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Davao City Council’s Priorities 2007- 2010

The city council has released its priority legislative agenda for the next 3 years. The agenda was clustered into 7 areas namely:

  • economic development
  • environment
  • finance
  • infrastructure and urban planning
  • peace and public safety
  • public service
  • social service and development

A. Proposed in the Economic Development Plan

  • Proposal to enact the tourism code of the city
  • Enactment of a legislation promoting sustainable agriculture
  • Amendment of the Investment Code

B. Proposed in the Environment Agenda

  • Environment Code
  • Fisheries Code
  • Adoption of a Sewerage System of Davao City

C. Finance Agenda

  • Updating of local measures on taxes, fees, and charges
  • Provision of more benefits to the city employees

D. Infrastructure and Urban Planning

  • Review of the comprehensive development plan and zonification ordinance of Davao City.
  • Creation of Davao City Zoo
  • Patubig sa Barangay – Potable Water System

E. Peace and Public Safety

  • Crafting of an ordinance on the proper use of the streets
  • Crafting of an ordinance on the control volume of Karaoke

F. Public Administration Agenda

  • Construction of a City College
  • Improvement of transport terminal and city hospital.
  • Creation of a Safety Department
  • Creation of Davao City Sports Commission

G. Social Service Agenda

  • Comprehensive Health Care System Code
  • Enhancement of legislations and programs for Women and Children
  • Enactment of the older person’s welfare code
  • Enactment of the Food Safety Code

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11 Responses

  1. concernedcitizen says:

    Creation of Davao City Zoo >>> totally unnecessary… we’ve got a lot of nature parks already! look for other land development projects—those that will bring more business into the city…

  2. rC says:

    to concernedcitizen:

    The creation of this city zoo will generate income – tourism income specifically.

    Those three infrastructures are projected for the year 2020 – a mere double in the present population.

    There is a chapter in the city’s CDP which states that public services are required for social growth.

    So its not all about the big M – MONEY

  3. Ryan Lloyd says:

    The creation of a Zoo means another tourist spot for the city. This is great because we can also save the lives of many animals who are and will be endangered. The city can take good care of the animals who needs help from becoming extinct and at the same time generating money and will be known as animal-friendly city. On the other hand the city should upgrade the infrastrcutures.

  4. Angie says:

    What would create a stir as another landmark for Davao City is a tower in the likes ofCN Tower of Toronto, Macau tower etc. This can house communication facilities, zoo, recreation centers, science research facilities and a viewing deck/resto bar on top. The city can invest on this and gain income too. Hope this will soon rise to show that this city is gaining strength in its socio-economic and political path.

  5. Angie says:

    Strict compliance of traffic rules should also be enforced. The Diversion road from the airport proves to be a very stressful route with jeepney, bus and taxi drivers rudely cruising the road. It is the very first road that tourists coming to the city experience and having it organized will help bring in more tourists. We can have volunteers with allowances monitor the streets and report drivers who are abusive. The NHA stop is unbearable coz of jeepneys trying to get pasengers (occupying two lanes of the road) which causes jams. That is even with a traffic enforcer there.

  6. joshua mabunga says:

    To have a Davao city zoo will generate income and more jobs for the city, and attract tourist destination, not only fr the other countries to visit here, but also to the people of mindanao. Now that Davao city is peaceful place to live, hoping the neighboring places in mindanao will do so. Heal the mindanao. give peace a chance….

  7. hill roberts says:

    Priority? Top priority? Resettlement of informal settlers—-move them somewhere safe and involve them in building their own proper houses,with the full assistance of the local government, especially barangay. The seafront should now be a TOP PRIORITY, before it becomes another
    shameful episode reminiscent of Pasig. That river Davao River should also be used as a leisure point of local residents. As for the seafront, now is the
    time to clean it up, tidy it up, and get those master urban planners fast to develop that almost forgotten seafront, before it becomes a hellhole for migrants from other provinces in search of jobs, a better way of life and
    living. If this is given top priority, that city would be the best, if not one of the top three best cities in the region in the coming years. Zoo? No, no, no, it is NOT a priority, proper houses for the less fortunate are.Clear the river banks and seafront of those unsightly rubbish, unsightly mish-mash of tinda-tinda, as well as makeshift houses. Now THAT is priority and elected politicians should take note—NOW!!!

  8. joshua Mabunga says:

    3 terminals to be put in davao city, can u guess where to put that terminals?

  9. joshua Mabunga says:

    top priority is the construction of city hospital, and that hospital is for the residents only here in Davao. more roads and flyover also to be needed, heavy traffic na kasi

  10. pat jr, pads says:

    hillroberts…that’s a good idea.lets give priority to what the people of davao needs.may the city gov’t. will listen to this.

  11. Dav MOrris says:

    Davao City-Older Persons Welfare Code is now on its 4th Draft,since 2006 when it was prepared.When this will be enact ed in to law,this will be the first ordinance in the entire country.Go-Go-Go Davao City Council.
    You have more weeks to go,to make the senior citizens happy.Happy Davao.

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