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Better late than never…Happy 6th Monthsarry!


Better late than never….Happy 6th monthsarry NEODAVAO! We started our year with great news. But as days went by, more and more awesome and worth celebrating news came for Davao City. Recently, we have just been judged as One of the Future Cities in Asia. Three cities made to the top ten list; Quezon City, Cebu City, and Davao City. We are the only city in Mindanao that represented the whole¬†island in the list.

Another good news is the entry of Sitel in Davao. Sitel is considered as one of the biggest BPOs globally. Its entry in Davao City would surely bring employment to our city. Sutherland, another BPO giant is said to expand in Davao as well. They are currently planning to put up two facilities in the city.

Real estate industry in Davao is also in boom. Another project worth watching for is a marina – leisure development project which would be a consortium between Landco and the Floreindos. We started the first month of the year with alot of things to celebrate. Let’s hold on tight as we embrace more good news for our beloved Davao in the next months to come this year.


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2 Responses

  1. Ryan Lloyd says:

    hi, im always reading the development of the city of the Davao. i just want to ask about the progress of the creation of Metropolitan Davao.

  2. hill roberts says:

    Go, Davao, Go!!!Fantastic turnaround from ten years ago. Keep it up.
    Mabuhay and God bless

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