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Kadayawan Festival 2007 – Cultural Celebration Series: The Sama Tribe

Kadayawan Festival 2007 -  Cultural Celebration Series: The Sama Tribe

August 14 – today, the Sama Tribe will be given the whole day to present their culture through dances @ Rizal Park. The Sama Tribe is one of the tribes in Davao – a multicultural global city.

The Sama Dilaut are a small ethnic Sama group (Bajao, Bajaw, Samal Laut, Pal’au, Orang Laut, Badjau, Lutao, Sama Dilaut, Sama Jengngeng) commonly known as “sea gypsies” among the Western peoples, but as Sama Dilaut in the localities. 

Their culture is basically lowland Southeast Asian with features both of marine orientation and rice and cassava cultivation. Cassava is the preferred staple. Copra is also produced. There are affinities with the coastal groups of north Borneo. Trade is an important feature of the culture and in certain areas shipbuilding is a well-developed industry especially in the island of Sibutu.

Houses are usually built on high stilts over shallow waters in sheltered areas, with the ubiquitous boats of many kinds usually moored alongside. The dead are interred in cemeteries on land identified by ornately carved wooden markers. (abstract representing the dead on top of vehicles like the duyong or sea cow).


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  1. bangsasama says:

    This site did a very good job of gathering true facts on the Sama. Thank you from Sinama.org

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