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One Oasis Davao – 7 midrise condominiums in Davao City

Filinvest Land Inc., will be developing a 2.3 ha lot located at the back of SM City Davao into a residential complex consist of 7 midrise walk up condominiums. The total development of the whole complex would be developed over a 3 to 4- year timeframe.

In its first phase, four walk-up buildings will be built. Each building has five levels with a basement and a rooftop. Each level will have 24 condo units.

A total of 120 residential condominium units per building for a total of around 850 residential condominium units for the entire cluster will be developed.

For more info, kindly visit http://oneoasis.wordpress.com

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10 Responses

  1. lio fernando says:

    where are the pictures or perspective

  2. Imelda A. Andres says:

    I’m asking also for the pictures? the design?

  3. tjbrewed says:

    Hi Imelda. I do have a different website focusing on One Oasis. Pls check my other site: http://oneoasis.wordpress.com If you could also provide me your email, I can send you more details about it. Or, you can send me your query to my email ad at shealthiel@gmail.com

    As much as possible, I dont want to post details of certain real estate projects in my NEODAVAO website (I can only post the overview) as this website is not a marketing site but only focuses on DAVAO City’s news and developments. Thanks.

  4. Roy Michael says:

    how much does it costs?………………………..

  5. May says:

    can you send me a price quotation in my add.. me available unit pa ba?

  6. adrian says:

    pa-send din ng quotation?

  7. Lillibeth says:

    i need more information on the condo’s in davao. price and area?

  8. Steve Byrd says:

    How many square meters is the floor area? I am looking for something on the ground floor because I use a wheelchair.

  9. mel drilon says:

    please help us recover our 20k reservations. Romeo agco and jasmine tupas cheated us just recently i will send you the letter i emailed to the manage thruogh kotchela.

    The Manager
    One Oasis Condominiums
    Filinvest, Davao City

    30th July 2010

    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing to you regarding the 20% down payment of the unit we want to purchase at One oasis Building 3. Ms. Kotchela Cayonda ask me to write this letter in request for the 20% down payment to be payable within twelve months installments, instead of three months.

    We paid the reservation fee last June 28, 2010. I was not aware that the only option we have is to pay 3 monthly installments. We met our agent Romeo Agco when we visited the site last May 2010 during our holiday in Davao City. And he persuaded us to pay 20,000.00 pesos reservation fee to retain the unit and handed us the 12 monthly installment payment samples.

    A week after we sent the money, He sent us a message informing me that I should pay 167,000 pesos by the end of July 2010. Romeo also told me that if I don’t pay this amount of money, my 20K reservation fee will be forfeited. These things confused me so I called your office, I was informed that there is no more 12 monthly installment left, as the unit is ready for occupancy. I was shocked and upset, felling cheated and misguided by your agent for not giving me enough information.

    I am not prepared to pay the three monthly installments due to lack of information from your agent. My family and I lived in England and the unit that we want to purchase is more likely a holiday home. I have also financial commitments here in UK and won’t be able to release that amount of money within 3 months.

    However, if it is not possible for us to get the 12 monthly installment in building 3, Could the management transfer my reservation fee to your one bedroom unit in building 4.
    My wife and I adore your venture that we are very keen to have one. I appreciate your kind consideration regarding this matter.

    Thanks for all the help.

  10. nej says:


    you can also ask an update to me here is my number 0922-860-6265

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