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Name That Park Contest

Davao’s multimillion and newest park’s name this park contest has been officially launched yesterday. The newest park is one of the most modern parks in the country. It is equipped with surveillance cameras, a centralized sound sytem, multimillion modern syncronized music fountain, and other features that Dabawenyos can be proud of. The park will be officially opened this December as some of the sites are yet to be completed like the 3 storey waterfalls, the children’s park, and the multimillion music fountain. The Durian Dome is to be completed still.

The park has no name yet. Yesterday, the mechanics were announced. I wasnt able to take note of the other details but here are some points which Ive remembered:

  • The contest is open for Davao City residents only. The park management will verify your residence status through your voters id.
  • One name entry per person
  • It should identify with Davao.
  • The names can be submitted through email or through visiting the Sangguniang Panglungsod or the park’s office.

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6 Responses

  1. Jayclops says:

    O, nakadungog pud ko ani. Murag ayus mag join ah. Diba dako ang premyo ani?

  2. Arnold Carl says:

    What’s your name for the park, tj?

  3. tjbrewed says:

    Kadayawan Park or Dinabaw Park..but I cant join the contest..ahuhuhuhuhu im no longer considered (politically) as a resident of Davao…ahuhuhuhuhuhu

  4. nik Lim says:

    im suggesting that we named the new park as ” greenpark davao”.

  5. Hmmm i think the perfect name for that park is “Mindanao” because it signifies Mindanaons in the sense that within the park itself we see the colors and cultural heritage of our Island. Mindanao is a landmark of promise, not just davao but the whole of Mindanao.

  6. pat jr, pads says:

    su..nagpa contest pa mahulog lang diay as people’s park.kasimple intawon ang ngalan.comment lang po.

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