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Davao has world’s most modern airport

“EVEN if you have a crippled aircraft with one engine flying, trying to land in the middle of a strong typhoon, you can still land safely at your Davao international airport,” said William D. Krelle, 76, an Australian engineer.

Krelle, one of the foreign engineering consultants who helped built the Davao International Airport in 1995, said this airport here in the south is “undoubtedly the safest airport in the world” and was surprised to learn that very few people know this fact.

“Without any doubt, I can say now that the Davao International Airport is the most modern airport in the world — it’s far better than Hong Kong airport,”
Krelle stressed.

Krelle now runs a seafood export company in Davao with Filipino partners and commutes regularly between Davao and Darwin, Northern Territory and Melbourne, Australia using a long flight route that takes him to Singapore and Manila for two days before reaching Davao.

What made the Davao airport “the world’s most modern airport,” according to Krelle, are the new modern landing facilities and state-of-the-art computerized equipment installed by a Norwegian airport systems engineer that are used today by some of the world’s biggest airports.

Krelle explained that the unusual mound that curves upward in the middle of the Davao runway is a deliberate engineering design that helps propel an aircraft into the air during take-off and also helps an aircraft land smoothly.

The length of the Davao airport’s runway at 3,300 meters is also at par with that of the country’s international airports as Mactan at 3,300 meters, Clark airbase at 3,200 meters, and Manila (Ninoy) international airport at 3,700 meters, almost the same as the General Santos international airport runway. (Aurelio A. Pena, PhilPress Feature)

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5 Responses

  1. Gumamela says:

    I hope you coud give information about the architectural firm that handled the upgraded international airport… ^_^ It was nice knowing that we were not theat left behind from globalozation, I’d like to visit Davao City in the future…put in a little effort I know that the Philippines can prove that we can pull ourselves from being a third world country, and this is just another stepping stone to prove that…

  2. jethro says:

    what the fuck?
    is it really davao int’l. airport?..
    no,it’s in japan..
    the narita reclaimed island in JAPAN.

    and cebu city is richer than davao city.FYI

  3. jethro says:

    what the fuck?
    is it really davao int’l. airport?..
    no,it’s in japan..
    the narita reclaimed island in JAPAN.

    and cebu city is richer than davao city.FYI
    davao is only the third richest city in the philippines after manila and cebu

  4. adRian says:

    jethro what are u talking about??..

    davao is the most progressive city

    the davao region is abundnt..

    snasbi mo lng na richest ang manila at cebu dahil sa mga buildings

    ect…but davao p2ngo na dyan..tsaka marami mpag kukunan ng mineral

    d2 sa davao….nkita ko nmn ang cebu…tsaka manila maxadong magulo..

    tsaka sa cebu d maayos mga intraktura…mrmi png mangyayari soon sa

    davao…davao is the biggest city in the world…dami png update,,

  5. jm says:

    mga tol wag na magtalo… wla nman maiitutulong arguements nyo.. y dont u try asking urselves kung ano na nagawa nyo para sa kaunlaran ng bansa.

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