitment team! Are you accepting applicants from Manila interested in relocating to Davao. My parents are in Davao and I want to move back there. I have been a call center senior assistant manager for 5 years now here in Manila. Hope you can help. Thanks!

  80. Ambahonyojan says:

    Take it from me , If you’re not an Indian , it’s just simply not worth it. I will wait for Convergys, they will open soon ! Huh lets see how you (Sutherland) will put up to the competition ! Good luck !

  81. Ira Krystyl Y. Castillo says:

    hi there! i am Ira Krystyl Y. Castillo, 22 yrs. old. i am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing batch 2009. i am a computer literate and i am willing to work in your company as a call center agent. this is my number 09204152893. hoping for your immediate response. thank you. more power to your company.

  82. Ira Kathrine Y. Castillo says:

    hello! i am Ira Kathrine Y. Castillo, 20 yrs. old., a Nursing graduate of May 2009. i am a computer literate and i am interested to work in your company as a call center agent. this is my number 09291368006. hoping for your response. thank you.

  83. Edel mark Caneda says:

    I would like to apply in your company as a TSR agent..

  84. Marjo Ray Lacerna says:

    dear sir/madam:

  85. Marjo Ray Lacerna says:

    dear sir/madam:

    good day! i would ask if there is online hiring here in davao? i would like to pass a resume. i know that this job will improve my skills and capabilities in public speaking..

    thank you!
    good day!

  86. VANESSA ANDRES says:

    gud eve maam/sir i just wanna ask f i can submit my resume through online,,,if it is possible hope u will send me on my email add..cuz i want to be part of ur company…hoping to hear a favorable response so soon!!!!


  87. collin says:

    hi sutherland i am willing to apply i ur good company hope u will contact me and inform about the other things to know the company

  88. Humprey says:

    Hi wife, Danica Torrevillas was previously employed with your company. Though, I asked her to leave your company because she had an elicit affair with one of your agents also – Carl Brian Ong. i talked with their manager before & she said will make a move on this since this is against their handbook. i wonder what happened now with Mr. Ong.
    Don’t make me make my move first on this!

    Humprey Torrevillas

  89. kayngano? says:


    currently in manila and earning good – call center pud ko dri, but not good enough if im away from family. ive heard sutherland is big and pays well considering naa sa probinsya. i need advise folks. ive read about issues ani nga kompanya. tinuod kaya to? like salary discrepancies, HR/admin inefficiency, etc…regular nako diri ug ayos na tanan mao lang pud bilin pamilya sa davao…worth it kaya ang risk na mag resign ko diri balhin ko suther? if someone can give me a range of their basic salary – i know confidential sya dapat, ngayo lang gud ug clue, hehehe ug isa pa career development – dili pwede agent rako hantod (2 years nako agent)… etc.

    ngayo lang advise, ‘lamat kaayo.

  90. julietechotango says:

    one of the HR people is very rude and unprof she is the small lady with a very hard accent i wonder how she passed ang got hired in the company… guys watch out for this stup*d dumb as* lady!!

  91. julietechotango says:

    who ever is the head of the HR department or recruitment kindly check your people because they are the one’s who are being aproached by other people and we dont want to get bad reputation just because of that certain IDIOT (super bisaya na h.r. feeling pa akala mo naman maganda!!)

  92. woie……

    just wanna say “hi” to my trainer: alex santos of COL…

    miss you lex…..
    miss your accent and jokes as well.. LOL:-D
    i did learn a lot…

    by the way, AT&T U-verse wave 32 I MISS U guys…

  93. Concentrix……. worst salary provider ever…

  94. rht says:

    I am a management-level professional who will be joing Sutherland/Davao in the coming weeks. My background includes working for some of the world’s largest BPO firms, buth in the Philippines and America. I have read, with much interest, the opinions posted on this site. To everyone, I would just say that just about everyone is right, be their perspective positive or negative. I have yet to see a perfect process, especially when a company is in a start up phase. That said, I am sure there have been administrative mishaps. To this, I would like to point out a few things about the contact center industry:

    First, mishaps are generally intensified by volume and pace (fast hiring to meet client demads, high number of schedules, new leaders and admin people due to growth,etc.). Ironically, signs of a company’s growth and promise (like expansion) are the very things that challenge the system. We should not accept this and certainly strive to achieve a higher standard. That’s what continuous improvement is all about. However, mature professionals know when to apply patience and work to be part of the solution.

    Second, I have rarely seen recruiters, payroll people or other leaders intentially make errors. I bring this up because some of the comments I have read are so personal and attacking. We alll have a right to high expectations. That’s how comapny’s become great, but offering objective feedback to the right people (hint: no usually found on web sites) is a much quicker way to get things resolved.

    I am so excited that I may have an opportunity to make a difference in some way. Thank you all for your candor.

  95. kayngano? says:

    That’s basic if there’s not a lot of competition and they know that. They simply don’t care… “so what if he/she lost interest, not my loss.” this is what most HR/customer service or any customer interact job in a place with very minimal competition of the business. The bosses may or may not be aware because WE don’t do something about it. The problem is if we do something, like put extra effort to do a formal complaint as a “customer/applicant” you end up getting more punishment because of your action, “Reklamo diay ka ha, bantay lang inig balik nimo…” This is very common in provinces. I am by nature a ‘probinsiyano’ but i often go to Manila – Davao from time to time so i can definitely tell the difference, HUGE DIFFERENCE. I’m not saying being an applicant and a customer is the same thing. It’s totally different. Applying for a job is ‘IT IS I THAT NEEDS SOMETHING FROM YOUR COMPANY’ but in a call center or any BPO, they earn for every applicant. Here in Manila HR is willing to spend 10Gs for every applicant who are not even qualified ‘by nature’ (no offense, may mga tao talagang di pwede sa call center at definitely mas magaling sa ibang bagay di lang nila alam) just to enhance such skill, its all because of competition. In Davao, being an applicant is you really have to stand out. You miss a word by saying it incorrectly and you’re gone.

  96. kayngano? says:

    none sens? hehehehe…

    pagawas lang sa gibati kay biktima pud ko pareha ni julietechotango pero lahi lang na company.

    mao ni ako advise sa mga applicants. kung dili mo minyo or wala mo reason to stay sa davao, anhi mo manila kay ilugan ka sa kompanya. kung aware mo sa inyong sarili na dili mo bisaya jud kaayo mustorya daghan seats waiting for you here. daghan ko na ilhan nga bisaya pud nga agents dri and they stand out perme sa ilang team kasi hawod mag ininglish ug dili jud by nature bastos.

    tinuod its tough diri sa manila (hold up, traffic, dili preska and isda hehehe, etc) kaya make sure na before you decide to come here dapat ready ka sa worst case scenario.

    wa na ta mabuhat ana nga mga bastos nga HR diha kasi mao na jud na ang systema sa probinsya, it will take decades bago pa nila ma realise ang importance sa ilang job description. it shouldve been basic.

    adyos! im coming back home soon… or probably take my family here with me na lang para mas masaya.


  97. bis dak says:

    I agree with kayngano?…

    You just have to find your place under the sun…

    Because there are only a few call centers (Not Contact Centers, mind you) in Davao, finding one’s place is quite difficult to do..here in Manila, well, you just have to stroll down Ayala Avenue and almost every building has a Contact Center…

    Remember..No Guts, No Glory


    Been with my company (One of the Largest Contact Centers in the Philippines) for Three Years now and it’s been fun…quite an experience..

  98. SAM22 says:

    I am very interested to work as a call center agent ever since call center invades davao. I don’t even know how it is working there, what kind of job it is.. I’m just curios about it. I haven’t tried applying but I’m planning to do it anytime this month. I have plenty of friends working in Sutherland and I heard so much good things about the company. I am preparing myself by searching on internet some interview tips and the company background. Some of my friends told me that fluency in english is not really important because you may develop it during the training.

    Can someone share with me some tips here and some possible questions that will ask during the interview? I’ll be going to submit my resume next week. It will help a lot! Thank you guys 🙂

  99. dan michael belo says:

    good day

    i am interested to work as a M.I.S at sutherland kindly contact me if there are still available job

  100. wanderer86 says:

    Hi sa tanan, wala lang init man gud ang discussion while tugnaw ang panahon. for those who are working in Manila now, are there BPO companies who are looking for writers? how much do they usually pay? undergrad pud diay ko pwero confident with my writing prowess. help daw, kay murag underpaid kaayo ang mga writers diri sa davao. Im also good in oral communications, not intermediate but advance ganahan lang jud ko magsulat. let me know. iemail ko pls sa matias.regis@yahoo.com.

    Salamat mga anak sa Diyos!

  101. joeann says:

    have a good day!
    i’d like to ask f u’r company stil hiring for more applicants?
    though i’ve heared some bad feedbacks, but still i’d love to apply at ur company…i’d like to ask also f i can submit my resume online and how?
    hoping that you can send me ur responce at my emailadd:joeann_LJ@yahoo.com…

    thanks and god bless…

  102. joeann says:

    by the way u can send me also at my mobile # 09124230328…
    more power…

  103. kayngano? says:

    see what i mean?

    all because of less competition. after all the hammering and curses on this company still people would love to fill out any slot.

  104. kiko says:

    hi… i just want to know the sutherlands davao contact no. i just have something to verify in your office. plsss… it’s very very important. thank you so much.

  105. eugene says:

    kiko, kaw ba tong kauban nako nag apply? hehe. pede pa cgro apas sa training bai, hehe..

    @all: im already in for the training at sutherland, they give no pay for a month. but they say their monthly salary is competitive compared to other bpo companies, which was actually confirmed to us by our co-trainee who had experience in almost every callcenter company here in davao.. they say the pay is good for an inbound account.. plus the hr-recruitment are really accomodating, hence i strongly disagree to the earlier posts.

    do you guys have any idea how much is starting pay at callbox? at sutherland, the pay ranges to 10-12k including allowances.

  106. pipo says:

    eugene, Symantec EH wave 24, right? gwapa kaau ang trainer!

  107. marjone says:


    I am a student right now and presently a student with high competency when it comes to leadership and verbal ability. I just want to ask to the administration of sutherland on how to apply to your company by means of email. is there any tendency that i will be hire through internet?

    which way is the best in applying to your company? visiting the place or by means of internet?

    What are the requirements in applying in your company?

    I am very thankful to entertain my questions and inquiries regarding in the application in your number 1 fast growing company.

    I am hoping for your warm and immediate response.

    thank you,

  108. bev says:

    how to apply in Sutherland Davao?

  109. roxanne says:

    i would like to apply…and i’ve been loooking for your website where i can submit my resume…hope you could consider my concern…
    thank you!

  110. My concerns with suth says:

    I’ve been with suth for almost 2 years now. what i really hate with this company whenever they sent people to other site they will book you either to the cheapest hotel in the city (which is most of the time dangerous) or they will settle you to their shanty staff house. why do they do that to their employees. they sent people to other sites because you are a performer; it’s not fair. then no allowance, duh. what if you are new to this place you don’t know the area, it’s very dangerous. hope HR will look at this. they dont know where they put their folks. next time they sent me to other place, i never accept it anymore.

  111. Rolly Joey A. Jonilas says:

    21 February 2010

    Dear Sir/Madame:

    We are the Midsayap Communication System Corporation (MCSC) a company that provides medium communication system within the five (5) municipalities of the 1st district of Cotabato like Aleosan, Midsayap, Libungan, Pigcawayan, and Alamada.

    Our company now is expanding its services through the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry of which Call Center falls. Our company as of the moment has 100 trained agents and we are just waiting for accounts so we could immediately start the operation.

    On this regard, we would like to partner with you and discuss matters concerning this partnership. We would be very glad if you could help us in this endeavor. Thank you and we look forward to work and link with you. God bless!

    Sincerely yours,

    Product Manager

    Owner and Manager

  112. Abba Jane Abella says:


    I would like to apply and enhance my capability on your good company.

    Hoping for your favorable consideration.

    Thank YOu.

  113. Clark K. says:

    just wanna inquire if you still have slots for CCOD.
    I have a 3 yr experience on this field.
    have been employed to a call center company for almost 4 years.
    Im interested to apply and become a part of your company.

    thanks and much love.


    *up up and away..

  114. aldrin c says:

    good evening

    hi i would like to apply in your company, just asking what are the requirements? and where to pass?

  115. zylyn m. fontilla says:

    sir/ ma’am,

    Pleasant day., Hello, my name is Zylyn M. Fontilla, 20 years old & residing at blk16 lot2 Saranggani homes phase2 purok malakas, GSC..
    I know that your company is very competitive among other call center company, thats why i have decided to apply as one of your agent, because i know that i have the capability to become as one.

    Please contact me through my email or through my mobile phone number ( 09199840712).

    More power, God bless you & hoping for your positive response.

  116. Donskie says:

    Left suth due to contract Issues.

    Signed up for Technical Support and after 8months, Sales was added and no actual training or compensation, and after a week billing was added and still the same no actual training or compensation. So Its no longer just technical support its universal agents. Grrrr.

    Yes I’m a whinner.

  117. Donskie says:

    Now working @ Concentrix for 2 months now, so far its fine. and I still respect sutherland I left after a year.

  118. jecka says:


    I received a text message from your company yesterday informing me that you are in need of call center agents but application is until today 4pm only. i am interested but cannot make it because i have work till 5. is there any schedule aside from the given date and time?

    thank you


    hi! i want to experience working as a call center agent. I’ve been teaching high school students for about 6 years already but still im looking for a career that will really give me much happiness nd satisafaction.I hope there is still vacancies.

  120. roy says:

    hi.. i want to work as help desk support technician in your company. Is there any vacancies there?

  121. Benz Alim says:

    Hi! I have been teaching for five years already in the private institutions however I would also like to broaden my understanding by simply shifting to any other thing most likely as a call center agent. Honestly, I have no enough background about it but reading your articles about the training, I think, it would be of great help for a beginner like me and definitely willing to undergo such. I am interested. Thank you Sutherland. By the way, you can text me on this number 09219979662.

  122. Great site you have here.
    Will definitely bookmark it.

  123. Recruitment of Suth says:

    here are the contact info of Sutherland in the Philippines. you can also check out their website at http://www.suth.com

    Philippines Manila, Operations



    Philippines Cam Sur, Operations
    +63-2-459-2900 ext. 282-883


    Philippines Clark, Operations


    Philippines Davao, Operations
    +63-2-459-2900 ext. 282-866


    Philippines Tarlac, Operations
    +63-2-459-2900 ext. 282-803

  124. Rone from Digos! says:

    Hi Good Day to everyone!!!

    Hi I’m Rone from Digos City.

    I’m willing to work to your prestigious company. How I can apply to your Company?

  125. smoothghost says:


    I want to apply for the CSR position.

    I have 3 years experience in call center industry.

    Please contact me thru my email add smoothghost_22@yahoo.com or my mobile# 09228123039

    best regards,

  126. Lee Harvey says:

    hi good pm maam/sir..

    may i know wat are the requirements for applying in ur company..
    i’m I.T graduate last march 28, 2010..i am a fresh graduate..
    hoping for reply..thnks..and godbless

  127. Hermes L. Juaneza says:


    i would love to inquire if you are in need of a van service for your company. i have a 14-seater toyota hi-ace commuter d4d (model 2009) with me at present. i will appreciate if you could give me an appointment to discuss with you any details that would suite the company’s requirement.

    thank you very much and more power to your company.

  128. cecille may says:


    Good day I would like to ask if your accepting student who are
    applying as practicums for this summer only? hoping for your earlier

    thank you very much and more power god bless to your company.

  129. khyl cuecas says:

    i just want t ask if thre’s still training before one is totally hired?
    how many days will be spent for a certain training duration?
    what are the necessaries to be complied if you will get hired?

  130. Rhea Mae says:


    Good day, I would like to ask if your company is still accepting applicants
    for the call center agents????

  131. Mark Anthony Ellorimo says:

    Gud Day Maam/Sir:

    I would like to know if you’re still accepting applicants for call center agents???

  132. Maria Nestle Abella says:

    can i apply in your respective company?
    im an IT graduate…fresh graduate last april 4, 2010
    hoping for yuor reply

  133. graceadalia says:

    hello i would like to ask if you have any vacancy? what are the requirements needed? there is any payment?thank you so much …..

  134. Lakambini says:

    Hi I would like to ask because I sent my resume to a friend of mine just give to HR Sutherland Davao, that was the time I cannot be able to personally visit Sutherland office. I asked my friend and she told me that they do not accept a resume because they want the applicant to apply personally? why is that so? the position I am applying is for admin and hr post as well….any feedback for this….

  135. Lakambini says:

    by the way, is the issue of Mr. humprey already been resolved by the manager? actually elicit affairs in BPOs are becoming rampant….not just here in davao but i think all the BPOs here in the PI…

    can the management also look into it….it’s like BPOs can be one of the reasons of broken families…hope this can be resolve as well….

  136. binibini says:

    hello, i have a query regarding the on-hold applicants, is there something to expect?

    after my final interview last June 6, i was told by the recruitment personnel to wait for a text message within two weeks because I was placed in the on-hold list. almost 3weeks have passed and i haven’t received any messages from them. do i still have to expect for the job offer? or do i need to move on and look for another job?

  137. shesan says:

    i would like to apply as a call center agent in your company. would it possible to send my resume/cv thru e-mail?

    thank you

  138. annie mewz says:

    Well i was going to work there, i have received about 10 calls from them over the past 2 years asking me to work or be interviewed and i never showed up. Blame it on an overzealous friend who thought it’d be a good idea to “refer” me.

    After reading these reviews, I THINK NOT BABY PUPPY!

  139. tech says:

    Hi..i would like to follow up my application..i haven’t received any message or call from recruitment..I applied June 28,2010 and was told to wait for final interview..my friends that I referred are on their training now..been 17 days,haven’t received any call or message for my final interview..is there something to expect?


  140. xtn-j oliveros, jr. says:

    Good Day!


    I would like to ask what site can I submit my resume on line…
    I would love to be part of your company if given a chance…


    Thank you…

  141. nici says:

    hi im nici 22 from davao..i would like to apply and be part of your company..graduated as a degree of BS Industrial Engineering and Cargiver…please do response because im willing to do everything and flexible ing terms of work and relationship with my workmates…..here is my # 09205092944…thanks a lot and god bless….

  142. Willy says:

    Good Day!

    I am very much interested to be part of your company and have some position.Godbless…

  143. bing says:

    Good day!

    I’m Bing, 31 years old.I would like to apply as a call center agent in your company. If given a chance I’m willing to work anytime of the day. I don’t have any experience in this field but I’m willing to undergo training just to fit myself in this field.

    I’m hoping for your reply. Thank you.

  144. john says:

    wow…. lots of negative issues bout the com.. but still i really wanna try it.. well if u want,, ur welling to take all that risk.. maybe bcoz of consiousness,, i dont believe in that unless i havnt try it.. heres my contct no. 09074920560.. call me .. ty..

  145. nens says:


    just like to ask if Online submission of resume is available?
    i would like to apply in davao city
    can i have the website that i can send my resume?
    thanks poh..
    hoping for your response…

  146. maonani says:


    Every call center has its own flaws.. same with Sutherland. The funny thing about it is they are hiring and telling everybody that they are expanding. The truth is they just had a mass resignation early this year. I don’t know the reason for it, maybe some were offered better. This is all I can say, if you have a position from your previous job- apply in Sutherland. They give high pays to external hire.. KAWAWA naman yung mga nasa loob na, indi ma promote promote.. tsk..tsk..tsk..

  147. Ma. Adeline Ramirez says:

    good day sir/madam,

    I would like to apply as a call center agent in your good company.

    Hoping for your good response. Thank you and more power to your company.

  148. I’ve rss reader to my rss reader so I could look out for additional posts of yours. Definitely anticipating additional posts on the same subject. Thanks for the informative blog!

  149. lea de la peña says:

    good day!

    i would like to be a part of your good company….I am very much willing to serve and render excellent services to the best of my ability… thank you so much and God bless….

  150. allenation says:

    Recruitment of Suth Says:

    here are the contact info of Sutherland in the Philippines. you can also check out their website at http://www.suth.com

    Philippines Manila, Operations



    Philippines Davao, Operations
    +63-2-459-2900 ext. 282-866


  151. Aris Galon says:


    i’m also one of those who want to work in your good company,although i dont have any experience working in a call center but im willing to undergo training that your good company provide and that i wanted to be a part of your team here in davao city.
    i also want to ask about your website where I can submit my resume..
    hope this will merit your kind attention..thanks and Godbless…

  152. arnod says:

    Good day sir/madam,

    I have heard so much good things about your company, and i am interested to apply as a call center agent of your company. This is arnold, a 22 yrs. old 4th yr.BSED student. I am one of those hopeful people looking and hoping for a slot for me if there’s any. you can simply reach me through my mobile number 09303611768. Thank you and GOD bless.

  153. Noemie10 says:

    i would like to ask if applicants without job experience have chance to be part of this company?

  154. Steve says:

    I know this article is not super recent but is the call center still taking applicants? Is there any need for cal takers with medical knowledge or background?

  155. xirysh says:

    Good day I would like to ask if your accepting student who are
    applying in your company?if yes , whats the req.? hoping for your earlier

  156. Michelle says:

    Suthernever Say is right. two years later he is of course right. I may have met him since I was one of those who has to go to Tesda to work for Sutherland.
    The company owes me 8000 in discrepancies
    The company owes me back pay (which never came of course)

    for everyone’s information, my friend transferred to the new building. and being pregnant needed her SSS benefits. LO! there was none. guess why? our contributions were never posted.

    if you want to join this company, think again and walk away. this has been the most unprofessional experience ever!

  157. Michelle says:

    and here i am two years later, having just found out that SUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICES has cheated many many people including me of my SSS and Philhealth benefits. They chose to keep the money.

    The mass resignation? this was because of discrepancies to salary also. 1 and a half years ago Symantec EH laid off more than half the workers because of some requirement that they failed to mention from the start. Imagine that, firing 5 month old agents because they should “never have qualified in then first place” and just telling them to go home. talk about unprofessional.

    The stress was not worth it and the Indians stink like hell. Highest paid call center? hell no! They led us to believe that we were getting a higher premium because we were experienced but then they forced us to sign a “temporary” contract that shows a much lower salary! they said that we need to sign that so we will be able to get our salary. how low can they get??!

  158. dpss says:

    here’s my piece. ive been employed in sutherland davao for 9 months. ive gone through almost 2 months of training and you will only get paid when you start the tech training. it took a long time for me to finish the course because the trainers doesnt know what they are doing. after being deployed i had a discrepancy, total of 1 week with out pay. i was one of the top 5 agents for the whole dvo att site and all i got was a lousy jacket(no bonus or anything). they also have a habit of saying that they will give you incentives, but it never really happens. your shift will also change every week including rest days. they say that its a tech support account but aside from that you will be forced to have sales/upgrades. their hr dept. is incompetent as well. so think before you apply.

  159. Good day sir/madam i wish to apply in any position in ur company ,but im only graduated in highschool coz my parents cannot finance me through college. But im willing to be trained …could it be possible for a poor girl like me work in your wonderful company? hoping for your kind consederation… thank you

  160. L-Methionine says:

    online resume is really needed specially if you want to apply for IT jobs on the internet *~`

  161. franz villacorta says:

    good day maam/sir;

    me and my friends would like to apply at your company for any vacant job that fits us. we are freshly graduated from college in the course of nursing and currently hunting for a job. i would just like to ask if your company still open for hiring and information on how to get it through.. thanks and God bless..

  162. hope says:

    good day!
    I’m hope 27 years old and a nursing graduate.I want to apply as a call center agent even before i graduate but i have no experience in this field.I’m willing to undergo trainings to be qualified.If given a chance I’m willing to work any time of the day.Is there any chance that I can be Hired?

    Hoping for your response…here is my mobile number 09212605310/09155868520.Thank you and more power…

  163. weneverlearn says:

    mga bombay manggugulang! thats a fact! they promise you a certain amount but the contract you signed is far from what was promised to you. they let you sign up for tech support, but you deal with credit cards and hear zero issues about tech. only to find out and linya (split level/skill) na naka assign sa id mo is customer service.

    maybe this is a good thing (may kompanyang nanggugulang) para naman matuto tayo maging vigilant the next time we apply. vigilant sa salary deductions, OTs, sss. philhealth, basic pay , etc. these negative comments are from people who were treated unfairly hindi po “hearsay” lamang. yet andami pa rin gusto mag apply. it just shows na pinoys are willing na maLOKO magkatrabahao lang. probably sooner or later matuto na tayong lumaban at turuan ng leksyon ang mga foreign companies na walang respeto sa mga pinoy.

  164. isis grace yasay murillo says:

    im under by account of tech support it sucks!!!!

  165. Bakrhing says:

    oh my god,..i made up my mind a while ago..to leave my present company here in cebu,,so that i could apply in sutherland..coz my friends told me that it’s one of the well known company sa davao,.however , after i read all the commments..i doubt it,..

  166. Virgie Arellano says:

    Dear sir.Madam

    I would like to apply as call center agent.my work experiences are.

    i worked in Singapore for 5 years as a bayby sitter that was 1985.

    and i worked in Hong KOng for 3 years as a Domestic Helper,

    and in Makati for 9 years as a secretary of Medical supply for 9 years.

  167. crapcrapcrap says:

    …..butt spells, tongue spells, never ending call simulations, pointless drills, crap… crap… crap… if you dont have it then you dont have it. dont let the trainess stay longer if you already know they dont have it. why? luoy kaayo sila. ang uban gikan toril, mintal, samal, etc. pamasahe pa lang pildi na. training for almost three months unya allowance lang na not exceeding 4thou? grabe pud. kung di pa jud mangayo or madreklamo ang trainees di jud tagaan. kaluoy intawun sa dabawenyo.

  168. dearAryel says:

    Sutherland davao called me last tuesday and they say that i have an interview this coming monday.. after i read all this comment give me some advice if i will continue to go on monday.. please! thanks a lot

  169. vanessa says:

    i love to work in your good company as a call center agent.

  170. Donita says:

    how much is the salary of sutherland?

  171. Francis James Baulos Duremdes says:

    Good day!

    i would love to be one of your call center agents. i am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. I am 21 years of age and single.

  172. Ideaz says:

    is this post still alive? is the admin still replying to these post? after reading everything here, i’ve had mix feelings. Just signed a 15 day contract friday, they say they’d text you and training starts tuesday this coming week. I’m starting to get doubtful because of the posts here, BUT..I haven’t been IN so I wouldn’t exactly know what it really is like or the problem does’nt exactly lie with just the company but the employee as well.

    tendencies in the posts here are that people we’re just overridden by they’re emotions, BUT still I don’t know. I may have doubts, BUT I haven’t taken the chance yet…but if within days though that the opinions here popped out, then It would be just the question of continuing or quitting.

    I have to ask though, did you actually voice out your concerns to the admin or just vent it in? If you did, what did they reply?

    If everything here is based on self-centered opinions, it will still not stop the company from taking in applicants and applicants wanted to join in.

    If you want to complain badly, that this company mistreated you, or anyway cheated you. Do you have the evidence to prove it?

    Its now april of 2011, the post here wen’t back as far as 2008.

    Surely, there would be changes? we are filipinos…we don’t stop trying just because someone told us NO.

    There won’t be any charice or bruno mars or even PACMAN by now who is raising the banner of the Philippines.

    Anyway, just voicing an opinion. I was not trying to shoot at anyone, I am just merely curious as to the real facts behind all these opinions.

    And hopefully, I’ll get a text from them where and what time training starts. (^_^) peace!

  173. Ideaz says:

    Francis James Baulos Duremdes:

    Hi, if you are very much interested to join Sutherland, just walk in to the Luisa blg. 2 in the back of the venue, beside HSBC. Bring your resume, and ofcourse yourself. It would be better to walk in than wait a reply on an email you sent them.

    As long as you’ve taken at least 2 years worth of college and can communicate effectively in english, then your set to go.

    The office is open from 9am-5pm from mon-fri.

    I’d advice you to go early because it takes 7 steps to get in, and you will have a greater tendency to finish the 7 steps within the day, be patient too in waiting as there would be a lot of applicants there. Just remember to do the best you can in every step..specially the final interview on the 6th stage if you make it far.

    Well, goodluck and Godbless…

    Bka mgkasama pa tayo sa training if ever. (^_^)

  174. SGSunlike says:

    @Ideaz – tama ka jan sir. In America, just by invading their private space they can sue you for that. Dito sa atin, ninakawan ka na or whatever serious assault na experince mo hindi ka pa rin magdedemanda kasi ang JUSTICE SYSTEM dito is very poor. The very same reason bakit nagtago si Lacson. Hindi tayo mahilig magreklamo or magdemanda kasi mas malaki ang chances na ikaw pa ang maharass ng nirereklamo mo. At isa pa, less competition dito sa davao kaya ganon.

    Anyway, applying at SGS davao is just like buying a car. if you got a lemon then its just not your day. But in SGS? too many lemons mate!

    hahahhaa! hoping this thread would still be active waiting for your experience when you get there.

  175. Ideaz says:


    Yeah, very true…that’s one of the reason most filipinos want abroad…they get better justice system…Look at the status of schools oh…if in demand ang isang course grabeh manghuthot ng pera…pero pg tanungin na san papunta…ang dami excuse…sasalihin pa ang pangalan ni Lord.

    Ayway, I got a text from them..just got started

    So far, so good…first day palang naman…

    Its sorta fun, I’ve different people on class.

    The religious type
    Mestisa-sosyal type
    bad boy type
    chicka babes

    May question pang what if your a fruit?

    BTW..I am not a SIR…(peace!)

  176. Tom says:

    hello guys, wag kayong maniwala sa mga negative feedback about sutherland. i am working here in sutherland davao for uverse account. the hiring process is medyo mahirap lalo na sa stage 3. about the salary, ok naman. mas malaki offer nila compare to other call center dito sa davao. about naman sa HR, so far i don’t have a problem with them ( maybe yung nag rereklamo ay xa yung may problema)
    sutherland is a great choice to start your career.

  177. Mariche E.Balante says:

    Good Day!
    Maam/Sir, i would like to apply your company if my qualifiacation is fit of this job,Im 21 years of age, llive in buahangin Davao city, single, if you given me a chance to be a part of your company im willing to undergo the training, im graduate 2 years course COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY, through my mobile # 09182356105..tanx

    Good Bless and More Blessings!!!

  178. wee_di_nga says:

    I’ve been with Sutherland for almost 2 years now And I’m happy even though they have a lot of issues.
    I have a lot of memories in Sutherland.

    I cried because of my Freak Supervisor( My previous sup). No pay for 2 pay periods. Had nightmares in the naproom, Stupid Doctor and wicked nurses of the clinic, Cried because of our stupid floorwalker, POC of the team and the whole team hates me because I’m a KJ poc and a very supportive, understanding, kind and handsome supervisor.
    My SUP. 😀 And of course I’m one of the top agents. 😀

    I thought that i will not stay in this industry because my trainer told me that I will get tired and resign but I’m still here. Taking calls!! 😀

    Negative comments are actually true but that depends on you if you want to pursue you application. Even Big companies have flaws.
    All I can say that in this industry
    “If you love your job, your job will love you back”
    You are a warrior if u stay in the industry for more than a year. 😀

  179. wee_di_nga says:


    trainer mo si ano. hahahaha.
    You’re so luck that she’s ur trainer. 😀

  180. july says:

    hi. how can i apply at sutherland

  181. nerbyosa says:

    I’ve read all the comments here. haha.
    mixed emotions bai.
    i am invited for an interview this monday.
    i am so nervous!!!!!!

    BTW, can somebody help me how to get to SGS HR office?
    I’m from tagum city but to tell you frankly i’m not really familiar with the city streets and routes in davao. 😦 what a shame.

    I’ve searched google maps but i’m not really confident with the result.
    I hope somebody can help me.

  182. Jolo Van Clyde S. Abatayo says:

    hey Miss NErbyosa, i am also planning as well. are you sure you’ll be there for tomorrow? i am not also familiar with the place but i have with me my Auntie. She will accompany me..

  183. Jolo Van Clyde S. Abatayo says:

    i have just posted a msg here yesterday and i am so puzzled why it is not here anymore. Am i not qualified because i am an undergrad?
    oh please, i need a response coz’ i am expecting a lot.

  184. seven habits of highly effective people…

    Sutherland Davao’s Second Callcenter Facility « A New Davao Arises!…

  185. juliet says:

    hi everyone, been planning to apply at SGS, but im just worried about one thing and just to be sure, will I get paid for training?
    anyone from sutherland please answer me…para atleast may pambayad ako sa uutangin kong pamasahe…

  186. kakaaply ko palang kanina pasado hanggang stage 5… mgaantay pa muna daw ako ng text galing sa kanila kasi wala pa bakante sa tech.support.. i hope na matanggap ako kasi kelangan ko ng pera para makaraise ng fund para sa choclear implant operation ng bunso ko.. tsaka nalang ako mgpost ulit kung ok ba o hindi dito sa SGS.

  187. MisLilah says:

    A great day to everyone. I just want to ask about my cousins status , He applied last Wednesday in the southerland Davao .. and The interviewer told him that they will just call or sent him a message if he got pass the stages and hired. Just wondering lang… when they told “sending msge/call means having a chances ba ‘ or nothing at all ?!
    He keeps on expecting kasi the message or call from the company. and i guess it better to know na if He has no chance na of being hired since the word “WE WILL JUST CALL YOU” is a common phrase uses than saying u failed .

    thank you 🙂
    looking forward for your responses 🙂

  188. flordelis says:

    hi good day.. a wanna apply also even there so many negatives about that call center. i just took 1 year in college as BSIT stud. so still im a first year stud. i had stop my studies last 2009 because of financial problem.. but im good in communication… patient warm and a good listener.

    my question is am i qualified??? i want to finish my studies with the help of your company, if you allow me to be part of it…and im willing to work in graveyard.. pls. inform me at this no.09306733622

    again good day and more power to your company…

  189. Larry M. Buaya says:

    Hi good am… I would like to apply for any vacant position that suits my qualification in your company. Recently, I worked as a computer attendant. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness. I’m 23 years old and in good health. I’m really excited to be part of your company if you let me. Just like to know if I have a chance. I am determined and have capabilities to complement your company!

    More power and Godbless you!

  190. loui says:

    gudeve,,,tomorrow is the judgement day,,jejeejjeej apply nami wish me luck!

  191. roses.are.red says:

    Hello Guys! I applied at Sutherland and gone through steps 1-4, but after step 4 they told me that i should keep my line open coz they’ll just call me for the final interview.
    Anyone from sutherland kindly answer my question or someone with experience. Thanks…

  192. id says:

    good day im graduated of a course bachelor of arts major in economics i want to be part of your company just mail my yahoo account for more info hers id.gene thanks more power

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