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MICT 2007 – Programme Highlights

from www.mict2007.com

The 6th MICT Congress and 1st BIMP-EAGA ICT Conferencence will bring about the various movers and shakers of the ICT industry in Mindanao, the Philippines, and its East ASEAN neighbors. We have invited acknowledged expert practitioners, policy makers, and business executives to share their knowledge and expertise. The two day conference highlights a plenary session on the first day and breakout sessions on the second day. Various topics of interest across a broad range of ICT trends, policies, and issues will be covered. Among the general topics to be discussed are:

ICT Beyond Borders: A BIMP-EAGA Perspective

In the spirit of regional cooperation, each member country shall present their country’s vision, experiences, development model, strengths, limitations and suggested areas for collaborative efforts particularly on ICT development in the BIMP-EAGA.

Global Outsourcing Outlook

In the wake of tremendous revenue opportunities, this session shall allow us a closer look at the drivers of the global outsourcing phenomenon. How is the Philippines perceived as an outsourcing destination?

Developing a BIMP-EAGA ICT Network

A seamless and reliable information infrastructure in the BIMP-EAGA that links the sub-region to the rest of the world is required for ICT-related investments and opportunities to thrive. How can we make it happen?

Enhancing Mindanao’s Human Capital for Global Outsourcing Opportunities

A hihgly skilled and competitive workforce remains paramount in achieving global competitiveness in the ICT industry. Strong educational institutions and the need to further strengthen linkages with industry are also important. How will Mindanao respond to the rising demands of IT-enabled services (ITES) in terms of enhancing human resource development?

Philippines eServices Advantage

A showcase of Mindanao ICT Hubs and other ICT Hubs in the country investing in the Regions

Mindanao success stories on ICT

Listen to homegrown talents and their stories of success.


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