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Callwell Teleservices International Corporation

Callwell Teleservices International Corporation

Callwell Teleservices is an international callcenter which is based in Davao City. It is owned and being operated by Dabawenyo entrepreneurs with Mr Brian Dexter M. Medija as the company’s president. They deliver cost effective enterprise solutions to their clients through their Davao contact center facility. The company’s goal is to become the premier call center and IT services provider and vendor networking organization in the country, providing quality and highly reliable service to global corporations.

Callwell Teleservices International Corporation is an addition to the growing number of contact centers and BPOs in Davao City. It is also one of the growing and promising IT companies in Davao. Currently, they are looking for qualified individuals to be part of their team. This is definitely a good news as this would provide employment opportunities to our fellow Dabawenyos.

Having Davao as Callwell’s choice for their contact center facility strengthens Davao’s dominance as the IT Hub of Southern Philippines. Callwell’s presence in Davao would definitely boost our IT and BPO industries and the Silicon Gulf’s IT capabilities. 

Kudos to Callwell…a global company in a global city!


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16 Responses

  1. Jason Banico says:

    Hi, TJ…

    I’ve opened registration so that you can contribute to DavaoTechnopreneurship. It’s at http://www.davaotechnopreneurship.com/wp-register.php. I’ll elevate you to admin once you’re in…


  2. Jason Banico says:

    By the way, teej, do you have anything to add to the Silicon Gulf’s wikipedia page? I maintain that along with other volunteers. So far I only have Damosa’s write up there. Just wondering if some more “encyclopedic” (not promotional or advertorial) info can be added.



  3. tjbrewed says:

    Good morning Jason..thnx for dropping by. I have already signed up. I’d be very glad to contribute. It’s an honor..Thanks!

  4. nickilo says:

    Hey TJ….. I am impressed how ICT business is bullish in Davao but I always read articles about Cagayan de Oro is far more ahead in this department, whats the score really?

  5. tjbrewed says:

    CDO was first in the establishment of an IT park in Mindanao – that’s true. And it took us (Davao) a couple of years before we have established ours. Today, we have two other upcoming IT parks/ zones in Davao – the NCCC IT Pavillion and the SM City IT Park/Center. However, an IT park is not the sole indicator of advancement in the IT industry. Cooperation between the local government, academe and the business sector has to be there, collaborations of local based IT firms have to be considered, r and d in the IT industry has to be set up, and so forth. With these in mind, I’d have to say that we (DAVAO) are ahead. Davao is home to a greater number of IT firms which are into software development, content and web solution providers, etc and etc. Although CDO has few callcenters, but the callcenter industry is not the heart and soul of the IT industry. When we talk about real IT industry and not about IT enabled services Industry (BPOs, KPOs, and the like) – then there are more IT companies in Davao than in CDO. However, ITes companies in Davao are steadily increasing too. We already have 4 contact centers in Davao plus the small players. In R & D, dont u know that we are home of the first IT incubation center in Visayas and Mindanao?

  6. tjbrewed says:

    Anyway, Id like to see a collaboration between two cities too. Both of us got our strengths that can be utilized for the benefit of the two. Both can also be a catalyst for growth – Davao in the South and CDO in the North.

  7. nickilo says:

    All is clear…. thnx TJ

  8. HedgeHog says:

    I’m looking at this thread. There’s an up and coming software applications company on the rise in Davao, quietly on the rise. These guys built the entire network and applications of Limso hospital, CHDC and they’re now building the applications system of Apo View Hotel.

    Just email aldeyan2@yahoo.com if you’re interested to learn more about us.

  9. em says:

    can i stil apply in your company as call center agent? where is it located and do you have an email address?

  10. jeffrey says:

    hello callwell,

    I am jeff, i came from davao city. I just want to know exactly where your location is because i am very much interested in applying for any call center jobs in your company. I was once a customer service representative of Sykes Asia Inc. in Cebu City and a call center agent at Dynalines telecom here in Davao. Here is my mobile phone number 09194209744 or my email address at scocinova@yahoo.com

    God bless.


  11. app says:

    Jeff may i ask where is dynalines’ address and their contact number?

  12. jeff says:

    hello app,
    this is jeff, I do appologize if I can’t tell you exactly any information about dynalines because first in hand I am no longer connected with them and their company has been shut down and they have been eliminated in the bpo industry and came back in Germany that is the latest news i have ever heard.
    by the way i would be very glad to invite you to apply at 3 TR Global Contacts @ MMI building Bajada Davao City just beside Comfoods Building. They are outbound call center and they are dealing with two accounts namely Titan Gas in NY and Sunrise Medical in FL. I hope you will join us here.

    God bless.

  13. app says:

    thanks for that info jeff.. i am really looking for good call center companies, and it would be very hypocrite of me not to ask how the pay is? you see, i have applied and have been hired at one of Davao’s call center companies but i won’t mention the name. i haven’t had the training yet since they only held trainings ONCE a MONTH and i’m still waiting for the next batch. also, i’m still unsure if i would continue there because they don’t have any basic salary, they’re just commission-based. if i won’t be able to sell, how would i be able to have money, which in the first place is why i looked for a job. a small amount for basic salary would do for me.

  14. Good Afternoon;

    This is Gylen of APC Service Center.We would like to check your company regarding for APC UPS if you’re using this or other UPS brand.Can i talk to the IT Department so that i could explain to you our services to offer.Hope we could set time.

    Please look for Jay or Gylen..and contact us 305-3343

  15. arliegh says:

    i want to apply here….

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