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2nd Thousand – Thank You NeoDavao readers.

Our blog has reached the 2,000 mark on the third week of our 2nd month of existence. Thank You NeoDavao readers for your support and for making this blog your portal to what’s new and upcoming in Davao City. I have noticed that the usual keywords used to access this blog are “Davao City Business, Davao City Contact Centers, Davao Developments, and PTA Park.” So after the Kadayawan Festival, we will be posting news and updates about those mentioned above.

NeoDavao aims to be your true online mag about Davao City. The blog will be Davaocentric and will refrain from any personal or non-Davao related topics. NeoDavao will follow the single-theme-a-month format plus news and updates. So expect for more from NeoDavao! Thank you for your support! 

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  1. migs says:

    congrats congrats..

    Im a feed subscriber!


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