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Snapshots – Davao International Airport

Here are some pics of Davao International Airport officially known as the Francisco Bangoy International Airport. This is Mindanao’s busiest airport and the only international airport in Mindanao serving actual international flights in a regular basis. Here are some snapshots from fellow Dabawenyo netizens:

Davao International Airport
by Byrdd from flickr

Davao International Airport
by APL_5 from flickr


Davao International Airport
by Strat_master2000 from flickr

Davao International Airport 
by Strat_master2000 from flickr




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3 Responses

  1. Ferdie Cientos says:

    Are there any plans of offering new international flights in the city soon? As far as I know, DIA only have Singapore and Manado for its international destinations since Koror was discontinued. If in case, I am in transit at DIA will there be any facilities for transit passengers like city tour, airport hotel and other related facilities to that effect? I’ve been to the airport several times and I hope that ATO will continue to keep it clean, passenger friendly and more exciting even if its just a very small international airport.

  2. Comedian Says Minnesota Run Is

    Comedian Says Minnesota Run Is a Serious OneNew York Times,United States-Dec 4, 2007“So much of what he has said is

  3. davaoillustrator says:

    explore more of dia’s structural beauty…
    you’ll see how it’s fares now…

    include the other buildings..

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