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Site of the Ayala mall and BPO/ ICT Building in Davao

Ayala Mall Davao


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7 Responses

  1. boy says:

    The General Manager:

    Good day!

    I am pleased to share with you the “Water4Gas” Do-It-Yourself Technology.
    For further details and answer to Frequently Ask Questions, please go direct
    to the below link:


    Thank you and regards.


  2. Marco says:

    This is great for Davao! Di na ako mag aabroad, hehehe

  3. click here says:

    fuel saving is what we need

  4. ji says:

    When is the new groundbreaking date?

  5. hill roberts says:

    Marco is right. why go abroad when you’ve got Davao? That’s the way to go Davao. Thanks for having opened up that “chopsuey city”—no one in
    his or her right mind would call Davao that way again. More photographs please, and thanks for all the info. God bless

  6. That’s exciting! We’re a new, small outsourcing company in Davao and we’re excited, as we see the growth potential.

  7. Ric Multz says:

    The grand opening will be on May 2011.

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