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Two medical transcription companies to open in Davao City

by Prix D Banzon

Lizabel Holganza, president of Medical Transcription Center (MTC) said she is opening up a company for medical transcription outsourcing.

Medical Transcription Center DAVAO
MTC Academy DAVAO photo from MTC Multiply Site

Although she did not yet reveal the name of the transcription company she is opening with some partners from Manila and Davao, she said that they intend to start operation before the end of September this year.

Medical Transcription Center DAVAO

MTC Academy DAVAO photo from MTC Multiply Site

The other company is still working on some documentary requirements and hopefully will soon open here, she said.

She said their company will be a small one even as she said that they are encouraged to put up one because of the huge demand for the work.

Holganza whose school already had its first graduates said that 35 percent of their students are already working and that one of her graduates who was hired first as medical transcriptionist is now elevated as editor.

She said this is a good sign because their graduates are capable of doing the job.

“It is also a good sign that Dabawenyos are learning to appreciate this type of work,” she said.

Although she said a lot of independent contractors (ICs) are operating in Davao City roughly about 15 of them and doing good business here.

She even cited one contractor who was able to convince another member of the family to be part of the business because of the increasing clients that they have.

The ICs based on informal talks she said can book clients mostly in the US and gets paid at six to eight cents per line. And they can for a month earn as much as P30,000 to P50,000 net.

She said the IT really is a growing industry and a lot of projects is coming up like on legal transcription and broadcast transcription.

She said these are areas where people can look into and match their skills if not learn the craft and become a transcriptionist.

On the other hand she said that what is good when you are a registered business and be part of the industry sector is that they will be taken cared of by the ICT sector in terms of continuing education.

The sector she said can provide upgraded skills through training as well as learn new techniques and models to improve the craft.


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32 Responses

  1. dennis says:

    i would like to learn how to be a medical transcriptionist. can i learn online? how?

  2. bing says:

    hi. i would like to know if MTCs MT company accepts trainees. can i apply? thank you.

  3. Janice F. Andama says:

    hi. i took my training at MTC Academy-East Ave., Q.C. and already had an experience as an MT. I am interested to join your soon to open MT companies. Thank you.

  4. tristan jam apurada says:

    I woul like to apply as a medical transcriptionist.Im a nursing graduate.Am i qualified?

  5. i am a nursing student who will hopefully graduate by october. can i join the group. am very interested. would appreciate if you could reply. thanks.

  6. would be very interested to join. am a fast learner and a good typist and a very patient person.

  7. nap says:

    Im interested about the IC’s and would like to know, study learn and train everything about it. I barely knew anything about the industry to start with. As an entrepreneur here in Davao I got a nice empty accessible space, and somehow have manage to save up for another investment. I have been having a hard time finding what’s best for my space for months now. Just wondering if your good company might have something of opportunity from the resources I can offer.

  8. Beth says:

    I would like to apply as medical transcriptionist .Im a nursing graduate and I am willing to undergo any training..

  9. Lawrence Ybuan says:

    I would like to apply as a medical transcriptionist here in Davao City. I am currently working as an MT in Gensan.

  10. John Daryl R. Elegino says:

    Good Day, I’am a fresh graduate of BACHELOR of SCIENCE in NURSING and i
    took the Board exam last November 2008; just waiting for the result.
    I would like to apply as a medical transcriptionist.
    I’m recently living here in the beautiful CITY of DAVAO…

  11. John Daryl R. Elegino says:

    looking forward to your positive response. thank you….

  12. Enjill Grace Subillaga says:

    i am interested for a medical transcription job. I have a 2-year experience as an MT. Am i qualified. if so, please let me know.

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    Thank you and more power.

  13. RON MANTE says:

    Actually, i’m very interested of medical transcriptionist. I’ve heard it many times in tv or in other people. I’m a graduate of a two-year computer related course and I can say I can encode fast using touch typing skill. I used to be an encoder way back in school. Am I qualified to be one? And if so, what are the requirements and what to do?Looking forward for the response.

  14. malvin lanestosa says:

    hi gudam, im an experienced MT for 3 years based in manila, i want to apply here davao since i came from cotabato. heres my contact number 09086654264 or 09198917001

  15. christian consuegra says:

    Hi!!! gud day!!!!!its nice to hear that. I’m a graduate of BS Biology and lookin’ for a job related with my field of study..that is why I am interested to apply as medical transcriptionist. I’m residing here in Davao city and its a gud news for me so that I will not be traveling to other region to apply for medical transcription. Here is my contact # f u’re interested..09084675421

  16. emmalyn says:

    hi i’m a graduate of finishing course in medical transcription, where would i apply in davao? what are mt production house in davao that are in need of mt?

  17. Bruno says:

    Earn P30,000 to P50,000 net at 6 to 8 cents per line? Geez! Get a REAL job…

    State the real facts please.

  18. Good day ma’am/sir i just finished my OJT for medical transcriptionist here in MSU-IIT MICeL i would like to apply in your company. I’m a fresh graduate as MT student please email me if you are still hiring or call me on this number 09214763668

  19. I just pass NCII examination conducted by TESDA last october 1, 2009. I’m willing to work in your company. Feel free to contact me on this number 09214763668. Thank you and God bless.

  20. April Love Dayaday says:

    Hi!..i would like to apply as a medical transcriptionist..i do have an experienced at this field i have been working for 4 months at C&C ICT express solution here in koronadal…feel free to contact me on this number 09185257420 if u are intersted..Thank you very much…

  21. mayeen joy macote says:

    Hi! I am willing to apply in your company as a Medical Transcriptionist, i have only 3 months experience at C&C ICT Express Solution and i know that i have a capacity to work as an MT in your company. Please email me back or contact me with this number 09084544513. Thank you so much.

  22. Michelle Kaye Hebra says:

    Good day. I would like to apply as Medical Transcriptionist. Does your company has vacancies? please kindly email me. Thanks

  23. Anna Mariz P. Baltero says:

    Hello! A pleasant day. I am a BS in Biology major in General Biology graduate. I would like to apply for the position of Medical Trancriptionist. I am hoping for your reply. Thank you. And GOD BLESS.

  24. Rhoda says:

    Hi!!!I would like to ask if u are still on hiring as a medical transcriptionist? We are interested. We do have an experience in medical transcription for 10 months.thank you!

  25. JOANNA MILAM says:


    You will be working as a telemarketer( call center agent) for companies based in London and other English speaking countries.
    SALARY P10,000 to P20,000 a month
    Preferably with own PC/laptop

    To further process your application, I’d like to request a copy of your resume, any decent photo, three one-minute voice recordings (you can press start>all programs>accessories, entertainment>sound recorder ). This is how we will assess how fluent an English speaker you are. All these should be attached in one email.

    The three one-minute recordings should be as follows:
    1. Introduction of yourself
    2. Brief summary of your previous work experiences and qualifications
    3. How you can make the employer feel assured that you will do what is expected of you even if you are working at home.
    (You can save the file as .mp3 or .wma or .wav. ) (you can press start>all programs>accessories, entertainment>sound recorder ).

    Answer the following in the body of your email:

    1. Have you got Internet connection at home? If yes, with which provider and what package? Do you have fast internet connection?
    2. What about your computer(s)…how many do you have? Do you have desktops, laptops? What OS (operating system, like windows XP, vista) are they on?
    3. Do you have two working headsets with microphones?

    4. How often are the brownouts in your area?

    5. How soon can you start if ever you get hired?

    6. Can you give a bulleted list of all your previous employments using this manner starting with the most recent one;
    Title/position held
    Inclusive dates of employment
    Promotions/citations received
    Salary received
    Duties and responsibilities
    Reason for leaving the company

    to Filtelesales@aol.com

    I hope to receive all these requirements soon. Prospective employers will have access to the information and recordings you will send. These will help them decide if they want to interview you. We will inform you by calling your mobile phone or by email when the employer chooses you and wants to interview you via Skype.


    Joanna Velayo-Milam
    E-mail : filtelesales@aol.com


  26. april love says:

    hi!…are u still on hiring?..i would like to apply as a medical transcriptionist.. i do have experience in transcription medical and general transcription as well..tnx im hoping for ur reply..feel free to contact me with my no.09106256026..thank you!

  27. ronald aldanese says:

    hi and good day. i am a BSN grad here in davao city. i am very interested to work full time as a med transcriptionist and willing to undergoe vigorous training. i can reach a wpm rate higher than the criteria required. i am well rounded in computers since my internet here at home is open 24/7. i have a good command in english already experienced working in a typing call center before. please note me if i am fitted for the job sir/maam. 09993087821

  28. pj says:

    good day i’m willing to work in your company…you can contact me anytime +639158239911..thanks

  29. jayzhar says:

    Hi, I am interested.. I’m already an MT/editor level with 2 years work experience… Please contact me for details.. 09094271121.

  30. FARMELAH says:

    hi gudpm am graduate of bs biology here in davao i heard that medical transcriptionist in fren and am intesrested…ahm i just want to ask if when i caN START TO APLY?PLZ REPLY…TNX

  31. Bianca Morales says:

    Are you still hiring? I am an MT abroad and i am shifting back to Davao city pretty soon? Kindly give me the details as to how I can join your facility….thanks.

  32. Fermin Zion A. Juanich says:

    hi i am a graduate of bs in nursing and i am interested with the said job since it is connected with my degreed..i am very much eager to be employed. I have an average of 35wpm. May i know if there will be any trainings and how much will it cost and for how many months.u may contact me with this no. 09297552097 or just email the said information.hope that i will get a positive reply feedback coming from your company. thank you so much and more power.

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