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Bringing you what’s new in the city and upcoming to Davao!

Second Monthsarry! It doubled!

To all NeoDavao’s visitors and readers, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT. I’d like to thank you all for consistently visiting this e-mag and for trusting NeoDavao in providing you updates, news, and developments of our global city on the rise – DAVAO CITY.

It’s NeoDavao’s second monthsarry and I am glad to announce that the number of unique visitors doubled.


Focused on our mission and vision – NEODAVAO will be more than just another blogsite. This is your ultimate guide to what’s new in Davao. We will even dare to post credible information that has not been released to the public yet through local dailies. We will continuously show the whole world this global city on the rise.

This month, NeoDavao will stress the advantages in investing in Davao City. We will also post some updates of the latest u/c infrastructures around the city. New investments and business ventures will also be highlighted.

Today, Davao City is indeed experiencing an economic boom! For the first week of September, we have posted the construction update of 3 upcoming hotels, new IT centers, and other new and upcoming establishments. Today is the best time to invest in Davao City!


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