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Why invest in Davao City?

Geography and Physical Characteristics

 Davao City - Metro Davao
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 Davao City is strategically located in the Asia-Pacific rim serving as gateway to both the western and eastern hemispheres of the world.

Davao City is in the southern part of the Philippines, particularly in the Southern Mindanao Region with a latitude of 6° 58’ to 7° 34’ North and a longitude of 125°14’ to 125° 40’ East. The City is 946 aerial kilometers away from Manila.

It is bounded by the province of Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur while partly on the east it faces the expanse of the Davao Gulf and the Island Garden City of Samal. Its boundary line passes through the peak of the country’s tallest mountain, the Apo at 3,142 meters above sea level. Cascading from the peak and going east down, one finds vast plains, unspoiled forests, fertile valleys, navigable rivers, and the sprawling metropolis and world-class beaches.

Being located outside the storm-free zone, Davao City enjoys good tropical weather all year round with climatic elements that are distributed evenly. Temperature ranges from 15°C to 34°C.

It is a place blessed with natural advantages. The soil is very fertile and rich in non-metallic minerals. The City has an abundant source of potable water both from underground and surface.

:://From Davao City’s Official Website. Visit Davao City’s Official Website to get to know more of Davao City.


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