A New Davao Arises!

Bringing you what’s new in the city and upcoming to Davao!

From NCCC IT Pavillion to A&M ?

So what’s with the acronyms? Well NCCC IT Pavillion would be the next (if approved) PEZA Accredited IT Park in Davao. It will house BPOs such as contact centers, medical transcription firms, and other ICT related firms. In my own opinion, it would be one of the best IT Parks in Davao considering the amenities it can offer from retails shops just a floor below the Pavillion, to Timezone, a bowling alley, food courts, and studio shops.

A and M Sutherland Davao Call Center

Sutherland ( a multinational contact center which will build a facility in Davao) considered NCCC IT Pavillion but was said to abort their plans because of some issues. However, another contact center which has a site in Iloilo City is now considering the NCCC IT Pavillion as their second site for their Philippine operations.

Sutherland is now considering the A and M Building across Jollibee Bolton. The site will be renovated into an office that can accomodate upto 200 seats. But I wonder, I thought Sutherland prefers a PEZA approved facility considering the tax perks they would enjoy. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait for a couple of months to see what the upcoming developments are.

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