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The new Davao Museum

Dabaw Museum or Museum  Dabawenyo – it does not have an official name yet. The construction of this new museum has just been completed. It is located at the heart of the city and walking distance from Davao City’s seat of government. The new Davao City museum building is designed after the architecture of the old Court of Justice Building- which was the original occupant of the site.

Davao Museum

Once opened, the museum will be an added tourist destination in the city. It will also be an addition to the number of museums present in the metro.

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One Response

  1. camp says:


    Referring to Museo Dabawenyo as “Davao Museum” has caused confusion among museum visitors because there is actually another museum in Davao City called “Davao Museum”. It has actually been standing inside Insular Village I, Lanang for 32 years! It’s still a very active museum and was just renovated 3 years ago. Now the erroneous promotion of Museo Dabawenyo as “Davao Museum” has sometimes led museum visitors who intend to go to Museo Dabawenyo to Davao Museum in Lanang which is not an entirely bad thing because Davao Museum also has a lot of things to offer (foremost is a well-organized and detailed Davao history photo exhibit). But there should be a good distinction between the two museums starting especially with their names. So promoters of Museo Dabawenyo should stick with saying “Museo Dabawenyo” when referring to the city government’s museum.

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