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PAL mulls opening of Davao-HK flights

By Joy Romares-SevillaPHILIPPINE Airlines (PAL) senior assistant vice president for
Mindanao Domingo Duerme said Wednesday that flag carrier is also
looking at the possibility of opening direct international service to
Hong Kong from Davao.

This developed after Cebu Pacific announced Monday its decision to
expand operations in Davao by making it the third hub after Manila
and Cebu by May next year.

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“As far as tourism is concerned, the more flights we have, the more
we can draw tourists to visit Davao City,” Duerme said in Wednesday’s
edition of the Club 888 press forum, adding the announcement of the
Cebu Pacific is a very welcome development in the city.

Duerme said that aside from the Davao-Hong Kong route, which PAL is
closely considering for tourism development, two more destinations in
China will be proposed by PAL.

“Aside from the one more flight from Davao to Manila that PAL will
open this December, two more destinations in China are still on the
study stage,” Duerme said.

Duerme, on the other hand, failed to mention as to when the service
flights from Davao City to China will be made available.

Meanwhile, Mary Ann Montemayor, chair of the Bimp-Eaga Tourism
Council and one of the guests at the same forum, lauded the
announcement of the Cebu Pacific to service direct flights from Davao
City to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Iloilo.

“Bimp-Eaga Tourism Council has been encouraging airlines to service
air routes, this is a very laudable move,” she said.

Montemayor recently returned from Kuching in Malaysia where the 3rd
Bimp-Eaga Travel Exchange was held.

“The Kuching airport is very nice, but Davao International Airport is
not left behind,” she concluded

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2 Responses

  1. Davao Hive says:

    A new airline will soon serve travelers to Kalibo, Cebu, Subic and Manila from Davao City. Pacific Pearl Airways will start its operations in December with two Advanced Boeing 737-200 aircrafts with around 112-114 seating capacity.

    According to Richard Ryu, vice president of DavKor International Group Corp, initial flights will be to Kalibo and Subic but the plan to serve other destinations in the country is in the pipeline.

    International destinations will include Brunei, Kota Kinabalu and Palau. They are still finalizing permits to fly to South Korea from Subic.

    Pacific Pearl Airways’ objectives are: provide its customers with efficient service and value for money in airline transportation; offer its employees and associates with professional corporate environment, opportunities for career development and just compensation; enable its stockholders to achieve optimum investment returns; and contribute to the economic, social and cultural advancement of the Filipino Nation.

    The company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with permits from the Philippines Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) and Air Transportation Office.



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  2. Marco says:

    sayang wala pa ito!

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